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Eai Administrator And Integration Solution Developer Resume


  • An experienced professional having 3.7 years of experience on Middleware administration, development, and L2/L3 support using IBM WebSphere MQSeries, IBM WebSphere Message Broker, and IBM Integration Bus on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, IBM AIX, and Microsoft Windows environments.
  • Looking for Middleware/EAI Administrator and Integration Solution Developer roles.


  • IBM WebSphere MQSeries v7.5
  • IBM Integration Bus v9.0
  • IBM WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition v7.5
  • IBM WebSphere DataPower XI52 v7.1
  • Splunk Enterprise v6.5.0
  • IBM WebSphere Message Broker v7.0
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008 & 2012
  • IBM Tivoli Monitor v6.3
  • IBM WebSphere DataPower XG45 v7.1
  • Jenkins v1.605



EAI Administrator and Integration Solution Developer


  • End - to-end setup of WMQ, WMB and IIB on development, test and live environments.
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting of WMQ, WMB, IIB and DataPower objects and components.
  • Implement and manage distributed/point-to-point queuing, multi-hopping mechanism, clustering mechanism, and Pub-Sub model.
  • Provide assistance to applications in initiating connectivity with WMQ, WMB, IIB and DataPower.
  • Participate in the design, development, and debugging of medium to high complexity IIB integration modules using various end and side protocols/architectures such as MQ, SSH, (S)FTP, HTTP(S), REST, SOAP, etc.
  • Work with message transformation for various message domains and transport protocols such as XML, JSON, CSV, HTTP(S), etc. using ESQL and XSL transformation modules.
  • Create SQL queries and stored procedures for data manipulation through WMB and IIB.
  • Assist the network teams in capturing real-time TCP packets for troubleshooting network and firewall issues.
  • Participate in comprehensive project architectural planning, and estimations for person-days and costs .
  • Design and develop technical solution documents and functional diagrams for customers and various stakeholders possessing non-technical visibility.
  • Attend customer/vendor/stakeholder-initiated meetings for project planning and live troubleshooting for high-priority (P1/P2) incidents.
  • Perform SSL/TLS certificate requests and installations/renewals in key/trust-stores, and SSH key generation in Linux user profiles to ensure secure handshaking with applications.
  • Participate in migration/upgradation of Middleware components to higher versions.
  • Manual command-line deployment of WMB and IIB message flows.
  • Incorporate resilience by setting up a controlled disaster recovery environment.
  • Incorporate authorization for WMQ, WMB, IIB and DataPower objects using OAM.
  • Manual message reprocessing using RFHUtility, runmqdlq and qload utilities.
  • Manual housekeeping of WMQ linear active logs.
  • Configure MFT bridge agent connectivity to co-ordination Queue Managers, and schedule automated MFT fteCreateTransfer batch jobs using shell script.
  • Generate and export statistical and historical system load reports for middleware components from IBM Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server.
  • Fine-tune WMQ, WMB, IIB and DataPower components to achieve high performance.
  • Conform to ITIL processes for Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management, and Risk/Impact Management using tools like BMC Remedy, JIRA, and Service Now.
  • Maintain version controls for integration services using SVN and Git (BitBucket).
  • Monitor/administer server logs, error logs, user/debug traces, and FDC probes for troubleshooting issues with WMQ MQI calls or WMB/IIB/DataPower message flows.
  • Manual capture of the servers' system hardware activity reports.


Integration Administrator and Solution Developer


  • Design and develop complex IIB ESQL integration modules using SAP adapters for processing and transforming IDoc messages.
  • Participate in the proposal of design and architectural patterns of protocols and security to integrate new applications with ESB.
  • Generate self-signed SSL certificates for secure connections to remote Brokers and Queue Managers.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve incidents/service requests related to the existing MQ and IIB setup, including enhancements of existing legacy message flows.
  • Create Apache API Gateway proxy entries for pass-through web-services.
  • Create and maintain ANT scripts on Jenkins server for build, deployment and monitoring purposes.

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