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Wmb/iib Developer Resume



  • 6 plus years of experience in Enterprise application Integration includes providing Architectural Solutions.
  • Technical experience includes DataPower, WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Message Broker in Development, Administration and configuration implementation in SOA.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in EAI in IBM Integration Bus (IIB), IBM WebSphere Message Broker V8.0/V7.0.
  • Hands on experience designing and implementing WMQ and WMB in huge and complex environments using High Availability Clustering on various platforms.
  • Experience in configuring & creating components of DataPower appliance such as Web Service Proxy, Multi - Protocol Gateway, XML Firewall Implemented security policies like Authentication, Authorization & Auditing in a Multi-protocol Gateway.
  • Experienced in configuration, creation and decommission of middleware MQ and MB infrastructure connected to applications with queue managers (AIX, LINUX, Windows, and Z/OS).
  • Experience in MPGW, WSP and XML firewall services in DataPower.
  • Have worked on connecting with DataPower from Message Broker.
  • Experience in Integration of DataPower with WSRR.
  • Implemented an automated solution using python and Unix scripting to automate installation and administration of WebSphere Environment
  • Experience in creating Clusters, File transfers and Integration Nodes in Web Sphere MQ explorer.
  • Good exposure in providing Apigee Edge Platform diagnostic and troubleshooting ability.
  • Extensive experience with MQSeries Clustering, MQ Client / Server setup, MQSeries System Administration, user training and documentation.
  • Configuring WebSphere MQ Queue managers, Queues and channels and integrated WebSphere Cells with MQ Servers.
  • Good Understanding of APIGEE architecture.
  • Implemented an automated solution using Jython and Unix scripting to automate installation and administration of WebSphere Environment Performed SSL configuration of IBM HTTP Server and Web’s
  • Created crypto objects as part of the implementation of digital signature to ensure data integrity.
  • Designed and implemented the Publish/Subscribe message pattern.
  • Experience in Multi-Tier and Wed Enabling the legacy system with IBM Web sphere MQ series and IBM Web sphere message broker.
  • Proficient in developing message flows and message sets and building the deployable broker archive (BAR) files.
  • Good Exposure in APIGEE Tools and creating developer portals.
  • Installation, configuration and support WebSphere MB/IIB on multiple platform environments.
  • Provide consultation support to 200 application teams across organization to correct their header issues related to IIH, RFH2 &MQMD that are not tolerated in MQv7.
  • Expertise in different nodes of WMB such as Web services, Web sphere MQ, HTTP, Transformation, construction and Database.
  • Good experience in handling administrative activities and production issues.
  • Enabling Triggering on MQ queues based on the requirement of various interfaces.
  • Have used MQM commands for accessing MQ and MQSI commands for accessing Brokers.
  • Experienced in design and architecture of integrating enterprise applications.
  • Good Experience in configuring and creating components of DataPower application such as Web service proxy, Multi-protocol gateway, XML firewall.
  • Highly motivated team member with strong communication, analytical and organization skills.


Enterprise suits: WebSphere MQ v6.x/7.x/7.5x, WebSphere Message Broker V7.x/8 IBM Integration Bus (IIB) 9/10 and DataPower XI50/52

Platform: Windows, UNIX (AIX, LINUX), z/OS (mainframe)

Languages: Java, ESQL, XML

Data base: SQL, DB2, Oracle

Servers: Apache, Tomcat, WAS

Others: SOAP UI, XML, HTML, RFH Util


Confidential, CA

WMB/IIB Developer

Environment: DataPower XI52/XI50, Integration Bus (IIB), Message Broker 8, WSRR, Java, WTX, Cast Iron, DB2, Oracle, SAP, Sun Solaris, Linux and Main frames.


  • Examine the necessities and set up the determinations.
  • Provides outline and building answers for Enterprise Application Integration utilizing WebSphere MQSeries and IIB.
  • Widely utilized SOAP Nodes, Database nodes, MQ nodes and HTTP nodes.
  • Developed message streams utilizing SOAP Request, SOAP Input Node and SOAP Reply Node for facilitating and calling a Web Service.
  • Integrating Web Services applications and legacy applications as part of the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) using IIB 10.0.
  • Integrated different End Systems including Mainframes, Databases, Files, WSRR, SOAP and REST-based Webservices
  • Involved in outline and improvement of Publish/Subscribe message flow Architectures
  • Developed message flow using Compute, SAP Input, SAP Request, Java Compute, XML Transformation, Filter, Route to Label, Label, and Reset Content Descriptor, Flow order, File node and Database Nodes.
  • Develop and deliver high quality solutions to the clients per their complex requirements as well as perform assigned technical tasks such as product installations, test and system integrations Used ESQL to execute database stored procedures, to get information from database tables, views.
  • Developed Message flows without message models which used custom XSD/XSLT transformations to XML and Fixed Length Message (TDS).
  • Used ESQL to execute database stored procedures, to get information from database tables, views.
  • Debugged the broker logs and traces to identify the missing messages and eliminating the errors like avoiding the port conflicts and changing the attributes of broker objects and perform the testing again.
  • Used Monitor logs and Queue depths to proactively find potential problems.
  • Actively involved in formal architectural, design and code review meetings with a software quality assurance lead to check the quality of the product being released
  • Provide testing support during end-to-end testing by troubleshooting and resolving the issues for users.

Confidential, NY

Middleware Developer

Environment: IBM Web sphere MQSeries7.0/ 8.0/ 9.0, AIX, Sun SolarisMainframe, Message Broker 7.0, DB2, Linux, Z/OS


  • Implement and support the Web Sphere MQ Series infrastructure in the Prod Environment
  • Configuring WebSphere MQ Queue managers, Queues and channels and integrated WebSphere Cells with MQ Servers.
  • Implemented Distributed Queuing client /server architectures and configured MQ.
  • Configured Web Sphere MQ Queue Managers, WESB, Queues, and Channels etc.
  • Setup naming standards for the Queue managers, Queues and Channels.
  • Involved in troubleshooting.
  • Integration of WebSphere MQ with WAS by configuring SIB
  • Migration of Qmgr and MQ objects (Host to Host / Qmgr name change).
  • Authorization of objects.
  • Setting up WebSphere MQ clusters, configuring and tuning Queue managers, Queue, channels and Listeners and configuring WAS to MQ Communication.
  • Develop and manage API proxies in Apigee Edge platform to provide value added features such as security, quotas, rate...
  • Enabled Triggering on the Queues for monitoring and automation.
  • Build the security infrastructure for MQ using OAM
  • Track record of increasing responsibility in systems infrastructure and project management.
  • Supported Dev, Test, Training, UAT and production environments for WAS6/5, Portal 6.x environments.
  • Designed and Developed Message Broker Interfaces using SOAP nodes and File Nodes
  • Developed Common E-SQL modules for implementing re-usable functions
  • Developed Message Broker interfaces with Collector and Aggregation nodes.
  • Worked closely with SAP Team in building in achieving interaction with SAP Enterprise services
  • Reviewing the business analysis & Impact documents for all the incident raised in production
  • Working on critical issues and provide the solution in less turnaround time.
  • Worked on data power SSL configuration.
  • Worked on taking data power backups from domain to domain.
  • Developed Restful Web services with HTTP nodes.
  • Developed Sub Flows and Message Flows using different Message Broker Message Flow Nodes.
  • Developed JSP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML for UI & business logic.
  • Analyzed the performance of message flows for complex database inquiries and developed stored procedures for use with the Message flows for performance enhancements.
  • Version up gradation and fix packs in Linux, Unix platforms.
  • Experience on SSL Certificate Management
  • Prepared health check scripts for prod MQ and IIIB servers.
  • Configured Enterprise service BUS (ESB)
  • Raised Production changes using Remedy tool and implemented.
  • Performed MQ Series administrative functions and 24X7 production support.
  • Performed MQ installations and fix pack initiations and upgrades.

Confidential, NJ

IBM Integration developer

Environment: DataPower XI50/52, WSRR, WSDL, XML, XSD, XSLTWindows, Mainframes, Linux.


  • Configuring WebSphere MQ and Message Broker on AIX.
  • Have used MQM commands for accessing MQ and MQSI commands for assessing Message Broker.
  • Upgraded the current WebSphere MQ environment from 6.x to 7.x and 8x on Unix, Linux and AS/400 system.
  • Creating multiple Brokers and Queue Managers on Linux.
  • Extensive experience with data and data format - Analysis, Designing and Transformation.
  • Setup disaster recovery procedures and automatic back up of the queue managers using the IBM support Pac’s.
  • Provide supports for application utilizing MQ series, MQ workflow and MQSI products for EAI(Enterprise Application integration).
  • Working with various application nodes like HTTP, Web service, .Net, JSM and file nodes.
  • Setup MQ Clustering for High Availability and load balancing
  • Worked with compute node and java computing node for message transformation using ESQL and Java.
  • Developing of Message flow having various platforms as per the Technical design documents.
  • Automated monitoring of MQ objects, scripts to Create, Alter and Delete MQ Objects, MQ setup on new environment, MQ migration on Windows, UNIX.
  • Preparing mapping documents for each individual interface.
  • Involving in the performance testing using several protocols like HTTP, SOAP, MQ and creating some of the POC projects for the developers.
  • Designed and developed MQ clusters, Queues, and channels.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, using appropriate level of details, terminology and style.
  • Prepared high-level design & requirements MQ document for each business transaction.
  • Developing the flows to interact with DB2 on mainframe by using ESQL, pass-through and stored procedures. Wrote code to create dynamic complex queues based on the input condition.
  • Involve in putting data from the mainframe via a COBOL copybook (EBCDIC), placing it on an MQ, and having Message Broker perform a transformation.
  • Problems determination using local error logs and by running user trace and service trace.
  • Closely work with developers and co-ordinate with application team in MQ/IIB Environment design & Architecture, configuration, deployment & troubleshooting of MQ/MB issues. And also suggest implementation for any future enhancements.
  • Using MQSC commands performed administrative tasks.
  • Used File nodes to write output to the file.
  • Responsible for 24x7 pager support.
  • SVN was used as various control systems.


IBM WebSphere MQ (MQ), MB (Message Broker) Developer

Environment: IBM Message Broker 7, DataPower, WTX, MQ SeriesESQL, XSLT, XML, XSD, WSDL, Web Services, SAP, DB2, Oracle on Windows, Mainframes, Linux, UNIX.


  • Responsible for Requirement gathering, Analysis, Design, Development, Review & deliveries
  • Developing new interfaces and helping the team with the same.
  • Developed message flows, message sets using WMB toolkit.
  • Worked with compute nodes and Java compute nodes for message transformation using ESQL and Java.
  • Co-ordination between various teams within the Project (Java, Database, WPS and testing team).
  • Unit testing and Integration testing of the code/application
  • Code review and delivery.
  • Onsite co-ordination.
  • Configured WMQ, WBIMB 7.0 and WTX 8.3 on AIX.
  • Planned and Administered MQ environments for all stages of development as well as production.
  • Created new queue managers and Configured into MQ clustered environment.
  • Creation of the WMQv7Cluster Full Repository (CFR) queue managers & various MQ.
  • Creation of the WMBv7 Broker Queue Managers& various MQ objects on new AIX P520 servers.
  • Co-ordination with various teams across the globe to make the servers and services active & ready to use.
  • Testing & validating the environment after migration.
  • Coded the ESQL for compute node, Database nodes in message flow nodes.
  • Regular continuous discussion with the client, gathering the requirements & then pass it on to the offshore team.
  • Developed message flows using Collector, Java Compute, Compute, Mapping, JMS, Timer nodes to do transformation, aggregation & Collection of Messages.
  • Performed root-cause analysis for Productions outages and provided management with root-cause analysis report.

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