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Websphere Engineer Resume


Websphere Engineer - Confidential

Successfully upgraded and migrated several Java Applications from Websphere 6.1 on Windows to version 8.5 on Linux. Build out new environments for several new Java applications. Automated deployments and configurations using jython and shell scripting. Unit tested applications with the development teams in order to resolve issues in the QA and prod environments. Built out and supported several new Websphere Portal 8.5 environments on Linux.

Websphere Admin v8.5 - Confidential

  • Installed and configured Websphere Application Server 8.5.
  • Daily support and troubleshooting of applications installed in WAS 7.0 and 8.5 environments.
  • Work with development teams to deploy new applications from development to production.
  • Trained new offshore java development teams on Websphere implementations

Websphere Process Server Application Support Specialist


  • Monitor Websphere and Process Server applications for abnormal activity
  • Develop Jython and shell scripts to monitor Websphere and Process Server components
  • Jython scripts were developed to interface using the Perfmon Mbean to talk to the Tivoli PMI endpoints and retrieve current values
  • Shell scripts were developed to compare existing Tivoli values to thresholds and then to send alerts to responsible parties
  • Supported development and deployment teams to help resolve various Websphere related issues

Websphere Process Server Admin, Confidential

  • Websphere Process Server SME consultant on the ICE Homeland Security Project.
  • Setup and managed pools in the F5 load balancer
  • Jython Automation Tasks include:
  • Created jython scripts to automate configuration and post deployment tasks.
  • Update websphere flat file adapter j2c activation spec using adminconfig commands
  • Change eventDirectory custom property
  • Modify wsSCAimport binding using admintask commands
  • Modify jndi resource references mapped to ejb modules
  • Paramaterized scripts using UNIX shell script wrappers to accept dynamic input
  • SOA Administration Tasks include:
  • Creating new thread pool mappings for j2c activation specs on Application Servers
  • Updating the Thread pool alias for Platform Messaging Resource Adapter
  • SPI Resource Adapter to use new thread pools.
  • Work with performance team to determine optimal maxConcurrency value for each activation spec - starting at the default value of 10.
  • Working with development teams to resolve synchronous threading to asynchronous threading issues. Asynchronous threading by application was using up all threads.
  • Configuring jdbc configuration bindings, Correcting j2cauthentication data
  • Creating Websphere variables and Jdbc driver paths
  • Set optimal jvm heap sizes for dm boxes
  • Encrypt environment passwords in soap.client.properties files
  • Configured buses, bus destinations, queue connection factories, queues, new CEI event groups and destination queues, new activation spec jms queue
  • Created Subversion script repositories for sharing code
  • Created Websphere DataPower Webservice Proxy Domain
  • Troubleshooting Tasks include
  • Fixed CEI issue with gold topology. Process Server 6.1 bug - used fully qualified jndi name with correct cluster reference in order to resolve issue
  • Resolved Process Server Edit Business Data issue for applications mapped to web and application servers during deployment. Opened a PMRs and applied patches.
  • Corrected database type and implementation class issues, XA vs non XA
  • Corrected j2cactivation spec issues. They were not removed upon uninstall. Therefore deleted old mappings once to resolve the issue
  • Updated CEI Event service security role mapping issue -- to everyone from all authenticated to resolve application CEI access issue
  • Corrected sca component resource mapping login authentication issue, fixed wrong node in parameter

Sr. WebSphere Engineer, Confidential

WebSphere Portal, Application Server and Process Server SME on US Customs Project Deploy and Administer WebSphere Portal 5.0 and 6.0 Applications Assist troubleshoot WebSphere SAP Adapter issues and WebSphere MQ issues Automate installation, configuration and deployment using Unix shell scripts, jacl and jython scripts. Upgrade and Migrate Portal 5.1 to 6.0, and Process Server 6.0 to 6.1. Configure WebSphere 5.1, 6.0 and 6.1 to work with the following technologies: Confidential LDAP, ITIM, DB2, Veritas HA, WebSEAL, SAP, MQ, AIX, WebSphere Process Server. Worked in production support role providing 24-hour high availability support. Designed and tested technology upgrades as they came out. Initiated new product upgrades research and then implemented upgrades across the development and production environments. Tested product configurations for optimal performance and resource use. An example includes researching and determining the optimal number of WebSphere Portal DB2 databases for the production environment.

Sr. Infrastructure WebSphere Engineer, Confidential

WebSphere Commerce, Application Server SME on US Mint Project Lead a Web Capacity upgrade project that consisted of migrating US Mint WebSphere Commerce environments running on WAS 5.0 and WC 5.6 on a Solaris 5.8 platform to new Solaris 8 servers. This required migrating the web and application servers. This required shell scripting as well as knowledge of SAN infrastructure and Solaris RAID 5. This project was extremely successful and resulted in the US Mint being able to process a record number of orders on product drop dates. Worked with OS team to backup and migrate specific application server configurations. Researched and implemented performance enhancement metrics for the WebSphere environments. This included changing JVM heap sizing such as Eden, survivor, tenured and permanent ratios, changing threading models and implementing http compression. Troubleshoot and administer IHS and SAMBA 3.0. As well as other day to day WebSphere related issues. Assisted in troubleshooting network interface and iSeries issues. Assist troubleshoot WebSphere MQ 5.3 issues.

Senior WebSphere and Siteminder Engineer, Confidential

Built out several WebSphere Application Server 6 Network Deployment environments on AIX 5.3, Solaris 8, Linux and Windows. These environments were maintained on several operating systems. Maintained the WebSphere Application Server 4.0 applications and worked to solve application issues. Migrated the WebSphere 4.0 applications running on Sun OS 8 to WebSphere Application Server ND 6.0 running on AIX 5.3. Installed and configured Siteminder 6.0 policy server and web agents. Responsible for building and maintaining policies. The Siteminder installations were then integrated into the WebSphere 6 environments. Worked with CA support to troubleshoot issues and resolve tickets. Administered Sun LDAP 5.2 to work with Siteminder 6.0. Siteminder userstores and policystores were maintained in this version of LDAP. Enabled userstore and policystore replication across several environments. Administered WebSphere MQ Series 5.3. Built queues and channels to integrate into the WebSphere 6 applications. Deployed and configured several custom built J2EE applications on WebSphere 6 and JBoss. The applications used Hibernate for jdbc connection pool management. Generated thread dumps and heap dumps to analyze application issues. Used tools like thread analyzer, Heeproots, IBMHAT, Tivoli Performance Viewer, and Wily Introscope to troubleshoot problems. Setup SAML producer and consumer environments for Single Sign on using the CA Siteminder solution. Installed and configured a web services environment using JBoss, IHS and Siteminder Transactionminder.

Lead WebSphere Engineer, Confidential

Responsible for maintaining a large automated WebSphere environment consisting of several hundred Linux and Windows servers. The automation on Windows consisted of ANT scripts that I was responsible for editing and maintaining. The Linux WebSphere automation was done by RPMs (Linux shell scripts) that read several CSV files and then triggered JACL scripts in order to automate the WebSphere configurations and deployments. I was solely responsible for editing the CSV and JACL files. The RPMs were maintained with the assistance of Red Hat Linux consultants.
-Responsible for manual configuration and deployments of yet to be automated applications. Manual intervention was also done when automation failed in the other automated WebSphere environments. Troubleshooting WebSphere, Confidential HTTP Server and the Linux/Windows OSs was usually necessary to resolve these issues. The re-automation and correction of the scripts was usually needed if any changes or errors had occurred.
-Worked with and supported Opsware which was configured to trigger RPMs and ANT scripts from a GUI interface from which production support could carry out complex WebSphere tasks by just the click of a button.

WebSphere Admin, Confidential

Was able to help Confidential corporation ( Confidential ) fix a multimillion dollar application by identifying and helping to resolve application issues such as thread locks because of improper use of synchronized blocks, application crashing because of out of memory error being thrown because of out of date XML package being used in application, connection pooling problems because of programmers lack of understanding of WAS connection pooling, exhaustion of thread pools because of WAS container architecture changes that are present between version 4.0 and 5.1, and other minor errors due lack of QA testing. The errors in the application were costing Confidential millions of dollars due to downtime. Performed and Analyzed Heap Dumps and Thread Dumps in order to identify and solve application problems, such as locked threads or improper garbage collection. Used several Confidential tools like Heap and Thread analyzers, as well as other third party tools to analyze outputted data. Also Used Verbose GC, and several other tracing settings in order to spool files from which to analyze data from. I was able to monitor applications used spooled files as using Quest Spotlight, Foglight, Performasure, Wily Introscope and several other tools to monitor application performance. Worked with F5 admin to troubleshoot production issues and deliver deployments Installed and configured WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment 5.0 and 5.1 on several Windows severs. Maintained both Windows and Linux WebSphere servers. Was responsible for a total of 50 Windows servers running WAS 5.1 and about 5 Linux servers running WAS 5.0, with applications such as IRIS (inventory system) and Epiphany campaign management installed. Conducted daily deployments to integration, staging and production environments. Responsible for configuring environment changes for new and existing applications. Deployed Java apps developed with WSAD and Versata. Responsible for 24/7 production support for the web environments. Installed Wily Introscope on several WebSphere applications servers that contained apps deployed from both WSAD and Versata. I was responsible for monitoring the applications and making sure the apps ran well in both stage and production.

WebSphere Developer/Admin, Confidential - consultant

Worked on converting all web technology from ASP, PHP format to a JSP, Java environment. The Java websites were then deployed to both test and production LPARs on the AS400. Other projects in progress included working with Confidential on the possible integration of Confidential Tivoli Access Manager (TAM) into our web environment. Also researching into possibly using a hardware Google search engine for the search engine of all of the company’s web sites. Hired an additional Senior Java Developer and trained him on the existing infrastructure and set up the departments best practices for application development. Setup a Java development environment. Installed WebSphere Studio Development Client (WDSC) for iSeries on several PCs. Setup a Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) server on a Windows 2000 server for code sharing. Configured all WDSC to use the CVS server. Developed an ASP Application in order for stores to complete the National Accounts process electronically. This allowed for data from all the stores National Accounts forms to be submitted electronically. This application saved the company approximately $150,000 a month. Responded to requests issued to the web department via help desk tickets or directly by phone. Maintained a helpdesk application, which is used to assign tickets to the various members of the IT departments. This is a web-based application that was developed using ASP and HTML.

WebSphere Developer/Admin, Confidential

Developed portions of the e-commerce portal IBX.com using HMTL, JavaScript, Java, DB2 UDB, Oracle, Policy Director, and WebSphere Studio products. Worked on a team that designed and implemented the portals for IBX.com. The member, provider, and group portals were designed in a rapid application development environment in order to meet a strict deadline. Gathered and developed the business requirements for the IBX.com project as a member of the requirements gathering team. There was no pre-existing e-commerce functionality in the previous version of IBX.com and so most of the development was done from business requirements, which I helped to develop. The design and implementation was completed on schedule. Designed a web application that merged the functions of three applications into one. Two applications were mainframe-based applications and the third one was a Powerbuilder application. The purpose of this was to reduce the phone time that the customer service reps spent on the phone with doctor’s offices. The final application was a web interface that was integrated into the Powerbuilder application that had all the functionality in order to increase employee productivity. I received an award for this project, which is in my HR record at the company. The technology used with this application was WebSphere Studio Application Developer 4.0 (Java, J2EE, JSP, JavaScript, HTML), XML, Struts, Winsql, PVCS, Client Access Express, and Oracle. Developed a Java struts application to replace some existing mainframe functionality for the customer service reps. The purpose of the project was to make a more user-friendly application than the existing mainframe based applications that several departments were using. This greatly reduced call time of the service reps and training time for new reps. Also new business logic was added into the new application to improve productivity. The technology and skills used in the project were WebSphere Studio Application Developer 4.0 (Java, J2EE, JSP, JavaScript, HTML), XML, Struts, PVCS, Winsql, Client Access Express, and Oracle.

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