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Websphere Administrator Resume

Jersey City, NJ


  • 8 years of IT experience including Planning, Installing, Configuring, Administering, Tuning and Troubleshooting IBM WebSphere Application Server 7.0 WebSphere Portal 6.1
  • Installed and configured IBM HTTP Server. Created instances, Enabled SSL, configured rewrite rules and Generated plug-ins for IBM HTTP Server
  • Configured WebSphere Application Server and Portal server using LDAP & local OS registries to enable security, configured Oracle & DB2 JDBC resources to connect to the backend databases
  • Extensive experience in optimizing performance of WebSphere Application server using Workload Management at Web Server, Plug-in and Application Server Layers
  • Federated nodes to the Deployment Manager and configured scalable applications through Vertical & Horizontal Clustering
  • Configured JDBC & JMS resources, Resource adopters and mail providers.
  • Experience in JACL & JYTHON Scripting to automate routine administrative tasks
  • Experience in packaging applications using WebSphere Application Assembly Tool and deployed to IST, QA, Stage and Production environments
  • Experience in problem determination by trace enable, collect & analyze logs using IBM support Assistant
  • Experience to use CA Wily INTROSCOPE and Tivoli Performance Viewer to monitor infrastructure performance
  • Experience in migrating applications from WebSphere Application Server from V5.X to V6.X and from V6.X to V7.X/V8X on UNIX and Windows Platforms
  • Experience in applying fix packs and interim fixes for WAS, Plug-in, JDK and IHS
  • Ability to communicate requirements effectively to application development, network, DB and MQ teams
  • Ability to learn new concepts, well versed with group work, strong problem solving skills and good in documentation


Networking Technologies: GSS, CSM, F5, VPN, F-Secure SSH Client, Firewall and DNS

Hardware: Sun T5240, Sun T5220, Sun V440, HP, IBM compatibles

Operating Systems: Red Hat Linux 5.0/6.X, SuSe Linux 10.X, Solaris 8.0/9.0 and Windows NT/XP/ 2000/2003/2008

Languages: Java 2.0/1.2/1.3/1.4 , PERL, Shell, JYTHON, JACL

J2EE Technologies: JDK 1.6/1.5/1.4/1.3 , SERVLETS 2.3/2.2, EJB 2.1/2.0/1.1/1.0 , JSP

1.2/1.1/1.0, JDBC, JNDI, RMI, XML, HTML, JACL, JYTHON, Perl and Shell Scripting

Middleware Technologies: WEBSPHERE Application Server 8.x/ , WEBSPHERE Portal 6.0/6.1.5, IBM HTTP Server 3.x/6.0/7.0/8.x, Apache 2.0.47, WEBSPHERE MQ 5.0/7.0,DATAPOWER v6.x, ODES LDAP, Adam LDAP

Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9.0, DB2UDB 9.7/9.5/8.1 / 7.2

Monitoring Tools: CA Wily INTROSCOPE 8.1.0/9.x, Tivoli Performance Viewer, BMC Patrol, Remedy

Deployment Tools: BDI (Build, Deploy & Install) and Auto Deploy, MKS, Maven.

Other Tools & Technologies: GSD, Lotus notes, Adobe Central Pro (jet forms).


Confidential, Jersey city, NJ

WebSphere Administrator


  • Build the infrastructure for Flagship projects and delivered in well ahead of schedule and cost estimates. Function as primary engineer to support application & performance teams for middleware components. Provide feedback to the Project Management team to keep the project dash board up to date
  • Installed and Configured WebSphere Application Server 6.1/7.x/8.x, WebSphere Portal Server 6.0/ on Red Hat Linux 5.x/6.x for IST/QA/Stage and production environments with baseline performance settings for Internet and Intranet Applications
  • Enabled global security using Active Directory and Oracle Directory Server as security repositories and configured console users & groups with proper roles
  • Federated nodes and created vertical & horizontal clusters to achieve Work Load Management (WLM)
  • Build & Deployed applications using MKS/Maven, auto deploy and BDI process (Build, Deploy and Install)
  • Configured mail providers at cell scope and made available to all the applications deployed (One application per cluster) in shared environments
  • Configured session management, virtual hosts, WebSphere variables and URL providers
  • Configured JDBC provider, Data Sources and J2C Authentication Aliases to connect to the databases
  • Installed and configured resource adopter for File Net service, configured JMS resources to connect to backend mainframe system through MQ
  • Experience in deploying themes & skins using Ear Expander tool
  • Used xml access tool to export & import portal configuration between development environments and between staging & production
  • Installed and Configured IBM Http Server 6.1/7.x/8.x. Created web instances and configured plug-in to map to the app instances (crisscross for some apps, one to one for some apps)
  • Configured SSL on web server with internal signed certificates. Configured rewrite rules
  • Coordinated with network team to setup VIPs and URLS configuration and firewall team to open ports between web and app servers, between app & database servers, between app and LDAP servers
  • Installed wily agents, enabled wily in WebSphere Application Server to monitor infrastructure performance and configured alerts
  • Installed and configured Adobe Central Pro Output Server V5.7 (jet forms) for printing templates
  • Troubleshoot Server start-up issues, page cannot be displayed issues, hung issues and class path
  • Issues by checking the JVM logs, plug-in logs and the web server logs Provide production support via the GSD escalation procedures to keep systems components up to meet SLAs
  • Hands on experience in using HPSA/HPOO, custom automation tools to build the environments
  • Produce, publish and maintain "How-to" type documents/scripts. Ensure the documents are Published and made available to the team members
  • Identify the areas to automate and provide constructive feedback to automation team to develop Scripts/tools

Environment: Red hat Linux 5.x/6.x, SuSe Linux 9.x, WebSphere Application Server 6.1/7.x/8.x, WebSphere Portal Server 6.0/ , IBM Http Server 6.1/7.x/8.x, Oracle 10g/11g, ADAM & Oracle Directory Server V11, Wily 8.x/9.x, GSD, BDI, Auto Deploy, Adobe Central Pro

Confidential, Berkley Heights, NJ

WebSphere Administrator


  • Build & maintained Dev, testing and production environments for internal apps using WAS 61/60 and IBM IHS 6.0/6.1 on RED Hat Linux 5.x/6.x/Windows 2008 platforms
  • Installed WebSphere Application Server 6.0/6.1 (Base & Network Deployment). Configured dmgr, Cell and Application server profiles
  • Configured Administrative Security using LDAP repository. Configured console groups for developers, testers and other ITO teams
  • Implemented Horizontal and Vertical Clustering, applied baseline performance settings
  • Helped to application development team to deploy the applications using auto deploy. Configured Virtual Hosts, Data Sources and JMS providers
  • Configured HA manager to allow other WebSphere Application Server components to make themselves highly available
  • Installed and configured IBM HTTP Server 2.0.47.x/6.x
  • Installed and configured plug-in for local & remote web servers
  • Worked with IBM Support and development teams in resolving memory leak and hung issues. Analyzed java cores and heap dumps using Thread and Heap analyzer tools
  • Hands on experience in using CA Willy INTROSCOPE Workstation to monitor infrastructure performance. Configured alerts and dashboards.
  • Extensively used internal tools to monitor closely and troubleshooting the issues accordingly.
  • Good knowledge in trouble shooting basic network related issues using ping, telnet, NETSTAT, UMASK, soft links commands
  • Created run book documentation which covers installation and configuration details

Environment: RHEL 5.x/6.x, SUSE Linux 8.x/9.x, Windows 2008, WebSphere Application Server 60/61, IBM Http Server 60/61, Oracle 9i, DB2 UDB, SUNONE Directory Server 5.1, Wily 7.0/8.x, Remedy

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

WebSphere Administrator


  • Installed and Configured IBM Http Server 1.3.x, WebSphere Application Server V5.1 Enterprise Edition for Development, Testing and Production Servers on windows environment
  • Created horizontal clusters for Development & Testing Environments and production environments to achieve process & Hardware fail over
  • Configured Web server plug-in to directing dynamic requests to application server instances
  • Configured Virtual hosts, HTTP Plug-in, resources and Global security for application deployment
  • Enabled Security for the Admin Console using local OS repository
  • Configured Java Mail object on Mid-tier server (WAS) to send mails to credit card customers through SMTP mail server by accessing the data from CACS Enterprise, which was reside on Mainframe
  • Installed and Configured WebSphere MQ. Created QMGRs, Queues and Channels
  • Analyzed the performance with Tivoli performance monitoring tool. Tuned Web server and Application Server configuration parameters to improve the performance
  • Interpreted log files to locate and solved problems with tracing and debugging facilities

Environment: Windows XP/Windows 2000, WebSphere Application Server 5.1, IBM Http Server 2.0.47, WebSphere MQ 5.0, CACS & Recovery 1.0


Application Developer


  • Involved in designing & developing web interface using HTML, JSP, JavaScript and JDBC
  • Involved in developing JSP’s, Servlets and EJBs. Prepared war files and jar files
  • Packaged ear files and deployed on to testing environments
  • Created resources (JDBC provider, Data Sources and J2C Auth aliases) and tested applications.
  • Client side validations using JavaScript
  • Involved in writing and reviewing various documents for client

Environment: JSP, Servlets, EJBs, JDBC, HTML, XML, JavaScript, EJBs, JDBC, HTML, XML, JavaScript, and WSAD

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