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Websphere Systems Engineer Resume

Minneapolis, MN


  • Over 15 years of experience as Systems Engineer with Confidential, Confidential, Confidential, Confidential .
  • Hands - on experience with Application Servers in a business environment including e-business hosting and J2EE Enterprise Applications.
  • Migrated successfully on AIX, Linux and Solaris applications including IBM’s Guadalajara, IBMStore and Nextance projects, as well as Medica’s Software and Web Development environment from stand-alone into High Availability with load balanced, fail-over, secured environment.
  • Resolved J2EE Application issues by tuning JVM Heap Size, verbose garbage collection, enabling server component provisioning to reduce the startup time and memory footprint, reconfiguring JDBC providers, Data Sources JNDI, JAAS - J2C authentications, Web Modules, Sessions, Virtual hosts and adding log tracing to analyze performance and diagnose issues.
  • Automated tasks using wsadmin (jython, jacl) scripts that creates, modifies and re-configures Cells, Nodes, Clusters, Profiles, Virtual hosts and Global Security.
  • Solid knowledge of monitoring and problem determination tools such as IBM Thread Dump Analyzer, Log Analyzer, Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI), Tivoli Performance viewer, Compuware Vantage Analyzer and Introscope.
  • Implemented secure Web Servers with secure server layer (SSL) including Apache, IBM HTTP Server, IIS, Tomcat, and SunOne.
  • Certified IBM WebSphere Application Server.


O/S: AIX v6.1, Linux Red Hat v5.8, Linux SUSE v11, Solaris v10, Win 2003, VMware.

Application Servers: WebSphere Application Server v6/v7/V8, Network Deployment Manager v6/v7, WebSphere Portal v6, WebLogic v6.1, Jboss v4.

Web Servers: IBM Http Server v6/7, Apache v2.2, Tomcat v6, IIS v6/7.

Databases: Oracle v11, DB2 v8, MySQL v5, Domino v7, Tamino v4.2.

Problem Determination and Monitoring Tools: IBM Thread and Monitoring Dump Analyzer, IBM Pattern Modeling and Analysis Tool for Garbage Collector, HeapAnalyzer, Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI), Compuware Vantage Analyzer, Wily Introscope v8.1

Languages: Java, ASP.Net, HTML, XML, Php. SQL.

Scripting: jython, Jacl, javaScript, Shell, Perl, Php.

Security: SSL, LDAP, CorelID, SiteMinder, Web Identity, Oblix single sign-on.


Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

WebSphere Systems Engineer


  • Managed, supported Mortgage Web Hosting and Lending Grid environments DEV,UAT,SIT,PFIX & PRD including:
  • Web Container Thread Pool: Re-configured to maximize performance.
  • Tomcat: Deployed daily codes into Tomcat Flex A-Z domains.
  • Java 2 Security: Modified to allow certain applications to function.
  • Anthill: Created Anthill deploy scripts to automate over 30 daily code promotion.
  • Wily Introscope: Configured monitoring JAR file in the JVM’s startup process.
  • Apache Httpd: Modified LimitRequestFieldSize directive to resolve “Size of request header field exceeds limit” issues. ipFilter: Appended ipFilterRules file to grant access to WebLogic servers.
  • JDBC: created datasources and reconfigured JDBC connections.
  • Core Dump: Created to troubleshoot and analyze JVM issues.
  • Rational ClearCase: Managed and resolved requests submitted by the developers in a day.
  • SSL: Maintained and configured IBM HTTP Server, Apache certificates.
  • Keytool: Generate, configure WebSphere and WebLogic certificates.
  • Team work: Worked with and assisted the following team:
  • Lending Grid Test team, Channel Secure, SDG-Web-IL-Sales,
  • Implemented performance monitoring tools such as IBM Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools for Java and Compuware Vantage Analyzer to provide current status of more than 100 JVMs and Agent servers.
  • Automated code deployment process with jython scripts to reduce deployment time and shorten the downtime.
  • Created Cells, Nodes, Application Servers for the Retail Integrated Solutions project.
  • Added users into the WebSphere Console and give them roles.
  • Synchronized the prod-like environment to production by comparing Clusters, Nodes and JVM counts.
  • Resolved SSO (Single Sign-On) issues by re-configuring COREid (Oblix).
  • Designed new architecture document to include the new production environment changes and the firewall ports.
  • Installed eight Compuware Vantage Analyzer Nucleus servers and configured agent setting including capture time, collection hotspot, optimization, data, driver, URL, agent ports.

Confidential, Minnetonka, MN

WebSphere Engineer


  • Created new architecture J2EE design from stand-alone to High Availability.
  • Recommended IBM Application Server Network Deployment Manager V7.
  • Suggested the use of Clusters for Load Balancing and fail-over.
  • Created J2EE planning and implementation document for High Availability environment.
  • Installed, configured WebSphere Network Deployment Server in a distributed environment.
  • Created WebSphere Deployment Manager profiles using jython and jacl scripts for all Unix servers.
  • Federated all WebSphere Application Server Nodes into the WebSphere Deployment Manager.
  • Created multiple clusters and profile members for the Load Balance and fail-over process.
  • Installed, configured Web Server plug-ins for WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Manager V7.
  • Generated and propagated Web Server plug-ins manually for WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Manager V7.
  • Implemented Secure Sockets Layer “SSL” for Application Servers and Web Servers.
  • Configured Global Security for WebSphere and assigned roles for the users.
  • Recommended firewall ports being used in the new High Availability environment.
  • Troubleshooted WebSphere JVM performances by measuring system performance and collecting performance data, locating bottlenecks and eliminating bottlenecks.
  • Migrated IBM Rational V6 to V7.5 and assisted Medica’s developers to migrate.
  • Created scripts that manage and automate the High Availability process.
  • Developed log rotation strategy and archived for them for period of time.
  • Mentored non-WebSphere users and showed the components that make up High Availability environment and how they interact.
  • Demonstrated to the team High Availability process architecture design, installation and configuration process and the fail-over process within the clusters.

Confidential, St. Paul, MN

Lead WebSphere Engineer


  • Recommended current WebSphere updates, new releases, fix packs.
  • Advised supported hardware, software for WebSphere before installations.
  • Implemented best practice configuration settings for WebSphere performance, security and connectivity.
  • Installed, configured, and managed WebSphere Network Deployment Server in a distributed environment.
  • Installed WebSphere Portal Server that delivers integrated services and applications into one single portal.
  • Configured clustered WebSphere Network Deployment Manager environments including:
  • JVM Initial Heap Size and Maximum Heap Size to tune for optimum performance.
  • Enabled Verbose GC for obtain and debug java heap in real time.
  • Recommended extra 512 MB of RAM added into the system to avoid “CPU starvation” errors in the SystemOut.log.
  • Reconfigured Object Request Broker settings to fix “ORB is deprecated” errors in the logs.
  • Created Heap Dump manually and utilized IBM Thread and Monitoring Dump Analyzer to determine and solve hung threads.
  • Reconfigured following WebServer settings for performance, timeout and hung thread issues “ThreadLimit, MaxClients, MinSpareThreads, MaxSpareThreads, ThreadsPerChild”
  • Implemented “Hung Detection Policy” and added “threadmonitor.interval, threadmonitor.threshold, threadmonitor.dump.java” components.
  • Deployed, configured, secured Lawson Applications into the Cluster Deployment Manager.
  • Installed configured Lawson Budgeting and Planning WebSphere component and assisted Application roll out.
  • Standardized startup/shutdown server scripts for dev/cert/prod environment.

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

WebSphere/Systems Engineer


  • Coordinated project solutions from staging phase to production phase.
  • Proposed solutions for project architecture designs including Ports, Firewalls, Dispatchers, Proxy and SMTP servers.
  • Planned and develop best practices for WebSphere configurations including security, database connectivity, and performance.
  • Collaborated with other teams such as Network, DBA’s, and Security for project plans, development, and completion.
  • Installed, configured, and managed WebSphere Application Server in a distributed environment.
  • Created and configured both stand-alone servers and managed servers.
  • Designed and developed clustered environment that host different enterprise applications.
  • Installed WebSphere Portal Server that delivers integrated services and applications into one single portal.
  • Configured both WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Portal environments including:
  • Container Session Management (session tracking, session timeout, enable cookies)
  • Virtual Hosts with a unique set of Web access ports
  • WebSphere Variables
  • Assigned security permission roles for users and groups.
  • Enhanced Java Virtual Machine (JVM) settings for better performances.
  • Initial Heap size
  • Maximum Heap size
  • GC (garbage collection)
  • Created and configured centralized Deployment Manager (DM) for WAS and Portal.
  • Implemented Single Sign-On (SSO) procedure for Government and Financial institutions.
  • Configured High Availability Manager to enhance the availability of the WebSphere singleton services (fine-tuned and failover)
  • Connection timeout setting
  • Retry interval setting
  • Maximum number of connections
  • Tested WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal, and enterprise application end-to-end connectivity.
  • Deployed J2EE Applications and troubleshoot code deployment issues.
  • Created JACL scripts to automate application deployment and resource configuration tasks.
  • Participated 24/7 on-call rotation.
  • Member of integration test and build stability group for WebSphere Application Server v5.0, v6.0 release.
  • Created build document for various projects including:
  • Installation process
  • Configuration process
  • Deployment process
  • PD/PR (problem determination / problem resolution) process.
  • Update procedures (fix packs).
  • Worked with variety of vendors such as Nextance and Cisco for implementing third-party project that included JBoss, Apache and Tamino.

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