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Websphere System Programmer Resume


  • Having 10+ years of IT industry experience encompassing a wide range of skill set, roles and industry verticals.
  • Strong experience with Websphere application server on z/OS and zLinux, Liberty on z/OS, IBM Operational Decision Management(IBM Rules Engine), IBM MQ and Websphere compute grid.
  • Familiar with SAF Products like CA Top Secret & RACF.
  • Hands on experience with MQ z/OS and familiar with MQ Explorer, CA SYSVIEW and MQ z/OS Panels.
  • Worked on MQ and WAS Integration and familiar with Bindings and Client mode.
  • Worked with Global Security, SSL, saf Keyrings and Hardware Cryptography.
  • Good Experience in Application Development and Involved in COBOL/DB2 Batch applications & stored Procedures development .
  • Worked with IBM on problem determination, troubleshooting, and resolution - - PMRs, running and submitting mustgather scripts and output, turning on trace, taking thread and heapdumps.
  • Wrote wsadmin - Jython and ANT scripts to automate various WAS administration and deployment tasks.
  • Worked with SMP/E to install ODM USERMODs.
  • Installing & Configuring IBM Business Rules Management system (ODM) on z/OS.
  • Tuning Websphere Application Server to run Java Batch workloads.
  • Familiar with SYPLEX Distributor and used Sysplex Distributor definitions to connect to DB2. Also familiar with Coupling Facility and Queue Sharing Group in MQ.
  • Good exposure to Job scheduling in Mainframe environment.
  • Change Management, Request Management & Incident Management Tickets in HP Service Manager & REMEDY.
  • Good experience in SCM tools like CA SCM, Change Man & Endevor.
  • Quickly adaptable to new Technologies and enthusiasm to learn new things on mainframe and distributed environments.


Skills: z/OS, zLinux, Unix System Services(USS), WebSphere application Server, Websphere Compute Grid, Websphere Liberty, IBM Operational Decision Management, Websphere MQ, IBM Performance Monitoring Tool, IBM ISA tool, CA SYSVIEW, RMF, ZFS, JCL, TSO/ISPF, COBOL, Java, CICS, DB2, ENDEVOR, ZEKE, NDM(Connect-Direct), CA VIEW, zWLM, SMP/E.



Websphere System Programmer


  • Installing and Configuring Websphere Application Server, IBM Operational Decision Manager, Websphere Compute Grid, Liberty on z/OS environment.
  • Upgraded WAS z/OS from v7.0 to v8.5.
  • Strong experience with Unix System Services & ZFS files system.
  • Worked with Security Team to enable Security on websphere family products WASz, Liberty & WODM. Familiar with SAF Products like CA Top Secret & RACF. creating JDBC providers and data sources to connect to DB2 database.
  • Installing resource adapters and enabling WOLA.
  • Participated in WAS Disaster Recovery drills.
  • Deploying Java EAR files.
  • Created ant scripts for IBM ODM rules deployment.
  • Creating and maintaining ZFS mount points in USS.
  • Updating BPX members with new/updated mount points.
  • Enabled Hardware Cryptography security for was z/OS.
  • Setting up Websphere optimized local adapters (WOLA) connection on Websphere z/OS.
  • Applying Websphere Application Server fix packs.
  • Performing Websphere MQ changes on z/OS and hands on MQ OC panels.
  • Configured IBM ODM Rule Execution Server on Websphere Application Server for z/OS.
  • Opened Service Requests/PMRs and closely worked with IBM on issues.
  • Troubleshooting Websphere application server issues.
  • Used ISA 5 Tools to identify memory leaks and heap usage.
  • Used RMF and WAS Performance tuning toolkit to identify bottlenecks.
  • Familiarity with SMPE Process.
  • Defining WLM Service and Transaction classes for Websphere z/OS.
  • Exposure to Unix and jython scripting.
  • Familiar with Java Concepts and basic coding

Environment: z/OS, Unix System Services, ZFS, JCL, Java, DB2, Websphere application Server z/OS, Websphere compute grid, Liberty, Websphere MQ, CA SYSVIEW, RMF, ant, jython and IBM Operational Decision Management.


Programmer analyst


  • Configuration changes to WebSphere application server.
  • Responsible for WAS maintenance and first POC for web application.
  • Familiar with web servers (HTTP servers).
  • Deploying Java EE applications using automated (cruisecontrol) and manual process.
  • Created ant scripts to deploy Java EAR files.
  • Deploying Rulesapp and Resources into IBM Operational Decision Management.
  • Good experience working with USS and ZLinux.
  • Used winscp tool to copy files to USS and ZLinux from windows and familiar with ftp process.
  • Familiar with jython and jacl scripting.
  • Monitoring Mainframe Batch Jobs using ZEKE scheduler.
  • Fixing Production abends.
  • Responsible for Mainframe code (COBOL applications and JCLs) Migration with ENDEVOR.
  • Enhancing JCL and COBOL programs.
  • Preparing ZEKE and ENDEVOR Reports.
  • Monitoring CPU utilization using TMON for Z/OS.
  • Stopping CICS regions and websphere from TMON console services.
  • Creating XMLs from COBOL copybooks.
  • Uploading xJCL to WebSphere job management console (jmc).
  • Familiar with WebSphere compute grid.
  • Familiar with IBM Rational application Developer and CA SCM.
  • Familiar with REXX scripting.
  • Debugging COBOL and CICS applications using INTERTEST.

Environment: z/OS, JCL, COBOL, Java, DB2, VSAM, File Manager, ZEKE, Endevor, WebSphere application Server, WebSphere compute grid, ant script, IBM Rational Application Developer and CA SCM, IBM Operational Decision Management and MULE.


Mainframe Programmer


  • Analyzing the existing programs.
  • Categorizing analyzed programs, identifying difficulties in converting them & Design suggestions.
  • Making all changes that are required to change the existing programs into Stored Procedures
  • Testing Base line version and converted versions.
  • Capturing test results of both base and converted versions and preparing UTR.
  • Participated in Peer Reviews.
  • As a team member responsible for understanding the business Functionality Of the system.
  • Involved in post-implementation support.

Environment: z/OS, JCL, COBOL, DB2, VSAM, INSYNC, Quality Center, Endevor, Micro focus revolve & Mainframe Express.


Programmer Analyst


  • Preparing Design Documents based on Business Requirements and system requirements.
  • Coding as per the specification.
  • Coding COBOL stored procedures and Batch Applications.
  • Participated in Peer Reviews.
  • As a team member responsible for understanding the business Functionality Of the system.
  • Involved in post-implementation support.
  • Analysis and modifications to the existing programs according new Business Requirements.
  • Participated in all design review meetings and release meetings.

Environment: z/OS (MVS), JCL, COBOL, DB2, VSAM, QMF, FILE-AID, CA-7, FILE-AID for DB2, Quality Center,INSYNC, Change man.


Production Analyst


  • Setting up Batch jobs in CA-7.
  • Scheduling & monitoring Batch jobs in CA-7.
  • Forecasting jobs & preparing Check off sheets.
  • Verifying Job Flows running with proper SCHID.
  • Demanding Batch jobs upon Customer requests.
  • Job Restarts and ABEND Resolution.
  • Creating Change Management. Request Management & Incident Management Tickets in REMEDY.
  • Escalating issues to ADM (Application Development) Teams & co-coordinating with them.
  • Made Changes to JCL to get E-mails when it got abended or Successfully Ran.
  • Used CA-11 Online Functions Like PRE, CINQ, and JINQ …etc.

Environment: z/OS (MVS), UNIX, JCL, JES2, COBOL, DB2, IMS, VSAM, CA-7, CA-11, NDM, sync sort, FTP, REMEDY.

Confidential, Colorado springs, CO

Mainframe Developer


  • Coding as per the specification.
  • Analyzing the requirements and preparing the understanding document.
  • Preparing the design documents.
  • Participated in Peer Reviews.
  • As a team member responsible for understanding the business Functionality Of the system.
  • Involved in post-implementation support.
  • Scheduling & Monitoring jobs using ZEKE.
  • Analysis and modifications to the existing programs and coding new programs.

Environment: z/OS (MVS), JCL, COBOL, Easytrieve, CICS, DB2, IMS DB, VSAM, QMF, Quality Center, FILE-AID, FILE-AID for DB2, ZEKE, INSYNC, MIGR, IOF, FTP, Change man.

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