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Senior Websphere Portal And Wcm Developer,resume Profile


  • 11 years of IT experience 9 years in the US in client-server, middleware software projects as a Programmer Analyst - Websphere Portal Content Management Developer , Websphere Portal Administrator and IT Consultant .
  • Extensive experience in development, testing, and implementation of Telecom, Healthcare, Insurance and Financial based applications using IBM WebSphere Portal Server JSR 286 and 168 , Portal Administration, Java, JDBC, J2EE technologies like JSP, Servlets.
  • Implementation experience using J2EE platform and IBM WebSphere Family products Websphere Portal Server 8/7/6.1/5.x/4.x, RAD 7.x/6.0, WCM - WebSphere Content Management 7/6.1.5, WAS 4/5/6/7, DB2 and Collaboration Services Lotus Domino LDAP, QuickPlace, SameTime .
  • Experience in Installation/Administration/Configuration of IBM WebSphere Portal Server on Windows platform.

Skills/Tools Profiles

Design Patterns/ Framework

Model View Control MVC , Struts, Hibernate, JSF


Application Server

IBM WebSphere Portal Server WPS 8/7/6.1/5.x/4.x JSR 286/168, IBM WebSphere Content Management 7/6.1.5, WebSphere Application Server WAS 4/5/6/7 , IBM Connections Server 4.5

IDE Environments

IBM RAD 7.x/6.0, IBM WebSphere Integration Developer, IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer WSAD 4/5 , Lotus Collaboration Services.


C, C , Java

Web Programming

JSP, Servlets, JDBC

Software Configuration Management SCM

Clearcase, CVS, SVN, VSS



Operating Systems

Unix/Windows 2000/XP Professional

Scripting Language


Data Base Systems



Telecom, Healthcare, Insurance, Financial



Role : Senior Websphere Portal and WCM Developer


  • Worked on Change Requests, analyse develop new requirements by working closely with business users for existing portal sites.
  • Developed Captcha functionality in BYOP CDMA registration page.
  • Developed Shops Phones, Activation, Re-activation, Transfer porting , Refill portlets for Straight Talk.
  • Create CBO web services to interact with other business components and portlets.
  • Created workflows, authoring template, presentation template for WCM contents.

Tools used:

IBM Websphere Portal Server 8, IBM WebSphere Content Management 8, Java, JSON, JQuery, Javascript, CSS, XML, Oracle 9i


Role : Senior Programmer Analyst - WCM Portal Developer


  • Took over the content migration activities from IBM team who implemented the producer code for migration.
  • Leading a team of 8 resources offshore and parallel working on development, administration and configuration of WCM design elements and components.
  • Requirement gathering, analysis, re-Design and develop external and internal sites with new look and feel. Develop modules News, Events, Feature Story, All media videos
  • Actively involved in upgrading portal artifacts from version 6.1.5 to version 7, and 7 to 8
  • Building enterprise search using Google Connectors for LiveText, Documentum, Oracle Database. Also working on Google Onebox module for quick search.
  • Integrating Omniture site analytics using appropriate variable settings.
  • Consume Projects and Press Release feeds hosted on Lotus Notes servers.
  • Custom workflow actions for adding dynamic approvers, reference check from internal to external libraries, assign content expiry and deletion date, dynamically assign approvers to a content
  • Setting up Syndication and Workflows using WCM.
  • Mulitilingual sites by setting 'lang' attributes and handling banner, footer, top navigation for language sites.
  • Writing URL re-direction rules.
  • Using Modernizr open-source javascript library to detect HTML5 and CSS3 browser support
  • Designing and Developing Portal Themes
  • Form based email using worklow email action to send email to content approvers.
  • Build and test portlets using Websphere Portal 7 for investment project
  • Training, mentoring, co-ordinating and monitoring offshore team's site migration activities.
  • In Websphere Experience Portlet Factory used WCM Web Content Management Authoring builder to create a custom portlet for creating and updating content stored in WCM.
  • Integrate portlets that display content from IBM Web Content Manager WCM and portlets that are developed using Web Experience Factory WEF.
  • Using the REST Service Call builder in WEF
  • Worked on Discussions creating, notifiying and following discussions using IBM Connections server 4
  • Worked on Follow Community functionality

Tools used:

IBM Websphere Portal Server 7 8, IBM WebSphere Content Management 7 8, JQuery, Javascript, Websphere Experience Portlet Factory, IBM Connections Server 4.5


Role : Programmer Analyst - Websphere Portal Developer and Websphere Portal Administrator


  • Design, develop and implement portlet components using IBM Websphere Portal Server, Java, and J2EE technologies.
  • Worked on Development, administration and configuration of the following :
  • - Portal component deployment to Sandbox, Dev, QA, UAT, PROD environments.
  • - XML Access Scripts Themes, Skins, Web applications, Pages, URLs .
  • IBM WebSphere Portal migration from 6.0 to 6.1.5
  • Developing News module News Detail, News Publication, Dynamic news module in right rail, creating Menu-dynamic news, Navigator and JSP components using IBM WebSphere Content Management WCM .
  • Set up Syndication also troubleshooting syndication errors and Workflows also developed custom workflow action for content approvals Joint/ Single User approval through email using IBM WCM.
  • Developed in-context portal preview functionality to allow embedded URLs in workflow email notifications that enable direct access to the content item.
  • Developed WCM Inline Editing functionality by using remote actions used in the query string of a URL to trigger actions from the IBM WCM application to perform inline editing of the content item displayed in a Web page also know as hot changes directly on subscriber machines.
  • Site navigation changes to the current KP Vine 2.0 and National Portal web site which includes modifications to Page Sitemap 2.0, Grid structure Page layouts , Friendly URLs, Theme and Skins and Breadcrumbs behaviors in Portal.
  • Build and automate deployment process.
  • Content mapping to portlets, personalization rules and pages mapping.
  • SVN code repository merging branch release code to the Head trunk.

Tools used:

IBM Websphere Portal Server 6.0/6.1.x JSR 286 , IBM WebSphere Content Management 6.1.5, RAD 7.5, IBM DB2, Websphere Application Server 6.0/7.0


Role : Websphere Portal Developer.


  • 1. Designed, developed unit tested dashboard portlet named MyProjectList using Websphere Portal 6.1.
  • - User Interface developed using JSF.
  • - Includes all open projects for a user all work items that they are the owner of and will include work items that have been assigned .
  • - The columns displayed includes: Project Name, Project Status, Service Types, Stage, Track, Milestone 'Last' or 'Current' . The default listing shall be by Stage in ascending order. The user shall be able to change the sort direction and the column to be sorted on.
  • - Invoke the service accessor framework's invokeService method by passing the WSDL name and operation name. This returns an XML object.
  • - Invoke the transformToManagedBean method takes the XML object above as a parameter of the transformer class which populates the business object then returns the same.
  • 2. Developed unit tested WSDL operations for Stage 1 module using Websphere Integration Developer IDE.
  • - Retrieve, Save Update operations for Create App Id .
  • - Retrieve, Save Update operations for Build Review Paramter Guide .
  • - Writing hibernate mapping file hbm.xml using Hibernate reverse engineering tool for all the database tables involved which includes primary key generator tags, column tags associations.
  • - Generating Business process entities BPEs Data transfer objects DTOs for all the tables.
  • - Generating Persistors which binds the BPEs DTOs.
  • - Writing HQL queries within the service operations to insert, update retrieve data from database.

Tools used:

IBM Websphere Portal Server 6.1 JSR 286 , JSF, Jquery, IBM RAD 7, IBM Process Server, IBM Websphere Integration Developer, Java, Websphere Application Server 6.1, , Javascript, Oracle, Windows XP Professional.


Role : Websphere Portal Developer


Design and develop the following JSR 168 portlets.

1. Registration portlet

Registration lets a new user create a MyBrocade profile. It registers the user to the extranet to create a Brocade Extranet account. The registration form captures user's profile data and domain validation and email validation is performed. Once the user submits the registration form, the user data is stored in the user's profile database.The portlet generates an activation email to the user's email address. The email contains a link to take the user back to the extranet to activate their account. Before the user activates their account, they are not allowed to login to the extranet.

2. Account activation portlet Create profile

When the user clicks on the activation URL in the activation email, it takes the user back to a welcome page inside Account Activation portlet on anonymous page .

Once activated, the portlet performs the following actions:

a. Stores the date/timestamp of activation in the user profile database.

b. Based on the relationship type, the user is added to the appropriate entitlement groups defined in Portal LDAP.

c. The user is then created in Portal WMM Lookaside database table using Portal PUMA SPI. The custom user profile attributes are already pre-loaded in WMM Lookaside DB table.

d. The welcome page displays a link to the MyBrocade login page.

3. Edit User profile portlet

The user can access the Edit User Profile portlet in the extranet via the My Profile tab to manage their Self Categorization fields. All the profile updation is done using PUMA SPI.

4. Password Reset portlet

This portlet is available for the user to reset their password. This portlet shows up when user clicks on Forgot Password link on the login page. The user is challenged with security questions and then allowed to enter the new password.

Tools used:

IBM Websphere Portal Server JSR 168 , Portal Administration, Java, Websphere Application Server, IBM RAD 7, Javascript, Oracle, Windows XP Professional.


Role : Websphere Portal Developer

Set Up Wizard portlet developed using JSR 168 is one of the MAM portlet which allows members to :

1. Create Sub Accounts.

2. Setup Message Box.

3. Assign User Permissions to VOIP customers.

4. Complete Yahoo Registration for sub accounts.


Design, build and implement Sub Account Creation Functionality for Project Lightspeed Release 3, to be residing within the SetupWizard Portlet. MAMSubAccountCreation uses the following Resource Integration Layer web services RILAddSub to create new sub account, RILValidateCreditCard, RILQueryCreditInfoOnFile, HRS Suggest Handle checks if sub-account already exists.

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