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Lead Portal Resume Profile



  • Adam is an IBM centric architect, middleware administrator, and developer with a total of 14 years of experience USA based experience .
  • Adam played a pivotal role in the architecture and implementation of IBM centric complex solutions at clients such as Caterpillar, Canon USA, Alltel Telecomm, CVL, Bekins Van Lines, among others.
  • Adam is a Websphere, Websphere Portal and WCM, websphere process server/BPM wps and Lombardi editions , Dynatrace APM, and Tivoli TDS/TDI specialist.
  • Adam has played the roles of architect, lead Developer, deployer, application administrator, and support for various projects and industries.
  • Websphere Process Server version 7.0 and BPM version 7.5 - 3 years: Adam played the role of lead middleware and application support and administrator for Canon USA and Aseelya USA where BPM Lombardi edition was deployed Canon and/or websphere process server was deployed. He supported a mix of lower and upper wps/bpm environments, managed business process templates and instances, deployed snapshots in the case of Lombardi , managed golden topologies app, support, and messaging , supported integration with Business Space, and was on call 24/7 for all issues.
  • Websphere Portal Server and WCM 9 years: Adam has had a leading role on many big Websphere Portal and Web Content Management engagements with responsibilities that ranged from development using java and JSR 168 API, portlet factory, logical architecture, infrastructure architecture, Portal administration, Websphere App Server Administration, IBM Web Content Management and Administration WCM/ILWCM , portal and wcm development and migration. Projects include some of the biggest users of these technologies including BVL's Summit Portal Sr. portlet and wcm developer , CVC Dealer Portals administrator , Caterpillar's Employee Portal developer then architect , and Alltel Consumer Portal Lead and mentor among others.
  • IBM Tivoli Directory Server TDS and Integrator TDI 3 years: Adam built TDS topologies peer-peer and enabled such advanced features as pass thru authentication and replication. Also, migrated existing instances from older versions to newer versions. Also, supported the use of TDI assembly lines to create Meta Directories.
  • Dynatrace and ITM 2 years: Adam has an excellent background in the deployment, use, operation, and administration of monitoring and APM tools like IBM Tivoli Monitoring version 6.2 and Dyntrace APM version 5.5 .
  • Websphere Application Server versions 6.1 8.5 6 years: Adam deployed and supported horizontally clustered WAS topologies on WAS 6.1, 7.0, and 8.5 and supported migration from 6.1 to 8.5 recently.
  • Others: Adam also has an excellent background on technologies like AIX, Linux, Big IP, IHS and wide and more.
  • Adam is a Sun and IBM certified.


  • Operating systems: Windows 2003 server,2008 server , Unix AIX 5.3, 6.1 , AIX 5.3 and 6.1 and Linux - 10 years
  • Portals: IBM WebSphere Portal Server versions 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1,6.1.5,7.0 - 8 years
  • Content Management: IBM WCM 6.X
  • BPM: Websphere process server 7.0 and BPM Lombardi edition version 7.5 2-3 years
  • Application Servers: IBM WebSphere Application Server versions 5.0, 5.1, 6.0,6.1,7.0,8.0 -8 years
  • Web Servers: Apache and IBM Http Server IHS -8 years
  • Monitoring: IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.1,6.21 , Dynatrace, and Splunk - 2 year
  • Security/LDAP : IBM TDS LDAP V 6.1,6.3 , IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator TDI 7.1 -3 years
  • Databases: DB2 8.1/9.x and Oracle 9i -8 years
  • IDE:IBM Rational Application Developer RAD6.0 and 7.0 and Portlet Factory -4 years
  • Programming languages: Java/J2EE 1.4,1.5,1.6 -11 years
  • Internet technologies: Html, JavaScript - 11 years
  • Methodologies: Water Fall, Iterative, and Agile/XP methodologies -11 years



Role: Lead Portal

  • I was the subject matter expert and lead on multiple and massive IBM websphere portal, WCM, Websphere process server, and Websphere Application Server implementations that are among the most elaborate and most visited/used in the world.
  • Installed , managed, and administered several websphere portal based solutions that support dealers B2B and employees B2E
  • Managed all aspects of IBM web content management system from installation, syndications, security, patching ,defining delivery and authoring models, deployment, and rendering and portal integration.
  • Configured remote rendering of content on portal and managed all aspects of portal and wcm security.
  • Worked on different versions of websphere portal ranging from 6.1, 6.1.5, and 7.0.
  • Integration of Websphere portal with websphere process server and IBM business space products.
  • I managed wps 7.0 golden topologies, process templates and instances, wps resident queues, and wps deployed applications.
  • I was the subject matter expert on Tivoli Directory Server and Tivoli Directory Integrator. ITDS was used as the user repository for all portal, wcm, and process server applications with complex features as pass thru being enabled. TDI assembly lines were deployed to support presenting user data from multiple realms to websphere portal and wcm.
  • I managed and supported all customers facing application websites .
  • I installed and configured highly available topologies clustering for Websphere Portal, IBM Web Content Management WCM , Tivoli Directory Server, Websphere Application Server on AIX.
  • I managed highly available websphere process server environments used for choreographing business processes BPM/Lombardi .
  • Supported supported monitoring and APM tools as Tivoli Monitoring ITM, Dynatrace, and Splunk


Role: Sr. Portal and WCM Developer

  • WebSphere portal and WCM subject matter expert on a project for a portal shipping company in Chicago.
  • Worked on developing WCM based portal site for shipping agents and wcm portal integration using JSR286 content rendering portlets among other techniques.
  • Designed and developed JSR 168 based video blog channel for the CEO of the company to help him communicate with agent companies.
  • Worked on development of reports portlet using portlet factory 6.1 as well.
  • Utilized JSR286 content portlets and configured them with WCM content. Reports were derived from Mobius Doc manager 4.2 backend.
  • Made administration and architectural recommendations as to deploying agent portal.
  • Worked on resolving existing issues with integrating existing WAS applications with the new portlets using SSO scheme.
  • Contributed heavily to architectural and business issues related to portal security customizations, SEO discussions, integration with doc. System, among others.


Role: Lead Portal Specialist

  • I: Lead a team of international developers, graphic designers, and creative writers in implementing Universal Markets, an online retail storefront that sells items in such categories as Jewelry, electronics, and education supplies. This website supports other language s that is non-English.
  • Designed and developed skeleton code and framework for virtually 100 of the logic and completely coded at least 40-50 of the logic.
  • Technologies used included: Java/J2EE 1.5, Tomcat 5.x, and MySQL DBMS, and Linux. I developed a struts-like action routing framework for all java logic.
  • Also managed the mysql database and oversaw deployment and administration activities of the site.
  • II: Architected and lead the implementation of a transliteration engine that allows Latin character based Language speakers like English, French, etc... to write a non-latin language using their native language characters. This transliteration engine is then integrated with Google Search API and with auto complete engine.
  • This engine is only one of three in this domain beside Google's ta3reeb and Yamli's.
  • Technologies used included java/J2EE 1.5, Ajax, mysql, and Linux.


Role: Lead Developer

  • Was a java J2EE developer for Sara Markets Limited ecommerce site. This site sells health foods online.
  • Technologies used: java 1.5, Tomcat 5.x, and mySQL. Platform Linux.


Role: WebSphere Developer and System Administrator

  • This was a short engagement where I was hired to:
  • Evaluate deployment of WebSphere portal infrastructure in AMA and make recommendations based on my WebSphere portal experience
  • Provide sample code and portalization guidelines for existing Java J2EE code assets in the physician portal.
  • While at AMA, I architected, installed, configured, and supported Websphere application server and portal server versions 6.0 and 6.1 and IHS. I also developed portlets using JSR 168.


Role: Sr. WebSphere Portal Consultant Contract

  • I carried out installation, configuration, trouble shooting, and support activities for five horizontally clustered WebSphere 6.0 and WebSphere portal 5.1 environments production, QA, Integration, Test, and Dev. and managed deployment and code promotion activities.
  • Implemented security integration with Oblix.
  • I also provided support to a team of J2EE developers in developing portlet applications and converting J2EE applications into portlets.


Role: WebSphere Portal Consultant/Expert Contract

  • I acted as a lead developer for the ILMS project at CAT University.
  • The idea of the project was to integrate the SABA learning management system LMS with CAT's Employee portal.
  • Extensive Java J2EE coding was done to implement ILMS portlet clients.
  • I also was in charge of installing and configuring WebSphere and WebSphere portal environments using a variety of topologies Deployment manager and standalone .
  • Tools used included WPS 5.0 and 5.1, WebSphere AppServer 6.0, SABA LMS, JSR168 portlet API, Java/J2EE, Oracle, and others. System is only accessible to CAT employees at https://catatwork.cat.com


Role: Sr. WebSphere Portal Consultant/Expert Contract

  • I was a WebSphere portal developer, administrator, and briefly an architect who worked with a team of developers, business analysts, and administrators in the implementation of DSF, Dealer Store Front, and a portal initiative hat aimed for defining virtual B2C portals, one per distributor/dealer all hosted on similar infrastructure at CAT.
  • The idea of the project was to create storefronts for the equipment distributors of my client. Each store in turn targets the dealer's users, which vary in roles users vs. dealer administrators vs. system administrators .
  • Portlets available on each of these virtual portals allow users to register, login, view content fed back by back end content management, set user preferences and profile, request services, and interface to back end ordering and fulfillment applications.
  • Specific highlights for some of the tasks I carried out included:
  • Used JSR168 and IBM native portlet API to develop a variety of portlets like login and registration portlets among others.
  • Developed websphere portal themes and skins.
  • -Migrated existing portlets,theme, and skins from version 5.0 to higher versions of portal.
  • Setting up development workstations.
  • Automating deployments and tests.
  • Developing themes, skins, and portlets using Java/J2ee.
  • Extending portal authentication customizing LoginUserAuth
  • Installing Portal on Linux Red Hat.
  • Configuring Portal Clusters.
  • Performance monitoring and improvements.
  • Integration with LDAP, Oracle 9i, fulfillment systems, and External Security SSO and TAI implementations .
  • Translating requirements into workable items.
  • Producing Documentations.
  • Tracking portal defects with IBM PMRs .
  • Providing directions and over all estimates related to project.
  • Providing support.
  • Implementing the new feature of Virtual portals introduced in Version 5.1.
  • Helped with capacity planning.


Role: Architect/Team Lead Consultant

  • Architected, mentored, and lead a team of developers in the design and implementation of multi-site B2C portal using Websphere Portal Server 5.0 and Websphere App Server 5.1.
  • The portal solution provided Alltel customers with unified access point to content, search, and commerce.
  • Some the features and services provided by these site included the ability to access structured content like news and weather, access to email, various self service functions, search, and commerce as represented by ring tone purchase and download to Alltel's wireless customers cell phones.
  • Some of these sites targeted English-speaking population while others targeted Spanish-speaking population.
  • I provided the necessary support for the following tasks:
  • Help scope project, analyze existing solutions and perform gap analysis.
  • Create prototypes for potential solutions of existing problems.
  • Define an architecture and migration plan based on the use of WPS.
  • Train and mentor client on the WPS, WSAD and Portal Toolkit.
  • Define and implement scalable physical topologies.
  • This portal project was a big success and can be accessed at following the URLs listed below: http://www.alltel.net
  • Provide troubleshooting and resolve issues related to development.
  • Technologies that were used in this project included Java/J2ee, WAS/WPS 5.0.2, Oracle 9i, LDAP Email MX , and WSAD 5.1/Portal toolkit 5.0.2.


Role: Architect Consultant

  • Lead an effort to migrate one of Tyco's businesses in house portals to websphere portal server 5.0.
  • The purpose of the portal was to allow single point of access to many disparate and heterogeneous applications to Tyco's customers and employees.
  • Specifically, I defined portal security architecture, physical topologies, and logical architecture for the portal. I also lead an effort to implement backend infrastructure composed of Webphere MQ and WBI-message broker.
  • Technologies used included: WAS/WPS 5.0, WebSphere MQ, Message Broker, Java/J2EE, LDAP ITDS , and Oracle 9i.


Role: Software Development Consultant

  • Designed and implemented web based Action Rule Management and trouble ticket filtering engine modules for the ticket dispatch and management system of Verizon's network operations.
  • Using this system, central office technicians could define time driven action rules and filters that would be applied to tickets, and load tickets from external applications Technologies used include: java/J2EE, Oracle 9i, DB2 8.1, Websphere 5.0, WebLogic 7.0, Jdeveloper, Linux, and Windows 2000, websphere MQ, WBI.


Role: Chief Architect

  • Lead the design and implementation activities for a B2C e-commerce application.
  • The application allowed users to buy telephony products online.
  • Technologies used were J2EE Servlet, JSP , mySQL, and Tomcat.

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