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Wmb Developer Resume

Nashville, TN


  • IBM Trained and Certified in IBM WebSphere Process Server v6.2 Application Development with good experience in developing high performance Service - Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications.
  • IBM Trained in IBM integration bus V9 Application Development.
  • IBM Trained in IBM Data Power Service Configuration using XI52 appliance.
  • Over 6+ years of Professional experience as WebSphere Integration Developer with exceptional noledge in developing high performance Service-Oriented Architecture applications using IBM Integration Designer, IBM Data Power, WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus, WebSphere Process Server, Business Process Manager.
  • Experience in analysis, design, development, customizations and implementation of software applications using WebSphere Integration Developer on WebSphere Process Server and ESB Technologies.
  • Extensive experience in Web services Development, SOAP & REST Web services, developing WSDLs, XSDs.
  • Experience in working with Business objects, Libraries, Integration Solution and mediation modules etc. in WebSphere ESB/IBM BPM/WPS runtime environment. Has noledge on mule soft.
  • Good experience in Application testing (Unit, Integration) and software deployment.
  • Extensive noledge on all Message bindings and industry standard transport protocols for delivering teh messages between various environments (SCA, HTTP, MQ, MQ JMS, JMS etc.)
  • Experience in technical concepts on Core Java and JEE technologies including Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, JAX-WS, JAX-RS), XSL, XSLT, XML, JMS, JDBC, Web Portal, Spring, Hibernate, JDBC, Servlets, JNDI, JSP,JSTL, JSF, AJAX, Java beans.
  • Good noledge of Patterns and Best Practices for Business Integration. Understanding of SOA Reference Architecture of IBM, Service Data Objects (SDO) and Services Component Architecture (SCA).
  • Experience in IBM WPS V 6, 7 and IBM BPM V 7.5, 8 and industry standards like ACORD, EDI and HL7.
  • Experience creating Message Flows, Database Services, MQ Services and web services using IBM Integration Bus in IBM Integration Toolkit.
  • Good noledge of Version Control in WID using CVS, TFS and in Rational Application Developer using Clear Case.
  • Experience with source code control management like subversion(SVN), Team Foundation Server(TFS)
  • Strong understanding of project life cycle and SDLC methodologies including Waterfall and Agile. Well Trained and Strong Experience in Agile methodology practices like Agile Scrum.
  • Experience in working with Business Processes, BPEL, Business Rules, Web Services, JMS Technologies, Business Objects, Adapters, and Mediation Services.
  • A self-motivated professional and natural communicator possessing good technical, initiating, leadership and problem-solving skills and has proven to be a good team player.
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly with new tools and technology.


Programming Languages: Java, J2EE, PL\SQL, ESQL

SOA Platform: IBM Integration Designer, IBM Integration Bus IIB 9.0, Message Broker 8/7/6, MQ Series 7.5, 7.x, 6.x. Data Power XI50 & XI52

Database Packages: DB2, Oracle 10g/11g, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

Web Technologies: CSS, SOAP, RESTFUL, XML,XSLT, Web Services

Methodologies: Waterfall, Agile

Scripting Languages: JavaScript, jQuery

IBM Software Development Tools: Clear Quest, Service Now

Testing Tools: SOAP UI

Comparison/Editor Tools: Beyond Compare, XML Spy

No SQL Database: Mongo DB

IDE’s: Eclipse, NetBeans, My Eclipse

Operating Systems: Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Unix

Web and Application Server: Apache Tomcat, J Boss, WebLogic, WebSphere 6.x, 7.x, 8.x


Confidential, Nashville TN

WMB Developer


  • Install/Configure IIB on developer environment.
  • Created XSLT test cases and checked teh code in GIT repository using Java Eclipse.
  • Participate in reviewing team work productivity/deliverable for quality and completeness.
  • Troubleshooting existing applications and message flows using debugger.
  • Developed teh message flows and integrated to various end systems.
  • Developed transformations in IIB using XSLT.
  • Worked on several routing, transformation, file and web services nodes.
  • Used SVN for controlling teh source code and managing changes made to code.
  • Developed message flows using both ESQL and Java.
  • Developed common flows for error handling, logging and registry lookup.
  • Created and updated teh ticket statuses in JIRA confluence.
  • Created design diagrams and mapping documents using atlassian.
  • Performed end-to-end testing, resolved problems and validated teh test results.
  • Created WSDLs, XSDs. Used XSLT, XPath and XQuery for Transformation.
  • Integrated various applications with different end systems, web services and databases.
  • Configuring odbc connections in message flows to communicate with Oracle databases.
  • Worked with end system developers to create mapping specification for each interface level transformation rules.
  • Developed Common ESQL and Java modules for implementing re-usable functions in IIB
  • Participated in war room and crisis calls and involved in Production support.
  • Participate in teh implementation walkthroughs with teh release teams.
  • Created test cases and Involved in Integration, Performance and UAT Testing.

Environment: IIB V9, Oracle, ESQL, Java, XML, SVN, SOAP UI, RFHUTIL, XML Spy, Eclipse IDE, Atlassian, GIT.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Sr. Middleware Developer


  • Assembled various SCA components in Assembly Editor.
  • Developed BPEL flows for various applications.
  • Created JDBC data sources, JNDIs, Connection factories and Activation specifications using teh admin console.
  • Worked on various SCA components like BPEL processes, rule groups, imports, exports.
  • Worked on Java implementation for teh SCA components.
  • Work with technology adapters like JDBC, Flat File, FTP and Email.
  • Generated BO’s from external data like COBOL and create J2C data bindings to work with generated objects in teh mediation flow.
  • Exposed teh business processes using various bindings like web services, SCA bindings.
  • Defined teh interface partners, reference partners to communicate with other services within teh WPS.
  • Worked on configuring component bindings (EJB, SCA, JMS, MQ, and Web Services).
  • Monitor and maintain various business applications.
  • Create, maintain and update technical production support and various business documents.
  • Troubleshoot teh problems dat occurred and provide technical resolution.
  • Expose teh applications as various protocols like Web Services, MQ etc.
  • Troubleshooting teh applications in IBM WebSphere Data Power appliance XI50 & XI52.
  • Experience in debugging data power components like WS proxy and multiprotocol gateway using data power log targets and probes.
  • Performed other tasks assigned and worked on application design and other programming functions. Worked TFS (Team Foundation Server) to checkout and update teh codebase changes.
  • Performed Unit Testing with Test client, and SOAP UI client.
  • Generated Business Objects and WSDL operations based on teh XSD’S.

Environment: IBM WebSphere Integration Developer v7.0, TFS, SOAP UI, XML Spy, RFHUTIL, Data Power XI50, XI52 Oracle SQL developer, MS Visio, FileZilla



  • Created Technical design documents and mapping documents for SOA services using IIB and Data Power.
  • Install/Configure IIB on developer environment.
  • Tuned teh message flows for better throughput and performance and tested teh application.
  • Used IBM provided patterns dat suite teh functional requirements.
  • Troubleshooting existing applications and message flows using debugger.
  • Worked on different parsers (mainly XMLNSC, DFDL and MRM) dat suit incoming requests.
  • Set up WSRR environment and Configured Data Power and IIB to use WSRR for SOA Service versioning
  • Worked on broker commands to administer queues, data sources and traces on developer workstations.
  • Developed Message Broker applications using Java Compute Node (JCN), Compute Node
  • Developed XSL for Message Transformations in IIB.
  • Developed DFDL/MRM Message models and message sets to process Cobol and EDI format messages
  • Developed Web services using both SOAP and HTTP Nodes
  • Developed message flows using File nodes and Mapping nodes
  • Developed message flows using both ESQL and Java.
  • Implemented Transaction logging for Message broker flows.
  • Designed and developed WMB interfaces for Fan-in and Fan-out using Aggregate and Collector Nodes
  • Worked with File nodes, MQ Get Node, JMS and timer nodes in Message Broker for implementing various solutions
  • Designed and developed message flows accessing User Databases like Oracle using ESQL.
  • Developed error handling flows using error processing and debugging nodes.
  • Performed end-to-end testing, resolved problems and validated teh test results.
  • Created WSDLs, XSDs. Used XSLT, XPath and XQuery for Transformation.
  • Provided production support and infrastructure monitoring/troubleshooting on teh potential issues identified.
  • Used uDeploy for IIB application deployment through various environments.
  • Configured Multiprotocol Gateway (MPGW), Web services Proxy and XML Firewall services.
  • Configured AAA policies, Set up SSL, Key certs (Crypto Tools).
  • Configured Front Side Handler and Back-End Connectivity including HTTP, HTTPS, JMS, MQ Resource, SSH Setup involving various XML Threats
  • Implemented Data Power gateway to publish, route and secure web services. SSL Key store autantications and Identities to server.

Environment: Data Power XI52, IIB 9.0, IBM Integration Toolkit, WebSphere MQ Explorer v8, XML, Oracle, DB2, Web Services, WSDL, SOAP UI, SQL Developer, IBM DB2 Client, uDeploy.

Confidential, Jacksonville Florida

Sr. Integration Developer


  • Participated in meetings with stake holders and Business people to understand teh new requirements for implementing teh new Provider platform.
  • Designed and developed Integration solutions based on IBM Message Broker, Data Power and MQ technologies
  • Developed message flows using Compute, Java Compute, XSL Transform and Mapping Nodes.
  • Developed AAA action and Configured WSPs and MPGWs in Data Power.
  • Configured Off device logging in Data Power.
  • Created REST and SOAP Web services in message broker (Provider & Consumer) to service internal and external customers.
  • Created Message flows to process Batch file updates.
  • Developed XSL for Message Transformations in Message broker.
  • Defined teh interface partners, reference partners to communicate with other services within teh message broker.
  • Define business objects, interfaces for use in cross application mediations.
  • Used event handlers and fault handler techniques in teh implementation of business processes.
  • Implemented interface maps to mediate component interfaces and created business object maps to transform business data.
  • Created teh automated test cases using programmatic emulators to test teh business processes.
  • Generated Business Objects and WSDL operations based on teh XSD’S.
  • Exposed services using Web Services binding
  • Coded in both ESQL and Java to develop message flows.
  • Worked closely with teh QA to ensure quality deliverables. Developed Test cases. Involved in Integration and Performance testing.
  • Worked on Agile methodology and Participated in multiple scrums
  • Involved in trouble shooting using logs, traces and also by designing generic error handling sub flows.
  • Created Design documents and involved in teh finalization of Business requirement documents
  • Involved in teh Production Support and Defect resolutions. Created PMRs with IBM and got fixes

Environment: Message Broker 8, WebSphere MQ, Data PowerXI50, DB2, Oracle, ESQL, Java, XML, CVS, SOAP UI, XML Spy, Windows


Integration Developer


  • Developed and deployed mediation modules in WID/WPS.
  • Identified teh best practices and recommended module design and worked on deployment architecture.
  • Developed Mediation modules with MQ bindings using COBOL Copybooks.
  • Implemented Exception Handling with Catch and Catch All blocks
  • Used JMS messaging to achieve asynchronous communication between different SCA Modules
  • Worked on mediation flows and BPEL’s
  • Used Web Services binding to expose teh BPEL to client systems to send messages.
  • Re-designed and refactored existing modules to improve performance.
  • Documented Rational Clear Case integration with WebSphere Integration Developer.
  • Documented best practices in Rational Clear Case UCM .
  • Developed automated build scripts for WebSphere Integration projects using ANT and service Deploy.
  • Worked on evaluation of UDDI & Web services for teh project.
  • Developed interfaces to call BPEL (Business process execution Language) process as web service in WebSphere Application Server SF (Server Foundation).
  • Followed a test strategy & evaluated test frame works.

Environment: WebSphere Integration Developer v6.2, WebSphere Process Server v6.2, IBM DB2, Rational Clear Case, WebSphere MQ, Soap UI 3.6


WebSphere Integration Analyst


  • Worked on Agile Methodology to meet timelines with quality deliverables.
  • Create functional and technical specifications for products.
  • Performed Unit testing, Integration testing and performance testing
  • Developed Mediation flows using XSL Transformation, Message Filter and custom node primitives
  • Implemented complex mediations on ESB.
  • Created Gateway solutions for routing web services dynamically.
  • Created SCA bindings for ESB services.
  • Used Web Services binding to expose teh BPEL to client systems to send messages
  • Performed Unit Testing with Test client, BPC Explorer and SOAP UI client
  • As part of WESB migration, redesigned teh artifacts to implement service gateway pattern to improve teh performance.
  • Created XSLT Maps to transform teh data
  • Configured Technology adapters to interact with EAI systems like Databases and FTP servers.

Environment: WebSphere Integration Developer v6.2, WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus v6.2, Java EE, XML, Web Services, WSDL, SOAP UI.

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