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Websphere Middleware Specialist Resume

Tampa, FloridA


  • 8 + years Supported, upgraded and migrated Websphere Portal 6.0/7, Websphere Commerce 8.5 and 6.1, Websphere Application Server, WCM, MQseries, Weblogic, LDAP, Apache, IIS, Installed, Built Fix packs, Configured BPM WAS and Web Sphere Commerce WCM, v6.0, Installed and configured WebSphere Portal; including Portlets, Skins, and themes.
  • Installed and configured WebSphere Application Server, WebLogic, JBOSS, TcServer, WPS, Websphere Process Server, Mqseries, BPM, BPEL, Websphere Portal Server, Websphere Commerce sites and stores; Created and maintained several different configurations for WAS, including Base Server, Network Deployment, Clustering, two node agents, SSL and Proxy and adapter configurations and responsible for the Error and troubleshooting for the users of WAS 7.0, 8.5, WCS WPS, and WBI.
  • 8 + years’ experience in developing Mainframe applications using COBOL, CICS, JCL; SAP and DB2 on OS390 and AIX. Used Micro focus COBOL for business application programming and middleware programming. Achieved database access, screen design and queue management using COBOL.
  • Expertise in J2EE, AIX, JSP, JMS, Servlets, Java applets EJB's, involved with developing front end GUI Java, but mostly with Backend server components. Developed using Java, MQ Series and JDEdwards SAP adapters, TIBCO EMS, Message Broker 7 years’ experience using OO Architecture involved with Process Orientation, ITIL, Developing Components and Object Systems to Full Life Cycle Implementation. Linuix, AIX, WINDOWS. API proxy, Followed methodologies, Orientation practices, UML scenarios and utilized ROSE tools and ITIL SM, Collaboration Diagrams, BPM, Business Rules, Cognitive


Data Security Broad Knowledge Experience : Experienced with online backup and recovery, firewalls, SSL measurements, and file signatures. Has experience/knowledge of file security, ACL. Access control list. network security, database security, API Proxy, encryption, object security, and queue message security.

Data Security Internet/Intranet Experience: Experienced the common network protocols TCP/IP, Netbios including encoding via the routers used in addition to the DES. OO Methodologies

Experience: Used OO methods for 7 years, including ERWIN and Rational Unified Process. OO Applications (ENFIN, VSE, VA SMALLTALK, TIBCO, ASP, FORTE', etc.) with MQ Series Workflow to FTP the FDL from the MTS batch server to AIX MQ Workflow server.

Experience: JavaScript. Mapped OO applications to relational databases. Developed using Web Services and SOAP. OS/390 Platform Knowledge

Experience: Have been working mainframe (OS/390) for 15 years. Expert level with OS/390 (TSO, JCL, ISPF Clists, REXX, RACF). Installed software on the OS/390, which included MQSeries and WebSphere Application server

UNIX Experience: Used for 10 years Unix OS, Unix AIX, Linux, along with shell scripting. Used Unix AIX shell scripting along

Websphere Experience: Developed applications using the WebSphere Server and WebSphere Studio. Installed several WebSphere products as well as Integration and Middleware Programming including Java, MQ Series (Messaging, Channel and Queue Development, SiteMinder,Websphere Integrator (WMQI, WBI modellor), WebSphere MQ Series, WebLogic, Adapters, TIBCO, Message Broker, WebSphere Process Server, BPM, WebSphere Portal, Installation and Administration, and Programming API's for MQ Series, and WebSphere WBI, InterChange Server, and MQ Workflow WebSphere Commerce Suite, WebSphere Portal, J2EE, Visual Basic JMS, and XML.



WebSphere Middleware Specialist

Extensive experience in installation, configuration, and administration and deployment of Websphere Application Server, Weblogic, and JBOSS, Mqseries,TcServer, Websphere Portal, and Websphere Commerce. Linuix, AIX and windows environments. Worked with Business Partners and vendors. Did business requirements and specifications for customized e - commerce and portals.Assisted with WCM and authoring site Did Websphere migrations from 6.1 to 8.5 Installed fixpacks, efixes to the existing infrastructure and automated it. Used performance tuning and monitoring, using Wily Introscope, and Tivoli. used SiteMinder on apache and configured the CA Siteminder Web agent for windows and UNIX servers, used Rundeck to automate jobs, used Service Manager and ITIL to orchestrate work task. WebSphere Commerce /Order Management tools includes Accelerator; BODL, Content Management Commerce Admin Console, Websphere Authoring server interacting with Business Partners and Stakeholders and manage expectations and workloads. Good Customer facing skills. SME for WebSphere software Highly experienced with Mqseries, Message Broker utilizing Configuration Manager for Admin task.Created clusters and High available systems, creation of Queues QM and channels in a clustered environment

Confidential, Tampa Florida

WebSphere Portal (Consultant)

  • Responsible for installation, configuration, troubleshooting, performance tuning, and upgrading of Websphere Portal, Content Management, Commerce Server and Database nodes Configures sites and stores
  • Design and building of environments for windows and Linux
  • Did the deployment of a business rules engine on top of WebSphere Application Server
  • Built the DEV, SIT, and UAT environments.
  • Coordination with application and infrastructure team for resolving issues in production, test or development environment
  • Deployment of applications on WAS
  • Installation and configuration of SiteMinder on a UNIX
  • Configure Redhat Apache Siteminder WebAgents on Linuix Server
  • Set the SiteMinder Webagent environment variable after installation
  • Responsible for JDBC, Data source settings; Used SQL Plus and Oracle developer for Database connectivity.
  • Also involved PMR's when strong issues occurred and coordinating and working with IBM on any product issues

Confidential, RI

WebSphere Commerce,Websphere Portal, (Consultant)

  • Installed and configured Websphere Process Server, Websphere Commerce,
  • Wepsphere Commerce and Portal on linuix and AIX platforms Did installs post configurations and manage application servers; configure Business Process Choreographer; WCM, but in API for Service Bus; but in Wily monitoring; configured relationships and events; Did troubleshooting set up on a Websphere Commerce Stores and sites, did the database configuration for Websphere Commerce. Also set-up environment for WebSphere Portal and BPM and WebSphere Process server client API and talk to each other. Heavy troubleshooting skills, memory leaks, heap dumps, JVM tuning; Did deployments and clustering of environments including WebLogic and WebSphere servers
  • Did application deployments on Websphere Portal and DB transfer; portlets; WCM authoring for design and deployments, configuration and performance tuning for Websphere Portal v7, v6.1. Used Apache and IIS. Experience with Security, proxies, DataPower Mqseries ; F5 switches VIP’s load balancers, TIBCO, and firewalls.
  • Did a proof-of-concept for Websphere Commerce server v7 on Z/OS with Backend adapters of SAP
  • Did the design documents and other artifacts. Installed and configured Websphere Application Server on Z/OS
  • AIX Unix servers and Windows servers..Did application deployments on Websphere. Did instalation, builds, configuration and performance tuning for Websphere Process server v6.1. Used Apache and IIS. Experience with SiteMinder webAgents,Security, proxies, load balancers, and firewalls. Installation, Builds, configurations of UNIX and windows platforms for

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Sr. Technical Analyst/ WebSphere Portal (Consultant)

  • Installed and configured Websphere Application Server on
  • AIX Unix servers and Windows servers..Did application deployments on Websphere. Did installation, builds, configuration a nd performance tuning for Websphere Process server v6.1. Used Apache and IIS. Experience with Security, proxies, load balancers, and firewalls. Installation, Builds, configurations of UNIX and windows platforms for websphere application servers.
  • . Responsible for design, tuning and performance issues. Involved withb
  • Troubleshooting issues, Fixpacks and configurations. Used UNIX shell scripting for minor websphere admin task.t Did the migration to Websphere
  • Application Server from V6 to version 7. Used introscope, and Tivoli products. Did Clustering of ND networks,
  • HA and SSL setup.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Sr. Technical Analyst/ WebSphere Portal (Consultant)

Clients: National Catholic Society, True value

  • Supported the Upgrade and Migration of WebSphere Process Server and Websphere Portal 5.0 to 6.0.
  • Involved with Requirements Gathering, Design, Installation, and Testing for the Windows, Apache, and AIX, UNIX based system.
  • Installed and configuration of Weblogic,and WPS (Process Server)
  • Did the builds, configuration and performance tuning of Websphere Process Server and BPM, Business Process Management (Forms) design. Worked with Business Process; Human Task and Business Rules while using BPEL.
  • Supported Business object Maps and Selectors while building adapters for backend Oracle systems
  • Used Mqseries queues and channels for SAP configurations and file transfer
  • Added the SSL Security Setup for the WebSphere application Server and Weblogic and the HTTP configuration. Used the Migration tools and Unix scripting along with Perl for upgrading the Themes, Port lets; and Pages.
  • Assisted in exporting of various configuration files.

Confidential, Bloomington, IL

Sr. Technical Analyst/WebSphere (Consultant)

  • Supported the Middleware infrastructure. Production and Development environments
  • Confidential 's middleware included Weblogic, Web server Apache, Web Sphere Application Server; Web Sphere Portal, Web sphere Process Server, MQ Series and Message Broker. Used both AIX UNIX, and Z/OS Platforms. Responsible for the Installations, Builds, Fixpacks, Configurations for Web Sphere Application Server and Websphere Process Server, WebLogic, SAP/Portal, Web Sphere Portal v6.0.
  • Responsible for keeping service up and running on Web Sphere products. This included Deployment Managers, Portlets; Themes and Skins; Nodeagents, and servers. Responsible for the proxy configurations for Web Sphere application version 6 and AIX Unix admin, using virtual Host; clones; Apache, and SSL key generations. Also had interactions with Tivoli;
  • Rational Rose; and Performance tuning products. Strong knowledge of Web Sphere 6.0 and Problem Analysis. Troubleshooting skills are well developed. Communicated the technical solutions to the management and clients.

Confidential, Texas

Sr. Technical Lead

  • Supported the WebSphere products including WebSphere Portal, Weblogic, Application server, MQ Series; Web server Apache, WebSphere Commerce Suite.
  • Installation and configuration for the WebSphere Portal; including Portlets; Skins; and themes. Did performance tuning and HA clusters. Integrated these web products for legacy data and application processing; using Rational Rose cross-platform products. Configured WebSphere Application Platform Messaging; Test the SIBus Web Services configuration; did database connectivity for backend systems; such as COBOL and Adabas Natural.

Confidential, Rhode Island

WebSphere Administrator/Developer

  • Provided level 3 Administrator/Developer support for the WebSphere Application Server products group. Responsible for the troubleshooting and problem determination.
  • Performed installation, configuration, deployment, builds, and J2EE deployment for WebSphere application Server v4/ V5/ V6.
  • Installed WebSphere Application Server Platform and provided Messaging Web services Support
  • Configured the SIBus Web Services to access a secure service integration bus. Trained users to use WSADIE, JACL, Business Rules, Adapters, WebSphere Gateways. Responsible for the Installation, Configuration, and Deployment and Testing, Application Builds WBI, MQ Series. Used base and Network Deployment Configurations.
  • Worked extensively in customer training; Integration of Business Processes between disparate applications.

Confidential, Chicago,IL

WebSphere Administrator/Developer

  • Responsibilities included Design, Modeling, Architecture, and Support of several new Security Modules.
  • For starting a Session, Validation of Passwords, SSL, Authorizations, Encryption and Profiles) Used J2EE, Unix system services, RACF, WAS, Weblogic, MQ Series, WBI, HTTP, Host (OS390, ZOS), and client server connectivity
  • Installed and configured WebSphere Application Server, Portal Server
  • Created and maintained several different configurations for WAS, including Base Server, Network Deployment, Clustering, two node agents, and one agent.
  • Responsible for the Error and troubleshooting for the users of WAS 5.0 and WBI. Deployed hundreds of J2EE applications, and the backend were DB2 using Stored Procedures, which were developed using WSAD.
  • Interfaced with developers for application projects.

Confidential, Texas

Web Sphere Administrator/Developer

  • Performed Application Interfaces for a WebSphere Project that included, Java, WBI Interchange Server (Installation and backup and recovery for Web Sphere (Portal, WBI ICS Server 4.2), J2EE, COBOL, Adabas/Natural Integration Middleware project in which the front-end was Web-bsed and the backend was Legacy Systems.
  • Performed the Design and Code for testing of all the middleware systems, including the Java and Visual Basic Components, and Modifications for the COBOL, DB2, CICS, programs which were part of the Workflow Automation.
  • Performed the Business Modeling to allow Workflow and WBI to Automate the Web-Based Client Server Applications with the legacy programs using Rational Unified Process for business processes. Programmed COBOL and Java API calls to interact with MQ Series. Used QPasa for monitoring of MQ Series.

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