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Sr. Senior Websphere Mq And Mb Administrator Resume

Bentonville, AR


  • Highly motivated, results - oriented, and innovative seasoned IT/Enterprise Middleware professional with more than 22 years of technical and leadership experience including over 8 years in messaging based middleware in financial, banking, credit card, and retail industries in building system, infrastructure, architecture, design, develop and Large Scale system implementations (both distribute and mainframe).
  • Also have high availability, load balancing, and disaster recovery planning and implementation experience both as a technical implementation as well as mobilizing a team to achieve these.
  • Extensive experience working closely with functional groups, Application Developers, Quality Assurance and Network/System Engineering providing planning, defining, documenting, configuring, testing, deploying, supporting and troubleshooting middleware issues
  • Also have an excellent teamwork along with leadership, mentoring team members, analytical, creative, strategic and lateral thinking, problem solving, inter-personal, presentation and communication skills applicable in every job situation.


Operating System: AIX, UNIX, Linux, Windows 2k/2k3, AS/400, Solaris 9/10, and Mainframe

Dist. Computing: CORBA, EJB and RMI

Prog. Language: COBOL, C, C++, Java, J2EE, SQL, PL/SQL, and ESQL

Middleware: MQ/MB, WAS, Tomcat, JBOSS, Weblogic, IHS, Apache, and IIS, CICS

DBMS: Oracle, DB2, SQL server, MS Access

Scripting: XM, D/HTML, Java Script, Perl, Jython, shell script, DOS batch,sed, and awk

Protocols: TCP/IP, FTP, SMTP, SOAP, POP and HTTP


Sr. Senior WebSphere MQ and MB Administrator

Confidential, Bentonville, AR


  • Design, develop and Implement infrastructure solutions for middleware applications by engineering and configuring the IBM Websphere MQ, and Message Broker
  • Design, implement and maintain integration systems infrastructure including fault tolerance and high availability solutions.
  • Design and develop Integration solutions based on IBM MQ and Message Broker technologies.
  • Install and configure IBM Websphere MQ and Message Broker on UNIX and Windows based environments
  • Carry out performance tuning for Websphere MQ and Message Broker for high throughput
  • Participate in planning, estimating, and reviewing tasks for application designs and development solutions.
  • Evaluate risks/benefits, and prepare implementation plan
  • Work closely with the development teams to administer load testing and monitoring.
  • Manage and maintain the environments by automating systems management and monitoring activities.
  • Troubleshoot Integration and infrastructure issues.
  • Integrate simple to moderately complex MQ, Message Broker, Java/JEE, WebServices applications into DEV, TEST, QA, UAT and Production environments.
  • Carry out application deployment to include MQ Message Broker install, queue configuration, broker configuration, EAR and BAR file deployment, database connectivity, and troubleshooting.
  • Participate weekly project meetings and provide input/task updates to project team.
  • Identify and resolves technical/production issues moderate to complex in nature, utilizing industry standard tools; carry root cause analysis and escalate problems to a higher level if required

Middleware Administrator/ Support/Engineer

Confidential, Warren, NJ


  • Set up automated proactive monitoring using industry standard monitoring tool such as Confidential or in some cases where Confidential does not have facility, write shell script
  • As a Change control implementation, carry out a regular, and enterprise application build, Deploy and provide after go live /change environment including but not limited to problem analysis and take corrective action which sometime could be even backing out the applications
  • Set up application performance tuning and proactive problem monitoring using APM tools
  • Alert for incident in production systems, work to bring up the system up and running and carry out an investigation in order to find out root cause
  • Evaluate, install, upgrade, configure and maintain middleware components to support the business requirements in handset and customer communication areas
  • Develop various scripts using different scripting languages eg shell/perl /python for automating production tasks such as automated restart of queue listener, app servers, app cluster, moving poisonous messages, upload/download message to/from queues, stop/start queue manager, broker, execution group, and monitoring various components and automate execution of these scripts as much possible
  • Create necessary documentation to build/deploy enterprise applications, administer them, and provide after production support
  • Create and maintain support documentation for on-call and support personnel to monitor and troubleshoot production issues in MQ, MB, WAS, IHS, Data Power and LDAP. provide occasional support in other tasks, deploying SMS to customers, create /update SMS/Email templates, handle customer ticket related to cces and handset, coordinate ER deployment with various teams like database administrators, system administrators, and other IT teams
  • Provide on-call support on rotational basis once in 6 weeks or as required

System Engineer

Confidential, Roanoke, VA


  • Managed enterprise wide WMQ/MB messaging infrastructure across distributed platforms with architectural designs, implementation, day to day Administration, performance tuning, developing standards / governance, policies and procedure, production support, deployment, monitoring, root cause analysis and mentoring junior engineers,
  • Worked with Enterprise Architect and engineered messaging solutions, keeping it manageable, scalable and security conscience which supports and enhances Advance’s business operations.
  • Defined and maintained standard documentation; governance of middleware, current systems configuration, policies and procedures for MQ administration and application Development /integration; production support as they apply to middleware technologies.
  • Performed strategic analysis and design of MQ infrastructure and made recommendations on improvements and/or new systems required to meet business needs and future capacity. Also, recommends changes to Advance architecture as it applies to technology driven projects.
  • Perform administrative tasks using industry standard technologies and methods to insure the system availability and operability, backup and recovery, and security; design, develop and implemented MQ and WMB components as required by message based application
  • Manage, enterprise monitoring and performance tuning in production, QA and development environments.
  • Develop script/java utility program for trouble shooting/production support
  • Install WebSphere MQ servers and clients as well as maintains existing systems in accordance with established policies, procedures and service level agreements.
  • Evaluate and applied software upgrades and support packs as required solving production problems and/or ensuring compliance and system integrity.
  • Worked with application development teams providing support of middleware components like MQI/JMS throughout application development cycles by configuring required components, debug/troubleshoot complex problems, providing root cause analysis and remediation to mitigate future risk.
  • Provided 1st level technical support to IT Managers, Distribution Centre, Systems Managers, Information Security Team and Application Development Teams
  • Participate in regular on call rotation, providing 24*7 support for meeting business SLA’s
  • Troubleshoot system problems and resolve them and write good documentation for future
  • Develop, execute, and ensure compliance with Application Integration strategy, architecture, standards, best practices, methodology and processes.
  • Proactively assess new technologies & capacity planning to meet growing business demands.

WMQ/WAS Systems Administrator

Confidential, Seattle, WA


  • Participated in the planning and design of the MQ/WAS topology/server architecture to support business goals and in execution of projects and infrastructure deliverables
  • Involved in designing application using MQ and work with developers to identify and resolved problems and issues in developing and testing applications in Dev, QA, UAT
  • Migrated existing MQ/WAS infrastructure in Production, Test and Development from MQ 5.3 to MQ 6.x and WAS 5.x to 6.x/6.1/7.x
  • Carried out day to day MQ/WAS a system administration task: created and deployed various MQ artifacts eg. Queue Manager, Queues, Listener and Channel, Namelist, and setting up Trigger.
  • Provided implementation and operational support for integration solutions in high availability and clustered environment, setup monitoring system and performed performance tuning
  • Install products/version upgrade, and fixpac/interim fix/ patches as required to overcome software bugs, configure WAS ; server instances, clusters, connection pools, plug-ins and JDBC drivers
  • Developed scripts/utilities to automate repetitive tasks, eg deployment process, backup and restore procedures, resource configuration such as jdbc, jms and jvm configuration such as heapsize, custom properties, thread dump, user and group, LTPA and LDAP,
  • Performed administration tasks required supporting application development, Test, integration and deployment, in Dev, QA and production environment including assembling and deploying the debugging application following change management practices.
  • Defined and developed common processes and procedures to ensure server stability, performance tuning, load balance and high availability
  • Involved in analyzing, designing and implementing integration solutions using WebSphere Application Server (WAS), MQ,and Tibco
  • Set up High Availability architectures with Work Load Management and Clustering, fault tolerance in MQ, WAS and Tibco
  • Responsible for implementing operational best practices, trouble shooting, monitoring, capacity planning
  • Defined thresholds for monitoring various metrics of the application server environment
  • Provide 24x7 production support; respond service tickets and provide timely resolution of problems and liaise with software vendors with regards to problem resolution(opening and managing PMR)
  • Open PMR'/trouble ticket with software vendor and analyze core dumps and resolve issues in a timely manner

Sr. Integration Admin/Developer

Confidential, San Francisco, CA


  • Setting up MQ and Confidential network and Installed MQ and configured qmgr cluster and Confidential on distributed and zos platforms and developed PN4DATA artifacts necessary for end to end file based integration
  • Design and developed data transfers project between various factories across the US implementation using MQ and PM4DATA
  • Participated in a defining architecture meeting which produces design compliance current government-imposed regulations for operational control for exchanging health data meeting for services based, message driven integration using WMQ and Confidential with stakeholders.
  • Develop methodologies for handing exception of recurring problems in Confidential using built in feature or process monitoring
  • Prepared an operation and production support manual for Confidential and MQ including monthly maintenance procedure, cluster debugging procedure, moving poisonous message out from the queues, handling dead letter queue, reading and analyzing log and Confidential
  • Implemented powerful capabilities of Confidential to enable File-to-Message, Message-to-File, or database type conversion templates, offers the ability to send files from one to many locations in a single request along with the ability to request, track and trace multiple transfer requests as a single logical unit of work
  • Rapidly implement solutions that address these integration challenges by scripting using specific scripting language (XMScript) that runs natively on all supported platforms for File transfer, and data movement

Middleware Architect / Administrator

Confidential, Augusta, GA


  • Installed enterprise server and nodes, and configured Confidential in Windows and AS/400; developed Request Template, Distribution Template, distribution List template along with exit and carried our various tests: Tested these artifacts, end to end connectivity, Quality Assurance, performance and user acceptance
  • Documenting end-to-end technical solutions, evaluation of alternatives and rationale for architectural decisions for MQ/PM4DAT based Transport management system.
  • Design MQ and Confidential related artifacts based on the outcome of architectural phase, develop necessary components, conduct unit test, integration /system test, User Acceptance test and deploy the solution.
  • Designs, develops and validates the middleware architectural solution for multiple complex integration projects; develop various Confidential artifacts eg request template,
  • Installation, configuration and validate infrastructure and administered MQ and Confidential in distributed platform including AS400 and MQ in distributed platform including As400
  • Administered Confidential and MQ and extended administrative and production support services for MQ, Message Broker
  • Architect, design and development Confidential solution for supplier and global logistics systems in Confidential connecting end to end from supplier and client.
  • Implemented advance features in Confidential using single distribution template to transfer multiple Request templates in a single unit of work

Senior Consultant

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Worked with various customers to analyze, develop and implement enterprise integration solutions for the problems identified by Project/Technical/Practice Manager from discussions with customers.
  • Provided advanced technical consulting to the client’s Senior Manager on proposed efforts, solution design, system management, tuning and modification of solutions.
  • Led and/or provided expertise to Middleware project teams as well as participated in cross-technological initiatives in assessed customer needs and requirements, and developed custom technology solutions to the customer using MQ and Message Broker which is workload balanced, scalable and highly-available.
  • Coordinated the implementation of new integration solutions, comprising installation, configuration, development and deployment of various Middleware artifacts, specifically in MQ and Message Broker.
  • Provided maintenance/enhancement of infrastructure services including installation of Middleware product specifically MQ and MB on various OS platforms e.g., UNIX - AIX, Sun Solaris, Windows, and Red Hat Enterprises Linux; applying Fixpac and Interim Fixes provided by IBM, rolling out new major/minor MQ releases, submitting bug reports to IBM
  • Provided consulting services on installation and configuration of PM4DATA, an end-to-end file- sharing integration product for Windows 2003 server and As400 along with WMQ6.0.0.2 for Windows and AS400.
  • Engaged in technical problem solving across multiple technologies, often needing to develop new methods to apply to the situation.

MQ Engineer

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • Provided overall MQ engineering tasks. day to day administration, production support and 24/7 oncall support for Middleware services
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of MQ Series 5.3 servers, clients, patches and CSDs and architect and engineered MQ - design, development, deployed- queue managers, Queues, processes, triggers, trigger monitors, necessary for p2p and pubsub messaging for various projects
  • Participated in designing application using MQ and worked with application developers to identify and resolve various problems in Dev and QA and work with them to find out parameter for achieving best performance
  • Created and deployed various MQ objects in Dev, QA, UAT and production, created detailed and step by step go live instruction and script to be run by operations team for the go live operation
  • Performed mq security audit recommended various security measures including to use using mcauser for channel security, decoupled users who need to access MQ recourses from the mq admin
  • Created documentation for installation MQ server/ client/upgrade, installation verification, security standard, naming standard, monitoring, mq deployed servers and mq object lists and queues metadata; Created script for automating various tasks
  • Respond for problem ticket. Work on problem resolution in development, test, integration and production environment and work as 7/24 oncall support for mq
  • Troubleshoot daily issues and problem Open 2nd Level PMR to IBM for t resolving complex problems; prepare must gather for IBM including trace

Senior Developer/Team Lead

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA


  • Built and manage messaging based middleware infrastructure including installation and configuration of products, ungraded, fixpac, prerequisite software suite required for Confidential, various WBI Confidential adapters; JDBC, JText, WebServices, MQ Adapter, JMS, DB2, XML, HTTP, SAP, Siebel etc on Windows, Linux, AIX, and ZOS
  • Installed and configure the Confidential and administrative tools such as System Manager, System Monitor, Flow Manager, Log Viewer, and Relationship Manager on various platforms AIX, Solaris and Windows with various databases like DB2, Oracle
  • Documented of all Project Plans, Software Requirements and Design documents; worked with and guide team member on Map Designer, Relationship Manager, Process Designer, Business Object Designer and Connector Configuration utility of WBI Confidential .
  • Developed various Confidential artifacts; mapping simple transformational maps and relationship transformation maps for transforming data from the ASBO format to the corresponding GBO format and GBO format to ASBO format ; Business Objects- ASBOs using BO Designer and GBOs using ODAs or manually
  • Created collaboration groups and collaboration topologies. Configured collaboration objects for concurrent processing using server access interface clients, test connectors, port connectors and combination of them. Also create collaboration templates using Collaboration Foundation and develop custom code using Collaboration API for business process logic in various scenarios in the collaboration template
  • Deployed the Confidential components submitted by developers as jar files using repos copy/System Manager in the Confidential server and providing jar files to the developers by exporting from the server for rework

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