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Soa (message Broker/iib, Datapower And Wtx) Lead Developer Resume

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Atlanta, GA


  • Competent experience in design, development and administration of SOA applications for almost 8 + years with IIB v10, IIB v9, MQ Series, Message Broker (8 & 7), DataPower (XG45/XI52/XI50/XB62), WSRR 8.5, WTX 8.4.x and Cast Iron
  • 2+ years of Experience working as Linux and Solaris system administrator and storage administrator on Netapp
  • Worked extensively on transformations of payloads which involved usage of ESQL, XSLT and Java.
  • Developed and invoked both SOAP and REST Web services, by creating WSDLs and XSDs.
  • Extensive experience on implementation of Message and Transport level security on Data power by using LTPA token based as well as SAML assertion based AAA action as part of a processing rule and SERVERSSL, CLIENTSSL PROXY PROFILE.
  • Developed Data power services like MPGW and WSP to act as proxies and also as the gateway implementation for addressing the security of the backend services.
  • Strong Experience in working with WSRR on Service Governance Process Enablement and Enable applications to go through Service Life Cycle work flow process and implementing runtime governance enablement and GEP process customization
  • Created Canonical Data Formats for standardizing the Interface layer to keep message definition relatively stable and include a specific business process context.
  • Worked on Message Modelling to define the message formats used by the applications by using the IBM proprietary MRM and by using the open grid forum DFDL embedded from Message Broker V8.
  • Experience in creation of Design Documents both Functional (FDD) and Technical (TDD).
  • Worked with onsite and off shore teams for providing changes to the existing codes such dat they are more Performance centric.
  • Opened Service Requests worked on resolving the problems by understanding the granularity of the problem specific reports generated during the Production support.
  • Hands - on experience in design and development of Queries and Stored Procedures on various Databases including DB2, ORACLE, SQL SERVER and MYSQL.
  • Gathered good amount of Knowledge by working on Unix, Linux and Mainframes environments. Created shell scripts to cater various use cases.
  • Worked as a Scrum Master in projects where the SDLC methodology followed was Agile and also has experience working in Waterfall methodology.
  • Keen Interest in working on new environments which needs good amount of analytical noledge and new technologies to be learnt.


Languages: Java/J2EE, ESQL, XSLT, SQL, Java Script, XQuery.

IBM Family: Integration Bus 10, 9, Message Broker 8.0/7.0/6.1, DataPower (XG45/XI52/XI50), WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX8.4.x), WSRR, Cast Iron, API Management

Tools: & Others: SAP, Siebel, Omegamon, ITCAM, Splunk, SOAP UI, CURL, RTC, SVN, Clear Case Quality Center, F5 Load Balancer, Jenkins, Netweaver

Database: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and MYSQL.

Platform: IBM AIX, Solaris, HP-Unix, Linux, Z/Linux, Windows, AS/400, Z/OS


Confidential, Atlanta GA

SOA (Message Broker/IIB, Datapower and WTX) Lead Developer

Environment: IIB v10,9, Message Broker v8, MQ Series 7.5 Cast Iron, Log4j, Tivoli, SAP, DB2, Java, Data Power XI52/XI50, ODM and WSRR


  • Worked as a Core member of the EAI team responsible for designing and developing IIB and DataPower Services
  • Responsible in the installation of the VM instance of CastIron to integrate with components dat are on-premise or in the Cloud
  • Developed Webservices primarily meant for the mobile application integration which fall under the REST genre and the format of message is JSON.
  • Developed AAA actions with TFIM for OAUTH based Message Security implementation and used them with WSP and MPGW in DataPower.
  • Configured off device logging to Address the need of production environment device status and transaction logging where on device logging has device memory space constraints.
  • Created build and Deployment scripts using Ant by specifying the Integration node and servers as the properties specific to the environment and automated the process by using continuous integration tool Jenkins
  • Created services which cache the state information in order to pass them at the intra flow and broker level by making use of Global Caching in MB8 and IIB
  • Created interfaces which can work with large file inputs by increasing the appropriate environment variables from the default file handling size.
  • Developed Message flows using ESQL, Java, and Mapping nodes for transformation. Used almost all protocol specific nodes like MQ, HTTP, File and SOAP nodes.
  • Developed interfaces which were on both Quantity as well as timeout based collections by making use of Collector node.
  • Developed MPGW service to interact with SAP ECC 6.0 by invoking the webservices which is on Netweaver platform.
  • Working experience in Rules design and development using IBM ODM / ILOG product, ILOG integration with Message Broker, Rule/Decision Service optimization.
  • Developed WTX type trees for EDI transaction sets like 210,215 and 245
  • Provided full administrative support for both Development and Test for MQSeries V7.5 environment projects included object setup, testing, problem determination, and HA configuration testing using Microsoft Cluster Servers and Veritas.
  • Setup naming standards for the Queue managers, Queues and Channels
  • Build the security infrastructure for MQ using OAM
  • ConfigureSSLSecurity for MQ Client /Server and Server-Server
  • Creation of Broker and Configuration Manager Components on LINUX and windows environments.

Confidential, FL

Sr. Message Broker & DataPower Developer

Environment: IBM IIB 9, Message Broker 8/7, DataPower XI52/XI50, WSRR 8, WTX, XML, XSLT, SOAP UI, Cobol, EDI, SAP, DB2, Oracle, Linux, Unix, Z/OS


  • Implemented WS-Security on the SOAP based Web services by creating the security profiles with appropriate policy sets and policy bindings which use Kerberos tokens for the autantication mechanism in Message Broker. Developed Consumer and Provider flows by making use of SOAP and HTTP nodes along with the implementation of SSL on the transport layer for the Provider flow.
  • Core member in the installation process of WAS server, creation of the profile specific to WSRR instance and was responsible for the integration of WSRR with DataPower and IIB.
  • Created message flows which get the Endpoint information related to the webservice by querying the WSRR instance with proper arguments specified in the Endpoint Lookup node properties.
  • Developed Message flows using compute node where ESQL code would call the java routines to implement Global caching.
  • Harnessed the Event generation capability of Message broker which would be capture the terminal specific message assembly to a topic and also used its extended capabilities which are exposed as Record and replay capabilities.
  • Developed Message flows which access the Databases using SQL, Stored Procedures, packages and pass thru statement.
  • Involved in the code review sessions and suggested improvements and best code writing practices which would work as performance boosters.
  • Created message models by using the DFDL perspective for messages specific to legacy systems like COBOL messages.
  • Developed a generic Error Handler message flow which was designed to capture the errors by reading the Exception List and also captures broker specific information and report them through the use of a relational database table.
  • Worked on troubleshooting mechanism which involved the failure in the Digital certificate verification coz of the processing policy modifying the data by validating the entire chain for key/cert mismatch.
  • Created ITCAM agents to View information and performance statistics for Message Broker topologies at broker, execution group, message flow, node, terminal, and thread level.
  • Developed Message transformations using ESQL, Java and Mapping Nodes in IIB and XSLT in Data Power.
  • Participated in Beta Program of IIB 9. Attended Various IBM Conferences to gain and acquire noledge.
  • Configured Multiprotocol Gateway service in Data power for various Front Side Handlers like HTTP, HTTPS, MQ, FTP, SFTP, SMTP with dynamic Back-End Connectivity by using the service variables and also by using the set-target option
  • Created WTX type trees for SWIFT messages MT101, MT900, MT942
  • Worked on various problem determination mechanisms while troubleshooting a service in Data power by enabling the show probe, collecting the logs of an object by using log target and alos by the default view logs.
  • Part of the team involved in Unit Testing, System testing, Regression testing and UAT testing of the data power and Message Broker services by using SOAP-UI, Curl, RFH Utility tools.


Sr. Message Broker, Datapower and MQ Lead Engineer

Environment: Message Broker 7, 8, DataPower XI50/XB60, WAS 7.0, WPS, Java, ESQL, XSLT, WSDL, Cobol, Oracle, My SQL, EDI, SAP, Linux, Unix, Mainframes and Windows.


  • Part of the team which was responsible for the migration from Message Broker v7 to v8.
  • Worked as the Administrative support for MQ objects including Queue Managers, Remote queues, Local Queues, alias queues, Channels, Transmission Queues, Triggered Processes.
  • Created message flows which are used as reusable subflows for transaction logging and error handling.
  • Responsible for planning, application deployment, configuration, support & implement solutions using WebSphere Message Broker, DataPower, MQ Series, WSRR, Process Server and Websphere Application server
  • Identified the existing services dat needs redesign to make them part of SOA/ESB service layer.
  • Developed web services by making use of both the SOAP and HTTP Nodes with http as the underlying transport protocol.
  • Worked with Email Nodes like Email Output and Email Input where Payload with the attachments are being processed using SMTP protocol.
  • Worked on the Message flows involving the coding to be done in both Java and ESQL
  • Developed Message flows which are to be processed based on a timer based scheduling mechanism in a controlled fashion by making use of Timeout Notification and Timeout Control Node.
  • Interacted with the Oracle Database by using the JDBC drivers for performing basic SQL queries and also Stored Procedures
  • Prepared Technical Design Documents which involve the Sequence Diagram, Context Diagrams, Interface Prerequisites and Sample Messages.
  • Worked on the Event Monitoring in Message Broker by configuring the Monitoring tab of nodes in a message flow and by running the necessary commands to be run in the MQSI command console
  • Configured off device logging in Datapower MPGW service which polls on a granularly filtered object event.
  • Implemented Datapower to form the webservices backbone to easily reuse webservices throughout the enterprise.
  • Configured self balance feature of Datapower across a cluster of appliances which enables connections to be preserved, without loss for failover scenario

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