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Sr. Integration Consultant Resume

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Dallas, TX


  • 7+ years of experience in designing, developing and administration of middleware applications wif Web Sphere Datapower, IBM Integration Bus (IIB), Web Sphere Message Broker (WMB),, WTX, WSRR. Cast Iron and MQ Series.
  • Strong experience in building transformations using XSLT, ESQL, Java and Mapping nodes.
  • Extensive experience in configuring policies and creating rules and actions wif Datapower services of MPGW, XML firewall, Web Server Proxy
  • Strong experience in Datapower installation, configuration and troubleshooting
  • Practical experience in WSDL, XML, XSD, XSLT, XPATH, Soap creation and JSON Message formats.
  • Excellent noledge in Load balancers, firewalls, DMZ and other network concepts related to Datapower.
  • Excellent experience in implementation of WS - Security, SSL, AAA, LDAP integration, XML threat protection, SNMP configuration, WSRR Integration and Firmware Upgrade.
  • Extensive experience in building services in integrating wif DB2, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server Databases.
  • Strong experience in Configuration and development in Datapower for creating and configuring Multi-Protocol Gateway, Web services Proxy, XML Firewall, AAA, SSL, Security.
  • Expertise in implementing cryptography technologies like Encryption, Decryption, Digital Signature.
  • Excellent business analysis skills and proven record working wif clients in analyzing business problems, and designing and implementing solutions.
  • Good Experience working cross platform, timeline driven environment in both Agile and waterfall methodologies.
  • Created good coding and naming standards for Message Broker and Datapower.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills. Very interested to work in new environments and learn new technologies.


Middleware: Datapower XI52, XI50, XB62, XB60, WTX, WSRR, BPM, APIM, IIB 10, 9, Message Broker 8, 7,6,1, MQ Series 7.x, 8, Extreme Scale, Layer 7, Sonic MQ and Rabbit MQ


Cloud: Cast Iron

Tools: SOAP UI, Load Runner, Oxygen, CURL, XML SPY, Clear Case, SVN, RTC, TOAD, SQL Navigator, Erwin, Data studio, RFH Util, Clear Quest, F5 Load balancer

OS: AIX, HP Unix, Solaris, Linux, Iseries, Mainframes

XML & Web related: XML, XSLT, XPath, XQuery, WSDL, XSD, JSON


Monitoring: ITCAM, Tivoli, BMC Patrol, Candle, Site scope


Confidential, Dallas TX

Sr. Integration Consultant


  • Designed, developed and testing SOA enterprise applications / interfaces using Datapower.
  • Worked in an agile development team wif Product Development, Engineering, Marketing and various business stakeholders
  • Worked on analysis, design, construction, testing and implementation; provided user and operational support on applications to business users.
  • Participated in Requirements walkthroughs to ensure that they are clear, concise and testable
  • Created and reviewed detailed technical specifications for Datapower components
  • Develop code as per coding standards and naming conventions, test, debug, implement, and document complex programs
  • Prepared detailed specifications from which programs are developed and coded. Ensured programs meet standards and technical specifications; performed technical analysis and component delivery
  • Designed, configured and developed AAA, Multi-Protocol Gateway, XML firewall, Web service Proxy services in Datapower
  • Developed XSLT (Style sheets) for Orchestration, Mediation and routing of Web services
  • Designed and implemented Mediation gateway services in DataPower and TIBCO EMS and MQ environment
  • Designed and implemented Data Power policies using Autantication, Authorization and Auditing (AAA) actions, multiple Security Protocols.
  • Implemented XML, XSLT, XSD, XPATH, Web Services, SOAP WSDL, CLI scripting and SOMA
  • Worked on Integrations of DataPower wif WSRR, MQ, JMS and TIBCO EMS facility
  • Worked on Datapower, Web services, SOAP, REST, WSDL, XSD, XML, JSON, XSLT, XPATH, XQUERY, JMS, SOAP, GIT and Subversion, UI and XML Spy etc.
  • Designed and implemented REST and SOAP Web services in DataPower

Confidential, TX

Sr. SOA/EAI Developer


  • Developed Data Power solutions along wif effective designing and implementation.
  • Created REST and SOAP Web services in DataPower
  • Developed XSLT based transformation in Datapower.
  • Configured SSL profiles for transport level security and configured Service Level Monitors to collect service usage metrics and Logs in DataPower.
  • Integrated WSRR server wif Web Service Proxy to develop the service.
  • Worked wif Integration Patterns, Web Service Interface Design - Canonical modeling, data modeling.
  • Analyzing the functional requirements for gaps, high level and low level designs, development of interfaces, unit testing of interfaces, supporting integration testing.
  • Worked in an Agile/Scrum development process.
  • Implemented Cross platform communication using DataPower and messaging brokers.
  • Involved in Debugging ESQL.
  • Developed Web services to process SOAP, XML and JSON Message formats over SOAP and HTTP nodes
  • Developed Message Flows, ESQL Statements, Message Sets, Pub/Sub applications.
  • Provided level 2 and 3 supports for application production environment
  • Designed and developed Common components for reusability and Error handling.
  • Performed problem determination and problem source identification based on 1st level troubleshooting and provided production support.
  • Created bar file and deployed on execution group.
  • Actively Involved Business in decision-making process ensuring quality Deliverables.
  • Submitted estimates relating to project planning and technical issues for proper direction.

Confidential, MD

Sr. Integration Developer (Datapower and IIB/WMB)


  • Developed AAA, MPGW, WSP, SSL, WS-Security, and XML Firewall services in Datapower.
  • Developed XSLT based transformation in Datapower.
  • Implemented SOA Governance using WSRR. Used WSRR services in IIB and Datapower
  • Developed Logging frame works in IIB and Datapower
  • Designed and developed an Infrastructure APIs wif Gateway XML FW, WSP, MPG and WAP service, policy and rules based on business requirements.
  • Integrated WTX Maps in to Datapower and Message Broker (IIB)
  • Developed Web services to process SOAP, XML and JSON Message formats over SOAP and HTTP nodes.
  • Configured WSPs and MPGW services in Data Power. Configured Front side and Back end handlers, Load balancing groups
  • Created Road Map and involved in Message Broker migration to II
  • Reverse engineered some of the existing services to Rewrite them and move those strategic services in to ESB layer
  • Worked wif Stake holders in understanding the requirements and proposing solutions by providing them wif Functional design documents
  • Participated in Peer reviews and given coding suggestions and guidelines to the Off shore developers
  • Setup Daily stand up meetings wif Offshore resources to resolve issues and oversee development
  • Created Web services using SOAP and HTTP nodes in IIB (Message Broker) and created WSDLs and XSDs
  • Developed message models using DFDL
  • Created WTX maps and type trees. Worked wif EDI, XML and Cobol Copy book formats
  • Developed Integration services using File, MQ, JMS, FTP, HTTP protocols. Developed message flows using Collector and aggregate nodes. Developed Retry mechanism using Timer and MQ get nodes.
  • Co-ordinate wif global resources on a daily basis.
  • Worked wif IBM on product defect resolution by opening PMRs and applying fixes
  • Worked on Production support and has done root cause analysis and problem resolution

Confidential, MI

Sr. SOA and SME


  • Acted as a Subject Matter Expert on DataPower, Message Broker and MQ Series
  • Created Gateway services, set up Authorization and autantication, SSL, in Datapower.
  • Developed Web services to provide high performance real time updates.
  • Developed XSLT based transformations in Datapower. Used WTX Maps in Datapower for transformation services.
  • Set up WSRR environment and Configured Data Power and Message Broker to use WSRR for SOA Service versioning.
  • Supported full lifecycle implementation of the APIM project including Dev, SIT, UAT, Stress testing and production deployment.
  • Implemented XML, XSLT, XSD, XPATH, Web Services, SOAP WSDL, CLI scripting and SOMA.
  • Created Front side and Back end handlers. Created Load balancing groups, deployment policies in Datapower
  • Familiar wif general security concepts (autantication, authorization, encryption, digital signatures), PKI concepts, and SSL
  • Configured WSPs and MPGW services in Data Power. Configured Front side and Back end handlers, Load balancing groups.
  • Created Technical design documents and mapping documents for SOA services using IIB and Data Power.
  • Developed WTX Maps and used them in Message Broker and Datapower
  • Developed message transformations for processing XML, EDI, JSON, Cobol Copy book messages using ESQL, Java, XSLT and Mapping nodes
  • Implemented Global Caching in Message Broker.
  • Directly involved wif design, development and testing of various releases.
  • Developed message sets and message models using MRM and DFDL
  • Developed deployment scripts for DataPower, Message Broker and MQ Series
  • Developed SQL Stored Procedures and also ESQL and Java Common functions to be reusable
  • Developed Node level Catching of exceptions and Non transactional processing using CONTINUE and EXIT handlers
  • Involved in Production Support and On call support

Confidential, GA

Sr. DataPower, IIB & WTX Developer


  • Designed and developed Datapower services for message transformation, routing and security pattern
  • Created AAA policies in Datapower wif LDAP.
  • Designed, configured and developed AAA, Multi-Protocol Gateway, XML firewall, Web service Proxy services in Datapower
  • Designed and Created Technical design documents for various services
  • Developed and designed the reusable functions and procedures for error checking, Business exception handling and logging.
  • Set up One-way, two-way SSL and AAA in Datapower. Configured Multi-protocol Gateway and Web services Proxy services
  • Team lead for the support and enhancements of various ESB applications
  • Developed Message flows for implementing the mobile gateway solutions using TCP nodes. Used Datapower for Autantication
  • Developed SOAP and RESTful web services in Datapower and Message Broker.
  • Overseen the administration of MQ and Message Broker infrastructure
  • Developed Java and ESQL reusable common components to be used in message flows
  • Created deployment scripts. Created Best practices for Development and deployment in DataPower
  • Developed message flow applications to interact wif Database applications
  • Worked wif Timer, JMS, File, FTE, Java Compute, Compute and Mapping nodes for developing message flows.
  • Acted as Production support Lead and created documentation for problem resolution and support
  • Developed SOA and ESB Services using Datapower,IBM Message Broker and MQ series
  • Created Web services using SOAP and HTTP nodes. Created Both Synchronous and Asynchronous services using the SOAP and HTTP Asynchronous nodes.
  • Responsible for requirement gathering, analysis and design
  • Developed Patterns in Message Broker to be used for various services.
  • Set up monitoring of MQ and Message Broker services. Configured Logs on Datapower
  • Developed Error handling procedures. Set up Node level monitoring in Message Broker
  • Installed and configured MQ and Message Broker on Windows and Linux Environments
  • Set up WSRR installation and provides WSRR support
  • Perform code review on changes to ensure coding standards are met.

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