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Web System Engineer Resume

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  • Over 9 years of extensive experience in IT. Planning, Installing, Configuring, Administering, Patching, Tuning, Troubleshooting and Integrating IBM WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere MQSeries, Apache Tomcat, Apache Http Server, IHS & SunOne WebServers, TAM & Siteminder Policy Servers, ldap,WICA.
  • On - call Production Support (24x7), monitoring and maintaining multiple Applications in Development, TEST, QA, Staging and Production Environments.
  • Experience in deploying J2EE components (EAR/WAR/JAR) on WAS 5.0/5.1/6.0/6.1/7.0/8.0 using RAD, AAT (Application Assembly Tool), WAS Admin Console, shell/wsadmin/JACL/Jython scripting.
  • Strong experience in Administration and Maintenance of WAS ND clusters (vertical, horizontal, hybrid) and deployment of applications in highly available, load balanced production environments
  • Experience in design & implementation of both internet, intranet applications - DMZ and non DMZ.
  • Expertise in different UNIX platforms such as AIX, Sun Solaris and Linux
  • Highly experience in Perl, Shell, JACL and Jython scripting for administration, maintenance and troubleshooting - written scripts for ALL day-to-day activites - both WAS and shell.
  • Experience in writing ANT scripts to create clusters, deploy applications and restart the servers.
  • Extensive experience with MQSeries Clustering, MQClient/MQServer setup and Administration
  • Highly experienced integrating WAS-ND and related software including WMQ, SunONE Web Server, IBM IHS, IBM TAM, Netegrity SiteMinder, iPlanet Directory Server (LDAP), IDS, Wily Introscope,WICA.
  • Highly experienced deploying and debugging applications in Base and ND WebSphere Application Server providing loadbalanced and highly available clustering solutions
  • Experience includes hands on expertise in Single Sign-On domain using TAM, SiteMinder, Identity Management, LDAP
  • Experience in UML (Rational Rose, ClearCase, ClearQuest).
  • Good knowledge of Firewall configuration and Network protocols, DNS, Network Dispatchers
  • Ability to pickup new technologies, solve complex technical/runtime problems and multitask between different projects
  • Recommended Modification of Coding Variables to reduce Garbage Collection.
  • Used garbage collection to evaluate application performance health and detected the presence of memory leaks.


Software: IBM WebSphere Application Server 4.x, 5.x, 6.x,7.x,8.x WebSphere MQ 7,6,5.3, IBM IHS 1.x, 2.x,6.x,7.x, Apache 1.3.27, Apache Tomcat 5.x, Sun ONE Web Server, Netegrity SiteMinder Policy Server 5.5, 6.0, TAM 4.x, 5.1, IDS, iplanet LDAP, Wily Introscope 5.x,6.x,7.x

Hardware/OS: Solaris 10, IBM AIX (HACMP), Sun Solaris 2.x (Veritas), HP-UX, Linux, OS390, Windows,WICA.

Languages: C, C++, COBOL, CICS, JCL, PL/SQL, HTML, XML, ASP, ANT, PERL and Shell scripting

Databases: IBM DB2/UDB, IMS DB, SQL Server, Oracle 8i, VSAM, GSAM, Informix

Java Technologies: Servlets, JSP, J2EE, JMS, EJB (Including MDB), Struts, Swing, JDBC, JNDI, RMI, JavaMail

Tools: RAD,WICA, WSAD, (Rational Rose, ClearCase, ClearQuest)


Confidential, Charlotte

Web System Engineer


  • Opening problem tickets internally to work with unix team and BPM team about making any config changes on all environments.
  • Opening problem tickets with IBM which are not resolved internally and work with IBM to resolve the issue.
  • Work with unix team and enable required logs and traces in problem existing environments and gather data and upload to related pmr..
  • When IBM provides any ifixes or debug modules will prepare docs and work with respected teams.
  • Once ifixes installed in environment will do smoke tests like datasource test connections between WAS BPM and backend database and go through the log files and if find any issues will fix those issues and will make sure hand over the right environment to respected teams..
  • Prepare the documentation for how to apply patches from lower environments to production server including process center and process designer.
  • Work on Foglight to find out load and performance issues on production server and lower environments and will track all performance variables like CPU usage, Heap usage, Thread pools, no.of connections, connection pools.
  • We will pull all required log files using Splunk and upload to pmr. From splunk tool we also monitor there is any warning messages or exception stacks are throughing on all servers. Once exception captures in splunk will get email alert to group and will work respected teams and fix the issue..
  • Troubleshoot problems, research, recommend and implement changes.
  • Working in non-standard hours to support for Prod and other deadline activites.
  • Performs upgrades.
  • Troubleshoot problems, research, recommend and implement changes.
  • Prepared documents for performance tuning and security hardening for BPM product.
  • Using following tools for all above activites internally and externally: Foglight,Splunk,IBM SR tool,BPM service requests,PAC2000,SQL,Hip Link,Change requests.

Environment: BPM, WAS ND 7.x, Oracle 11g, JDK 1.6,Websphere XD, Websphere Lambordi, Websphere MQ,Webservices,JMS, JAVA,AIX,Linux,LDAP..

Confidential, Austin, TX


  • Extensive experience of troubleshooting websphere related issues while working with the WASCET team for Websphere Level 2 Support.
  • Experience of working on Call Center software used for managing PMR’s (Problem Management Records) for the IBM customers all over the globe.
  • Part of the team involved in solving customer problems related to all J2EE components like Connection pooling, Transaction, Work Load Management, HAManager, Naming, etc.
  • Administered various Log files using Log analyzer, Product logs, Installation logs, Administered server logs, Application server logs etc.
  • Configuring datasources and successfully able to connect database. Troubleshooting database problems, connection pooling problems and driver problems.
  • Troubleshooting Naming components.
  • Install customer applications on RAD and able to recreate problem and going to give proper solution to customer.
  • Experience in solving problems related to Global security, custom registries using LDAP, Local OS.
  • Experience in solving problems related to Transactions issues like rollback and non committed issues with XA and non XA resources.
  • Problem determination of all Webservices related issues on top of Websphere component.
  • Involved in solving issues related to deployment of various J2EE components using WebSphere Application Server, hot deployment and rapid deployment.
  • Issues related to startserver / stopserver using scripting and admin console.
  • Problems related to synchronization, discovery, session management, plug-in problems. Load balancer etc.
  • Problem Determination to assist in the analysis of Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) and SSL problems for WebSphere Application Server V5.0, V5.1, V6.0, V7, V8.
  • Application Server performance monitoring of resources like Web Container connections, JDBC Connection Pools, Thread Pools, System Load like CPU utilization and Memory utilization, Garbage Collection and JVM Heap Size.
  • Problems related to installation of Websphere Application server and Network Deployment for version 4.x, 5.x, 6.x,7.x,8.x
  • Defining User roles and other problems related to authentication and authorization.
  • Troubleshooting Class loader issues for WebSphere 5.0, 6.0,7.0,8.0 With the evolution of Java and J2EE, the classes needed during runtime need to be packaged such that they are found by the correct class loader responsible for loading the class.
  • Assisting the applications owner with questions about installation packages, assisting operations staff with questions about the execution of change request, and maintaining operational procedures and tools for managing the WebSphere environment.

Environment: Websphere 4.0, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0,8.0, IBM HTTP servers, Windows, AIX, Linux, LDAP, wsadmin, wscp, Jacl, DB2.

WebSphere Administrator/Build Engineer

Confidential, AUSTIN


  • Installed, configured, administered WAS ND and Base integrated with Apache Http Server, LDAP security, Wily Introscope
  • Experience in deploying and debugging applications on Base.
  • Built different environments (Dev, UAT, Prod) with WAS 5.1,6.1 installation
  • Migrated WAS 5.1 applications to WAS 6.0 and WAS 6.1, configuring data sources.
  • Installed, configured and administered Apache Http Server
  • Configured two cell production environment with 15 nodes, 28 application servers
  • Performance estimation and tuning for the WebSphere Application Server system.
  • Worked in building, configuring and setting up Testing and Production Environments and tested and supported the project according to Business Rules and specifications.
  • Installed Apache HTTP Server 1.3.27 on different nodes and configured them by generating the plug-in from ND Administration Console.
  • Configured and Enabled the Global Security System for WAS Administration for Console users and Console Groups using Active Directory Server as a LDAP User Registry.
  • Involved in Creating and Managing the Nodes, Application Server’s, Cluster’s and Deployed Multiple J2EE Applications
  • Profiled all the J2EE Application’s and worked with Application Groups in improving performance of application and possible memory leaks in application before deploying.
  • Deployment of J2EE Applications involved in Creating Cluster’s for Load Balancing and FailOver, Configuring Resources like JDBC Provider, Creating Virtual Hosts, Shared Libraries, JNDI Configurations, EJB References, Creating Environment Variables, and Configuring Session Management.
  • Involved in Creating Shell Scripts like Automation of Startup and Shutdown Processes
  • Interacted and Co-ordinated with different Application Groups for Hot Deployment and Dynamic Reloading of the Applications.
  • Involved in troubleshooting and resolving problems encountered when implementing models.
  • Experience in Build and deployment of all environments with the help of Maven and ant scripts.
  • Provided technical and production support for both online and batch environments of existing systems.
  • Wrote ANT scripts for cluster and server creation, deploying applications, configuring datasources, restarting servers.
  • Experience in Rational clearCase and clearQuest. Created views from different streams, updated views using clearCase commands.
  • Worked on Information Technology Governance tool to handle tickets/issues.
  • Worked on Mantice tool for internal use inorder to handle the issues and update it with the resolutions.
  • Experience in creating the builds taking the views from clearCase using Maven.
  • Experience in deploying the created code to different environments using ANT scripts, i.e., automation of deployments.
  • Experience in using WICA (WebSphere Installation Configuration Application) tool.

Environment: IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.1,6.0,6.1, Oracle 9i, Solaris SunOS 5.8and 5.10, RHEL 3.0, Apache Http server 1.3.27, IIS 7.0, JRun, Apache Tomcat 5.x, Wily 5.0, 7.0, LDAP server.

WebSphere Administrator

Confidential, MN


  • Supported the largest environment with more than 800 servers and alsoapplications.
  • Installed, configured, administered WAS-BASE, WebSphere Application Server ND (WAS-ND), IBMIHS, integrated with TAM, IBM Directory Server, WebSphere MQ, DB2, Oracle, Wily Introscope.
  • Experienced in deploying and debugging applications in Base and WAS-ND.
  • Administered, configured, tuned, troubleshot WebSphere in both clustered and standalone environments, installed and updated with fixpacks, interim fixes - latest DST fix
  • Configured the web-server interfaces (plugin-cfg.xml and httpd.conf file), session management, virtual hosts, included custom modules provided by IBM on some PMRs.
  • Troubleshoot using logs, Log Analyzer for activity logs, Thread Analyzer for thread dumps, custom shell scripts.
  • Designed Security strategy (SSL/Firewalls between tiers, defining/implementing Security Roles/Policies, LDAP, JAAS) and OS/WAS level Patch/fix maintenance
  • Involved in securing the J2EE applications by implementing Single Sign On by using LTPA.
  • Well versed and hands on experience in creating resources, modify properties, view runtime attributes, commit modifications and securing administrative server using Authentication, Authorization, Certificates, Credentials, Permissions, Principals, Realms, Single Sign On and User registry.
  • Performance tuned WAS by configuring caching, queuing, pooling, heapsize and other JVM parameters
  • Performed identification and resolution of the overall infrastructure problems/issues providing permanent solutions by root cause analysis
  • Defined standards, best practices and metrics for installing, configuring, monitoring, reporting, auditing.
  • Defined standards for cellnames, nodenames, clusters, clustermembers, logs, virtualhosts, J2C aliases, JDBCProviders, datasources, TAM junctions, wilySettings and the like - enforced using custom shell,jacl config,deploy scripts.
  • Performed capacity planning for the application by analyzing Tivoli Performance Viewer statistics, garbage collection logs
  • Isolated application components causing rapid memory allocation which was immediately dereference causing garbage collection/application thrashing..
  • Wrote stop, start, deploy, backup scripts for cell, nodeagents, clusters, servers, IHS servers, logs, transferring plugin file to multiple IHS, synching static content on IHS, copying virtualhosts and host aliases and the like.
  • Enabled the performance monitoring service and to monitor and analyze the data with Wily Introscope.
  • Disaster recovery included changing IP address of the web and app server machines - which caused us to change the Virtual host and http transport configurations.

Environment: IBM WebSphere Application Server 3.5,4.0,5.0,5.1,6.0, Wily Intrrocope 5.x,6.x,7.x, Tivoli Access Manager 4.1, 5.1, IBM WebSphere MQ 5.3, IBM DB2, Oracle 9.x, 10g, AIX 5.1 ML03, AIX 5.3 ML04, Sun Solaris 5.9

WebSphere Application Server Administrator

Confidential, CT


  • Installed, configured, administered WebSphere Application Server ND and WebSphere MQ on AIX for multiple high profile projects
  • Administered, configured, tuned, and troubleshot WebSphere in a clustered environment
  • Configured the web-server interfaces (plugin file), session management, virtual hosts, datasources, HTTP transports for Application Server instances and applications.
  • Configured iPlanet Webserver, Siteminder, MQ to work with WAS.
  • Configured WebSphere resources like JDBC providers, JDBC data sources, connection pooling, and Java Mail sessions.
  • Implemented creation of Server groups and clusters in Websphere Application server
  • Integrated Siteminder and WebServer by creating WebAgent, AgentConfigObject and HostConfigObject.
  • Integrated Ldap in Siteminder Console and creating Trusted hosts for WebServers.
  • Supported the whole environment configuration and also applications deployed.
  • Investigated, troubleshot and resolved application and configuration issues.
  • Wrote Perl and Shell scripts to monitor installed enterprise applications and to get information from the logs and database in the required format and other daily acitivites and jobs
  • Implemented single-signon using TAM and creating Junctions and attaching ACLs matching users and user-roles to different junctions
  • Used WebSphere Admin Console and wsadmin/JACL scripting to install enterprise EAR, WAR files or for hot deployment.
  • Involved as a member of the SCM team for version controlling using Harvest and Clearcase. Used them for build maintenance and automatic deployment using scripts.
  • Upgraded Applications with various patch files (JSPs, Class files, changing various properties and property files and other configurations)
  • Used SCM tools ClearCase and Harvest for software versioning and deployments.
  • Troubleshot various problems at QA, Staging and Production phases
  • Monitored Applications and WAS performance through Tivoli Performance Viewer and tuned the system - caching, queuing, JVM parameters, DB Connection Pooling
  • Established Application-specific parameters and definitions
  • Knowledge of Java Servlets, JSP, MDB, EJB development and deployment concepts and database skills
  • Performed Application-data backup & recovery, local backup/restoration of the WebSphere Environment - configurations and applications
  • Responsible for establishing Single Sign on (SSO) between the WebSphere application server, the portal server and all the collaboration components.
  • On-call Production Support (24x7)

Environment: IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.1, IBM WebSphere MQ 5.3, IBM DB2, AIX, OS390, Sun ONE Directory Server 5.1, Sun ONE Webserver 6.1, Netegrity Siteminder Policy Server 6.0

Java Programmer

Confidential, Roseland, New York


  • Developed Servlets, JSP pages and DAO (Data Access Object) classes to retrieve employee information and presenting it on web based screens.
  • Used JDBC to access and modify the data in Oracle database.
  • Accessed Oracle stored procedures and functions using JDBC callable statements.
  • Developed login and logoff functionality using HttpSession and user views.
  • Designed and developed complex SQL’s to insert, update and retrieve data. Developed search engine and various reports for users and management.
  • Used enterprise framework for logging and property file access.Used OOAD for building applications.
  • Designed and developed Configuration, Caching and Logging service.
  • Created sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams, class diagrams, usecases and activity diagrams using Rational Rose for the Configuration, Cache & logging Services.
  • Developed and deployed Session Beans and Entity Beans for database updates.
  • Prepared EJB deployment descriptors using XML.
  • Wrote Servlets to service the requests from the UI, populate business objects & invoke EJBs.
  • Developed the front-end using Java, JSP, Servlets, DHTML, Javascript.
  • Developed the client front-end using JSP, HTML and JavaScript.

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