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Websphere Senior Specialist Resume Profile

Berkshire, UK


A position which demands commitment towards excellence. Desire is to join an environment with challenge driven assignment which involves preparation, planning, and commissioning in the below-mentioned area.

Technical Skills

  • Infrastructure consultant for IBM WebSphere Portal 5.x, 6.x, WebSphere Process Server 6.2, Enterprise Service Bus ESB 6.2.
  • Regular interaction with the application development and infrastructure teams to: pro-actively monitor, manage and improve availability and performance of the environments.
  • Configuration and Administration of IBM WebSphere Application Server v6.x/ 7.x and WebSphere Portal Server v6.1 on AIX and Linux environment
  • Root cause analysis, Debug and Trouble Shooting errors WebSphere Application, JVM in vertical Clustered Environment in multiple nodes, analyse heap core and Garbage collection.
  • Involved in Problem Analysis in IBM WebSphere domain , performance tuning of Application Server, Web container, EJB container and database connection
  • Coordinating with Application Support Team, testing Team, Release management team, performing deployments for all environments from test to LIVE production including manual and semi-automatic using Build Forge /RAFW
  • Strong Analytical scalability of application, create/raise IBM PMR to report WebSphere Application Server problems. Analyse log files, using debugging tools like log Analyser, Tivoli Enterprise Process Server TEPS and tools like NMON, TOPAS
  • Developing SOP Series of Operational Procedure for various technical implementations.
  • Using Share point to store, organise, share business specific information to centrally manage with necessary authentication in single sign on environment
  • Publishing technical documentation in Share Point with necessary attributes in word, excel format.
  • Hands on experience in Raising Change, Release and Problem management
  • Hands on experience in Running WAS Infrastructure, Build and Patching for WAS, ESB, Portal and IHS server infrastructure.

Professional Summary


Role: WebSphere Senior Specialist

I am handling Nissan Europe account, London City College account providing consultancy and Infrastructure support in WebSphere looking after the administration and deployment using WCM in Websphere 6.1. I am required for regular interaction with client involved/ coordinating with Sr. Project Management, Release management and Apps development team for any upgrade, release and system changes and I maintain the Infrastructure which involves Performance tuning, memory management, troubleshooting WAS/Portal servers in AIX and Linux platform.


Role: WebSphere Specialist

Skills Using: WAS 6.x, 7.x,IHS, Websphere Portal 5.x,6.x,Webspere Process Server, Enterprise Service Bus ESB , Shell Scripting, Jython Scripting, ITCAM, Tiovoli Monitoring, BuildForge, RAFW, VMWare, Lync, Citrix.


I am currently engaged in Aviva's clustered Infrastructure with 300 400 Servers capacity environment in Run activities administrating infrastructure Diagnosing root cause analysis for IBM WebSphere Portal 5.x, 6.x, IBM WebSphere Process Server 6.2, Enterprise Service Bus ESB 6.2. I am handling the issues resolving Memory Problems, Hung Threads, CPU Starvation, the DB connection Pool when in maximum, CPU Starvation through the Garbage Collection function, Real Time at certain limits and Heap usage is over the set maximum limit.

  • Regular interaction with the AVIVA application development and infrastructure teams to pro-actively monitor, manage and improve availability and performance of the Aviva environments.
  • WebSphere environment builds WPS, ESB, Portals, IHS though BuildForge/RAFW.
  • WebSphere Fix Pack patch planning and implementation though BuildForge/RAFW.
  • Problem management and Root Cause analysis on IBM WebSphere domains.
  • Aviva UK Life, Healthcare WebSphere changes from Test through Production systems.
  • Creating and managing data source and database connection pool.
  • WebSphere environments Design, acceptance to production reviews.
  • Knowledge on load balancing, raising BIG/IP request, DNS request and central point of contact for the application team with any middleware infrastructure request.
  • Production processes, including change and release management.
  • Performing Specialist roles across a complex infrastructure with applications deployed across WPS, ESB, Portal and WAS.
  • WebSphere Specialist with particular experience in debugging performance issues and heap dumps Analysis
  • Raising Change management, Incident management and Approval for implementation of change process using Assyst Tool / CMDB.
  • Working on various Incidents based on severity Level from normal to High.


WebSphere Deployments

  • I am handling Deployments directly with AVIVA as customer co-ordinating with different WSRLMGT, solving and rectifying different issues within all the Higher and Lower environments for Enterprise Service Bus ESB , WebSphere Portal Service WPS , and Healthcare. The Deployments involve mainly using manual on AIX platform and semi-automatic BuildForge for Development DEV , Systems SYS , System Integration Test SIT , User Integration Test UAT , Preview PVW , Pre-Production and Production LIVE . Diagnosing root cause Analysis, accessing the log files and to resolve the errors in all environment while deployments in case of failovers is part of the daily task.



WebSphere Application Server administration that includes Installation, Creating Profiles Deployment Manager, System Configuration , Configuration of Repository, Cells Nodes, Managing Node groups, Security Configuration, Virtual hosts, Workload Management, Log files, performing build deployment.

  • Setup WMQ and WMB on various platforms like AIX, Linux, Windows and mainframe.
  • Setup naming standards for the Queue managers, Queues and Channels.
  • Implemented the clustering of queue managers to achieve work load balancing and to reduce system administration.
  • Scheduled periodic backup and automated daily tasks by creating scripts.
  • Monitoring the Broker Domain, Configuration Manager, Brokers and Execution Group.
  • Configure and monitor MQ Listeners, MQ Log files, Trigger Monitors, Dead Letter Queue and Monitoring queue depth.
  • Deployment Bar files and configuration.
  • Setting up security for MQ queues other objects for data access.
  • SSL Configuration and renewal in MB and MQ.
  • Experienced in creating ACL entries for restricting access to the Configuration Manager.
  • Monitoring the Queue Manager Logs and Dead letter queues for unresolved messages.

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