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Websphere Portal Configuration Resume Profile


Looking for IBM WebSphere Consultant opportunities in Fairfax, VA 22033 area .

  • IBM WebSphere /Middleware Consultant with multi years engineering practice in IT industry. Including 14 years J2EE application server related experience. including installation, configuration, integration, migration, performance tuning and application deployment for the following products: IBM WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal Server, Tivoli Access Manager TAM/WebSeal , Tivoli Directory Server TDS /DB2, ITCAM, Apache, Tomcat ,JBoss
  • Provide SSO and F-SSO based IAM/IDM service
  • Provide Open Source based Middleware service


  • Open Source:
  • Apache/Tomcat/JBoss-AS/JBoss SOA-/ESB/BRMS/JON
  • /SVN/CruiseControl/TeamForge/Git/Jenkins/Maven
  • IBM WebSphere and Tivoli products:
  • WebSphere Application Server 3.x, 4, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.5.x , Network Deployment 5.x/6.x/7.x/8.5.x , Portal Server 7.x/6.x/5.x, Mobile Portal Accelerator v6,v7 , Process Server 6.x, Tivoli Access Manager TAM/WebSeal , Tivoli Identity Manager, Tivoli Federated Identity Manager, Tivoli Security Policy Manager Tivoli Directory Server, WebSphere Service Registry and Repository,Tivoli Directory Integrator, wsadmin scripting, WebSphere-XD, IBM HTTP server/Apache, Wily introscope, RSA 6 7, WSAM/ITCAM, Performance viewer, Unix scripting, Jacl/Jython, wsadmin, Gskit, Ikeyman, MQ Series, Eclipse, WSAD, RAD, ClearCase, Mercury LoadRunner.
  • Hardware:
  • IBM pSeries server, Sun Enterprise Server/Raid, Compaq, Dell Servers/Raid, Dlt Tape Drive, Seagate Backup Drive, Hub, Switch, Router, Multi-Switch, Cisco Local Director, Foundry Router, Switch, Load Balancer, BigIP.
  • Software:
  • Windows Active Directory, Windows LDS,IBM AIX, Linux, Sun Solaris, Windows, introscope, LoadRunner, SilkPerform, WebTool, JProbe, SiteMinder, Tomcat, Jboss, HTML, JSP, Servlet, Struts, XML, Web Services, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, HTTP, VAJ EE , ANT, unix shell scripting, perl, OpenSSH, WebLogic Workshop, WebLogic, IBM SecureWay Directory, iPlanet Directory Server LDAP , iPlanet web server, Interwoven, Erwin, MS-BackOffice NT4, IIS, MTS, Exchange, PROXY,SQL, SMS, SITE servers , VSS, Legato, Veritas, PcAnywhere, Webtrends, MS-Exhange, Rockliffe, CheckPoint /firewall-1,Samba, Exceed, Autonomy portal server.
  • Databases:
  • DB2 UDB, Oracle, SQL, MySQL, Cloudscape.


IBM WebSphere family products installation, configuration and integration

  • Hands-on experience in WAS 6.x,7.0/v8.5 /Portal Server WP v6.0/6.1/v7.0 /IBM Mobile Portal Accelerator MPA v6.x,v7 installation and configuration.
  • In-depth experience in integration of WebSphere family products such as WAS/WP/WPS/IHS and Tivoli Security Products such as TAM/WebSeal/SMS, Directory Server and DB2 .
  • WAS v6.1 and V7.0 and WP Portal v6.1 and V7.0 installation, configuration with clustering setup.
  • IBM Mobile Portal Accelerator integration and deployment with WAS/WP.
  • Profile creating and augment.
  • IBM HTTP server and plug-in installation and configuration.
  • J2EE application and Portal Application deployment.
  • DB2 instance configuration and Portal database creation, backup and restore.
  • Configuration of VMM based federated repository AD, LDAP, Database and multiple realms to secure WAS/WP and virtual portal.
  • Change/replace WP admin ID/WAS admin ID and password and password encryption/deletion
  • Setup repository entity-types, turn on/off realm-enable-dn-login.
  • SSL setup and configuration, key db and certificate create/delete/import/export by utilize IBM gskit utility both GUI and command line tools .
  • LTPA token generation and distribution.
  • Develop installation and configuration scripts.
  • Portal server installation and configuration, portal server DB migration, configuring portal server WMM/LDAP security, configuring TAI , importing portal server users and groups, configuring TAM to perform authorization for portal server.
  • Installation and configuration of DB2 server and client, creating portal db tables, database backup and restore.
  • LDAP server/client installation and configuration, creating LDAP directory objects, configuring LDAP access control, integration of WAS with LDAP.
  • Set up and configure WebSeal, Web Server, Plug-in, WAS/Portal server, LDAP server over SSL, configure KeyRing database creation and import/export SSL certificate etc.
  • Set up and configure WebSeal junction.
  • Process server installation and configuration.

Experience of IBM BPM solution

  • Can provide following solution service, such as architecture planning, products installation, configuration and integrations and administration
  • Business Process, work flow design and engineering
  • BPM 3 clusters architecture design and implementation
  • IBM HTTP server installation, configuration and integration
  • WebSphere Application Server ND v8.5 installation, configuration and integration.
  • BPM Profile creation, argumentation, configuration and federation
  • BPM installation and configuration
  • Process Designer installation and deployment
  • Database table/schema creation and population
  • BPM infrastructure and LDAP, SMTP integration
  • Process/Work Flow design practice by leverage IBM Coach and Lambadi design tools
  • Process Center Application
  • Process Portal Application
  • Process Admin console Application
  • Performance Admin Console Application
  • REST and web services API consoles Application
  • Business Space Application
  • Human Task Manager Application
  • Business Process Choreographer Application

Experience of IBM ECM/FileNet P8 solution

  • Can provide following solution service, such as architecture planning, products installation, configuration and integrations and administration
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server ND v8.5
  • IBM ECM/FileNet P8 solution components such as Case Manager, Datacap, Content Manager OnDemand, Enterprise Records, Watson Content Analytics, Content Classification,DB2,Workplace/Workplace XT, Content Engine, Process Engine

Work with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery CICD Build and Release solution

Practice on TeamForge/Jenkins/SVN/Nexus/Sonar based technology.

Open Source based Middleware Platform Solution Practice

  • Work with large scale of Apache/Tomcat/JBOSS JBoss-AS/SOA-P/BRMS/ESB/AM-Q/Hornet-Q systems.
  • Apache/Tomcat/JBoss scalable, high availability clustered Platform architecture
  • Configuration/integration of JBoss Application connection and /MySQL Oracle Database, JBoss Application Security, load balance, Clustering, Monitoring JBoss Performance
  • Troubleshooting JBoss Servers, clusters, and application issues
  • Working with development teams to migrate enterprise applications running on IBM WebSphere to JBoss platform

SSO and F-SSO based IAM/IDM practice.

  • Working with SSO/F-SSO/IAM/IdM solutions by leveraging Citrix solution and IBM/Oracle IdM based solution.
  • SSO/F-SSO based Application security, SMAL1.x/2.x security, Layer7 SG/IBM DataPower practice.
  • Working with CAS based application SSO solution.
  • Practice on OAuth/OpenID/OASIS SAML /MS-ADFS/PingFederal/PingIdentity/OpenID/PostFix based technology/F-SSO solution.

Implementation of SSO/Federated SSO solution crossing multi-domains crossing multi-Windows domains forest, SharePoint farm and variety windows applications, crossing multi applications running on top of different Unix based Applications servers by leveraging Microsoft desktop logon credential.

  • Implementation of TAI based SSO and access control to WebSphere/Portal through Tivoli Access Manager/WebSeal.
  • Implementation of TAI based SSO and access control to WebSphere/Portal through CA SiteMinder.
  • Implementation of LTPA based SSO and access control to WebSphere domain.
  • Implementation of SPNEGO/Kerberos based SSO and access control to WebSphere Application Server WAS /Portal Server WP .
  • Extensive knowledge of WAS security and J2EE JAAS service.
  • Work with CA WAM SiteMinder product.

WebSphere portal configuration, administration and deployment

  • Leverage administration portlets, XMLAccess, ReleaseBuilder, such as changing the portal URI, customizing the home page login URL with the page builder theme.
  • Enable and disable portal light mode, set the portal entry page, configure portlets to handle unauthorized user to view.
  • User session persistence, dynamic fragment cache, portlet filtering, authentication filters, portal caching, URL mapping.
  • Delayed cleanup of deleted portal pages and orphaned data, setting service configuration properties, Parallel portlet rendering.
  • Configure individual portal resources and their dependent resources.
  • Deploy developed artifacts, such as portlets, themes, or skins.
  • Export, import and update complete or partial portal installations, transfer or migration between machines, backup of the portal configuration, cloning of a portal.
  • Manage and configure pages, themes and skins and theme customizer, web modules, applications, portlets.
  • Manage and configure users and groups such as creating/deleting users and groups, editing user info.
  • Manage and configure access control such as resources, roles, access rights, and initial access control settings, resource permissions, user and group permissions, credential vault, resource policies.
  • Manage and configure portal settings such as global settings, URL mapping, custom unique names, supported markups, supported clients.
  • Manage portlets and portlet applications, such as portlet installing, deploying J2EE resources, activating and deactivating portlet applications or portlets, modifying/updating/deleting portlet applications and portlets, disabling anchors in portlet URLs.
  • Manage pages such as Creating/Deleting pages/labels/URLs, moving pages and labels, assigning access to pages, labels, and URLs, activating or deactivating a page, label, or URL, exporting pages and labels, setting up manage pages

WAS/Portal installation, configuration change, administration automation and Application deployment automation

  • WAS/WPS/Portal Server/IHS installation automation scripts.
  • Develop shell scripts, Jacl/Jython and wsadmin scripts to perform WAS/Portal server configuration change tasks and daily operation tasks.
  • Global security configuration.
  • IBM WebSphere Portal Server setup and configuration.
  • Integration of IBM TAM and IBM Portal server based enterprise application.
  • Security configuration console user and group, J2C authentication .
  • Resource Configuration JDBC provider, data source, resource property set .
  • WAS MQ JMS provider configuration MQ Connection Factory, MQ Destination .
  • Environment configuration virtual host, HostAlias, WAS variable, shared Lib .
  • AppServer configuration web container, transaction service, session management, EJB container, dynamic cache service, logging and tracing, stream redirect, message listener service, listener port, ORB service, custom service, process definitions, JavaVirtual machine, performance monitoring service, end point, class loader .
  • WebSphere file system security planning and implementation.
  • Configuration of SSL certificate setup and configuration on Web server, WAS/Portal.
  • Portal server DB backup and restore, disaster recovery.


IBM WebSphere Business Process Management v7.x BPM products installation, configuration and integration

  • WebSphere Lombardi Authoring Environment Installation and Configuration, Automated Process Center Installation and Configuration
  • Automated Runtime Environment Installation and Configuration
  • Lombardi for Microsoft Office/Microsoft SharePoint Add-on Installation and Configuration
  • Install, configure and deploy IBM WebSphere Business Process Management BPM products, such as installation of WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere Business Monitor, WebSphere Business Services Fabric, WebSphere Dynamic Process, WebSphere Business Compass.
  • Troubleshoot installation and configuration issues.
  • Fix and fixpack installation.
  • Database and schema creation for BPM, such as Common/Business Process Choreographer/Messaging Engine/Business Process Reporting/Business Space/Event/Monitor/Compass database and schema creation.
  • Configure Business Monitor/Business Services Fabric/Process Server/Dynamic Process Edition/Business Compass to use databases.
  • Create a deployment manager profile and Federate the custom profile into the cell
  • Install and configure IBM HTTP Server to the cell
  • Setup and configure WebSphere Process Server cluster
  • Setup and configure WebSphere Process Server Remote Messaging and Remote Support
  • Setup and configure WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Remote Messaging and Remote Support
  • Setup and configure WebSphere Business Monitor Remote Messaging and Remote Support
  • Setup and configure WebSphere Business Monitor cross cell configuration
  • Setup and configure WebSphere Business Services Fabric Remote Messaging Support
  • Setup and configure WebSphere Business Compass
  • Integration of BPM products, LDAP and security products such as TAM/WebSeal, SiteMinder.


Directory instance creation and configuration, schema configuration, extending attributes, user account setup, user data replication and synchronization ADAM . Data importing and exporting.


  • Tivoli Directory Server instance setup and configuration, schema importing and exporting.
  • Tivoli Access Manager Policy server, WebSeal server, Session Management server, TAM Web Portal manager setup and configuration.
  • Tivoli Identity Manager TIM , Adapters and Tivoli Directory Server Integrator TDI installation and configuration.
  • Tivoli Federated Identity Manager TFIM installation and configuration.
  • Tivoli Security Policy Manager, WebSphere Service Registry Repository installation and configuration.


Knowledge of DataPower/Oracle Application Server/Oracle ESB/Oracle Process Manager/Systinet Registry-Repository/AmberPoint Management System.

SOA training.


  • Large portal application deployment and application client deployment. Develop portal application deployment automation scripts.
  • J2EE application deployment and application client deployment. Develop application deployment automation scripts.
  • TI issues occurred during deployment.


Utilize IBM ISA/RSA/ITCAM to perform J2EE application profiling, WAS tuning, dump analysis, logs files analysis to troubleshoot production issues such as hung thread, OOM, connection pool, certificate related issues.


  • DB2 database server and Directory Server installation and configuration.
  • IBM Directory Server.
  • Access Manager Directory Server/AM Runtime/Policy Server/Security Utilities/PDWPM/AM Admin tool app/AM PDJRTE/PDSMS/PDProxy/AM WebSeal/Plug-in for Web/PDWebADK installation, configuration and customization.
  • Create KeyStore DB and import export SSL certificate.
  • Create/import/modify/delete users and groups. Create/import/export/modify/list/attach security policy ACL .
  • WebSeal Junction setup and configuration.
  • SSO setup and configuration. TAI based /LTPA based/SPNEGPO/Kerberos based SSO setup and configuration.


  • Setup and configure the managing server/data collectors.
  • Enterprise application monitoring by defining server groups/collecting performance reports/performing lock analysis/performing memory leak analysis.

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