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Siteminder Engineer Resume

Albany, NY


  • Over 8 Plus years of experience in middleware architecture with SiteMinder and LDAP Administration on UNIX, AIX, Linux, Solaris and Windows platforms.
  • Expertise embodies installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of CA SiteMinder server 6.0 and 12/12.5x, LDAP directory Server 5.1/5.2/6.3, Sun Identity Manager 7.0/8.0, WebSphere 5.x/6.x, IBM HTTP 1.3.x/2.0.x, Apache V2.0.4/6.x, Tomcat, IIS Web Servers.
  • Adept at implementing LDAP Security and Single Sign on authorization service using CA SiteMinder, Sun - One Directory Server.
  • Excellent working knowledge with CA Siteminder while maintaining the security for WebSphere and other Web servers.
  • Successful configuration of OpenSSL certificates to achieve secure transaction between hosts and users.
  • Familiar with enabling Global Security for WebSphere environment by creating user registry in LDAP server and setting up SSL certificates .
  • Extensively worked on BEA WebLogic Application Server as an administrator in installing, configuring and administering Server Configuration, Deployment of Components and Performance Tuning including Troubleshooting and Maintenance.
  • Configured Web Server interfaces, session management, virtual hosts and transports for BEA WebLogic Application Server.
  • Experienced in applying patches and fixes BEA WebLogic Application Server.
  • Maintain the policy server to assure 24x7 availability of authentication service on the intranet and internet.
  • Maintain the production/ DEV / UAT and testing environment.
  • Experience implementing SSO (Single Sign On) functionality between various applications using SiteMinder 6.x/ 12.0/12.5.1.
  • Experience in upgrading the environment like upgrading WebSphere 5.X to 6.X, WebLogic 8.1 to 9.X, SiteMinder 5.5 to 6.0 to 12.x and CA Directory Server 5.2 to 6.3.
  • Experience in deploying J2EE components on WAS 5.0/5.1/6.0/6.1 using WAS Admin Console, WAS Admin/JACL scripting.
  • Fine-tuned and set up High availability with LDAP and SiteMinder. Tested and implemented back up & recovery. Designed and implemented solutions for fail over and capacity planning.
  • Solid experience in deploying the applications in WAR, JAR and EAR formats on multiple Application Servers and maintaining Clusters, Load Balancing, Failover and High Availability.
  • Experience in installation and configuration of CA, Apache, IHS and IIS Web Servers in various environments like Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, IBM AIX and Windows 2003/2008 and Integration of the same with the WebSphere.
  • Experience installing SSL certificates for the WebSphere, WebLogic, CA, IHS and Apache Servers.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Highly motivated, detail oriented and organized with the ability to multi-task projects, maintaining a high degree of proficiency.
TECHNICAL SKILLSOperating Systems: Solaris, Windows 2003/2008, AIX, RedHat-Linux 6

Tools: CA SiteMinder Policy Server 6.0/R 12, CA Identity Manager 8.1, SAML1.0/2.0, OpenSSL, FrontPage, Ping Federate, JBuilder, Eclipse, Hummingbird Exceed.

Databases: Oracle 10g/11g, MS SQL Server 2005/2008, MS Access.

Web-server: IIS 6.0/7.x, Apache 2.x, Domino 8.x, IHS, IIS

Application Server: IBM WebSphere Portal 6.0/6.1, IBM WebSphere6.0/7.0/8.0, Tomcat 6.0.WebLogic 8.1/9.x/10.x,

Directory-server: CA directory server 6.x, Sun DSEE 6.3/6.3.1, Microsoft Active Directory, IBM-Tivoli Directory Server.

Scripts/Language: Unix Shell programming, PERL, JavaScript, C/C++, HTML, VB Script, Java, MS Excel Macros(Scripting).

Web Technologies: JSP, ASP, Servlets, .NET, XML, AJAX, FLEX, Web services.

Networking Devices: F5 Big IP, CSS, Bay Networks, Routers, Hubs, Switches.


Vanguard, PA

Site Minder Admin


  • Installed, configured and maintained CASiteMinder Policy Server6.X and 12, CA IDM r12 and CA Directory Server 5.2 on distributed platforms.
  • Experience in installing, configuring SiteMinder policy server, Web agents, CA Transaction Minder, CA Directory server (LDAP) and various Web & Application servers.
  • Involved in the architecture and implementation of CA Identity Manager Solution for provisioning, delegated administration, workflow implementation and generating audit reports to be compliant with the security regulations.
  • Updated Corporate User store with the expanded user base as a result of new business acquisitions by directory acquisition and Correlation schemas using custom attributes. Extensively used WebServices variables to facilitate federation of web services.
  • Used custom attributes properties to track the information about the recipients of the application site.
  • Configured custom alerts and e-mail notifications based on the business needs.
  • Created and updated the provisioning policies as per the change in the business environment using Policy Xpress.
  • Worked extensively on creating Custom Password policies and Authentication schemes as per the requirement.
  • Experience in Configuring CA SiteMinder policy server, framing Rules and Policies, Policy Server maintenance, SSO call clearance, Web Agent & Application agent installations, troubleshooting production problems.
  • Migration of SiteMinder6.0 to 12.0 for advanced Load balancing, failover configurations and for facilitation of user impersonation.
  • Installed, configured and integrated Web servers (plug-in file), SiteMinderagents and LDAP user directory with WebLogic Server V10.
  • Installation of SiteMinder Policy Server Optional Pack and Web Agent Optional Pack for Federation web services.
  • Configured SiteMinder web agents, Affiliate agents and RADIUS agents to provide federation of Web Services in the SSO environment.
  • Configured user impersonation feature to enable Customer service department to provide a better service to the business clients.
  • Experienced in assisting Web Administrators, LDAP Administrators to determine what the best values for SiteMinder parameters and tune the system to boost SiteMinder performance in the Web Tier, the Application Tier, and the Data Tier.
  • Configured Ping Federate 6.10.1 for SSO across multiple web based enterprise applications.
  • Performed user provisioning in Identity Provider(IDP) site Service Provider(SP) site using SAML for SSO.
  • Experience with using Integration Kits and Token Translators for integrating identity enabled web services into SSO environment.
  • Installation configuration and maintenance of RSA authentication manager 6.x for enabling token based authentication along with the form based authentication as a part of the security solution.
  • Experience with the implementation of RSA two factor authentication tokens for the integrated web service security in a SSO environment for the service provider applications.
  • Hands on experience with configuring IDP initiated and SP initiated SAML profiles with different bindings like POST, Artifact, and Redirect as per the custom business and security requirements.
  • Configured SSO Integration Adapters for session cleanup as part of Single Logout(SLO) in the SSO implementation.
  • Creating OpenSSL Certificates and using the same for Federation of external Services to achieve the purpose of maintaining confidentiality, message integrity and bilateral Authentication.
  • Worked on new Directory Server Schema's as per the needs of the business.
  • Worked with existing user stores and new external LDAP stores. Integrated Active Directory&CA directory servers as user stores &SQL Server as Policy store.
  • Experience in trouble-shooting the issues by analyzing the trace and TAI logs.
  • Experience with using Wily and One view monitor for performance monitoring of identity management servers and components.
  • Experience with performance tuning of policy servers and associated components and generating performance reports using customized crystal reports.
  • 24x7 production support.

Environment: JDK 1.4/1.5, J2EE, JDBC, XML, SAML 2.0, CA SiteMinder 6.X to 12.X, CA Directory Server 5.X/6.X, CA Identity Manager r8/r12, Ping Federate 6.10.1, Tomcat 5.5, Apache 2.0, Solaris 8/10, Windows 2003/2008, Oracle 10g/11g, SQL Server 2005, DB2 8.X.

Confidential, AZ

Siteminder Security Analyst


  • Installed, Configured, Administered and Monitored CASiteMinder Policy Server (6.0/12.0), CA IDM r8.1 and CA Directory Server 5.2/6.x/7.0 on UNIX, Linux, Windows and Solaris platforms.
  • Worked on multiple applications as a Security Specialist using SiteMinder products to provide authentications, authorizations and Policy management
  • Installed, configured and integrated Web servers (plug-in file), SiteMinder agents and LDAP user directory with WebSphere Application Server
  • Automated Identity Management tasks such as user provisioning and application access based on each user's relationship with role within our organization using CA Identity Manager.
  • Monitored & Supported CA LDAP Directory server and SiteMinder in Production Environment
  • Installed, Configured, Administered and Monitored PingFederate 6.10 on UNIX platform
  • Experienced with SiteMinder policy server log files for Troubleshooting Site Minder environment
  • Fine tuned response time by configuring Site Minder Agents, DIT’s & LDAP parameters.
  • Installed & Configured SiteMinder Policy stores, Key stores, User stores and Integrated with LDAP.
  • Expert in setting up SSO Environment for SiteMinder and SunOne LDAP directory server.
  • Augmented logical security application architecture integrating WebSphere Application Server 5.x, LDAP Directory Server, CA Siteminder and implemented Single Sign-On security.
  • Experienced with facilitating RSA authentication manager and RSA secureID token based authentication systems.
  • Configured user provisioning and delegation of administration using RSA authentication manager for fine grained access control of protected resources as per the policies developed in the policy store.
  • Worked in defining schemas for CA Directory LDAP Directory Server.
  • Worked on SiteMinderSMSession, Persistent and Secure Cookies.
  • Gained Sound knowledge about the SiteMinder environment databases like Policy Store, Accounting Logs, Key Store, Token Data and Session Server.
  • Worked on defining and developing Domains, Policies, Realms, Rules, Responses in SiteMinder environment for Protected authorized access.
  • Worked on Failover & Load Balancing strategies between Web Agent to Policy Server, Policy Server to User Directories and Policy Server to Policy Store.
  • Administered and Maintained multiple Policy Servers and Web Agents in the SiteMinder SSO environment.
  • SiteMinder Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Support, Event Trapping and Trouble Shooting.
  • Worked on effective way of adding Web Servers, Policy Servers and Web Agents for maintaining SiteMinder SSO environment.
  • Audited, Reported and Monitored SiteMinder log files effectively, including using One View Monitor for identifying performance bottlenecks.
  • Installed and Administered Policy Server and Web Agent Option Pack tools for using Federation security services and Etelligent rules effectively.
  • Effectively used Distinguished Name (DN) LDAP searches parameters techniques in CA Directory Server.
  • Worked on defining channels using SSL certificates .
  • Configured enterprise applications and corrected performance problems by monitoring server availability and resource utilization analysis using Perfview.

Environment: CA Siteminder6.0/R12, CA IDM r8/r12 CA System Directory Server LDAP 6.x/7.0, Web Sphere Application Server 6.x/7.0/8.0, Ping Federate 6.x, SSL, SNMP, UNIX, LINUX, Solaris, IBM AIX, Windows.

Confidential, Albany NY

SiteMinder Engineer


  • Installed, configured and administered SiteMinder Policy Server (6.0/12.0) and CA LDAP Directory (5.1/5.2/6.x/7.0) and Sun Identity Manager (7.x/8.x) for multiple high profile projects.
  • Enabled seamless functionality between applications belonging to different domains using Cookie Provider.
  • Coordinated and communicated with application teams while working on migrating applications from LDAP 5.1 environment to LDAP 6.3 in both Production and Non-Production environments.
  • Experience in troubleshooting CA Siteminder Single Sign On authentication and authorization issues.
  • Experience in setting up Memory, CPU, Usage, and Service monitors for applications and devices and subsequent response to the alerts from such monitors.
  • Monitored BEA/Oracle WebLogic Application Server, IBM WebSphere Application Server performance using monitoring tools like Introscope WILY and IBM Tivoli Performance Viewer.
  • Configured and deployed new password templates and password policies using CA Siteminder Admin Console and command line in both Production and Non-Production environments.
  • Assisted in carrying out performance tests for different applications that are enabled with CA Siteminder Single Sign On and provided Siteminder support during and after the tests.
  • Clustered CA Siteminder Policy Servers for failover and high availability and generated consequent reports.
  • Coordinated with Server operations team to ensure smooth reinstallation of routers and subsequent troubleshooting of CA Siteminder errors such as handshake errors caused due to changes in MAC address of the WebServer in both Production and Non-Production environments.
  • Experience in troubleshooting Web Servers such as Apache V2.0.4/6.x, Tomcat, IIS 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 that have CA Siteminder Web Agent installed on them.
  • Installed and configured Web agents on WebServers like IIS 5.0/6.0/7.0, Apache 2.x, and Sun One Webserver 6.1/7.0.
  • Configured and integrated Policy Store with SunOne Directory Servers to store SiteMinder policies.
  • Experience in troubleshooting the slow generation of Change logs for LDAP 5.1 and LDAP 5.2 Directory Servers.
  • Used tools such as Dirtracer for gathering Directory Server’s support data and coordinated with Oracle for Directory Server troubleshooting.
  • Installed, Integrated and maintained policy store, key store and the user store with LDAP using CA Siteminder Administrative and Management tools.
  • Performed User Acceptance Testing (UAT) analysis for non-production applications to ensure that the applications met user expectations before the production release.

Environment: CA Siteminder 5.5/6.0/R12, CA IDM r8/r12 CA Directory 12.5 Server LDAP 5.x/6.x/7.0, Web Sphere Application Server 5.x/6.x, Ping Federate 4.4/5.0, SSL, SNMP, UNIX, LINUX, Solaris, IBM AIX, Windows.

Confidential, FL

Siteminder and LDAP Administrator


  • Involved in installing and administering CA Directoryand Siteminder r6 on Sun Solaris 2.8 and Linux.
  • Implemented SSO across multiple domains.
  • Involved in creation of Policies, realms,responses for protecting the applications and configuring the applications to work in SSO environment.
  • Upgraded SunOne directory Server from 5.2 to 6.3.
  • Involved extensively in Capacity planning and load balance for Policy Sever and web agents.
  • Performance tuning for Web server and Siteminder along with LDAP for better response time, low latency and high throughput.
  • Executed recovery and Backup strategies for directory data.
  • Configured Authentication and Authorization to support higher availability, Failover and Load Balancing.
  • Involved in integration LDAP with Siteminder to access user stores and policy.
  • Involved in installing and configuring Siteminder Policy servers and Policy stores to utilize CA Directory Server as user and policy repository on Sun Solaris 2.8.
  • Installed and configured IIS, Web server, Apache, IBM Http Web Server, WebSphere.
  • Extensively involved in trouble shooting issues that arise during Upgrading and installation Process.
  • Involved in performance tuning for Siteminder and LDAP for better response time and high throughput.
  • Provided assistance to development teams to resolve environment related issues. Involved in integrating applications from development to production.

Environment: Sun Solaris 2.8, RedHat Linux, SiteMinder 6.0, Web agents 5.x,6.x, CA directory server 5.2/ Oracle Directory Server 6.3, Apache web server and WebSphere, IIS 6.0,IBM Http web Server.


Middleware Administrator


  • Contributed to J2EE development by writing Servlets, JSP, participated in navigation and functionality testing and validating using java script.
  • Developed UI by using Applets Installed, configured, and maintained WebLogic Application Server 7.1.
  • Well versed with Shell Scripts for Unix System backups monthly, yearly and annual.
  • Implemented creation of server groups and clusters in WebSphere Application Server.
  • Implemented standard backup procedures for applications Database.
  • Backup of configuration files.
  • Involved in applying patches and fixes for WebLogic Application Server.
  • Installed and configured the iPlanet Web Server.
  • Responsible for changes in applications across development, testing and production environments.
  • Problem determination using local error logs and by running user traces and service traces.
  • MQ using API was used to construct messages on legacy system using database triggers.
  • Involved in documentation of design procedures and test plans.
  • Developed Custom tag Libraries, which will pass the data to the JSP pages.
  • Developed user personalized dashboard, which facilitates the user to save his/her interested report pages along with related notes.
  • Worked on cached graph and data refreshing and optimized by using threads.
  • Tested and developed server side helper classes and Servlets .
  • Stored procedures and triggers are written for the database module.
  • Developed EJBs (Service Beans, Entity Beans), JSP Tags.

Environment:WebLogic Server 7.x, WebLogic Portal 4.0, Java, J2EE, Oracle 8i, JUnit, Ant, Together/J, Korn Shell, Ruby.

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