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Websphere Business Integration Developer\administrator Resume

Highpoint, NC

Experience Summary:

Over 15 years of IT experience with a decade of experience in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) around Confidential SOA products. Well - versed in the governance and security and mediations of web services with expertise in Enterprise Applications Integration (EAI) solutions and Business Process Management (BPM). Experienced designer, developer and SOA architect of BPM solutions through custom and proprietary components. Numerous Confidential Certifications as a Consultant and Solutions Architect within the WebSphere Business Integration suite of products (WAS, WPS, WESB, WBM, MQ, JMS, JDBC, etc.). Strong WebSphere Interchange Server (WICS) background. Worked as a Senior Technical Sales Consultant and Architect for Confidential and was exposed to and began providing complex Business Integration solutions with WebSphere Process Server (WPS) one year before it was available to the market. Since its conception in the early 2000, he has provided BPM services, managed, mentored and played a hands-on technical role in over 25 integration projects. As a technical sales specialist for Confidential, he has perfected the art of relationship building, has excellent communication skills and is adept at communicating with both technical teams and stakeholders.


Methodologies and Frameworks: Rational Unified Process (RUD) Six Sigma DMAIC TOGAF Zachman Waterfall SCRUM

Middleware Technologies WebSphere ICS WebSphere iLog WebSphere Adapters WebSphere MQ Series WebSphere MQ Explorer Enterprise Architect Agilian InfoSphere Information Analysis Hibernate & Spring Frameworks Rational Team Concert WebSphere Business Monitor WebSphere Application Server WebSphere Business Modeler (WBM) WebSphere Business Process Server (WPS) WebSphere Services Registry and Repository (WSRR) MuleSoft ESB Mule Studio

DBMS Confidential DB2 UDB Oracle MS SQL Server MS Access Microsoft Projects SharePointI

mplementations Tools WebSphere Systems Manager v4.3 WebSphere Integration Developer v6.0.2 thru v7 and Designer v8.5 (Java - J2EE Development) InfoSphere s BigInsights, Streams and Data Explorer Rational s Application Developer and Software Architect (RAD and RSA)

Programming Languages: Java, C\C++, C#, COBOL, JCL, SQL, PL\SQL, Pascal, Jython, Jacl, OS Scripts:

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX (AIX, HP and Solaris)


Professional Experience


Enterprise IT Architect

As an Enterprise IT Architect, my focus is primarily around establishing and documenting the governance around the design and implementation of a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) within the Wholesale and Treasury side of the bank. This involves heavy research of new, existing and emerging technologies and how they may be merged into the existing infrastructure of the bank’s present IT offering solutions.


Solutions Architect / SOA Trainer

As a Business Process Systems engineer and Solutions Architect for the development of applications to replace old technologies, I was responsible for identifying existing services and mapping them to new application requirements. This involves an understanding of various business requirements, existing applications and physical data models, creating sequence diagrams, documenting use cases, locating appropriate technical and business resources and pulling them together over diverse teams to educate and realize SOA solutions. Then identifying problems and issue resolution around the proposed solution.

Technical environments include a deep understanding and requires affluence in Confidential ’s S390, AS400, UNIX, Linux, Windows, DB2, Oracle, Java, COBOL, C++, InfoSphere Information Analysis, WebSphere ESB Services, WebMethods Services, Mule ESB, DataPower Services, Siebel, PeopleSoft and Oracle Applications. Heavy use of Rational and WebSphere development tools and application servers.

Facilitation of meetings with corporate VP’s, Directors, Technical Team Leads, Business Team Owners and more.


Technical Solutions Architect and SOA Developer

Responsible for managing, developing and owning Business Process Proof of Concepts to prove out Confidential ’s ability to integrate with MedAssest services running on remote servers via SOAP1.1/HTTPS. Importation and tweaking of MedAssest WSDL’s, SSL server configurations and BPEL development with WebSphere version 8.5. Working with Certificates, Policies, X509 and SAML tokens and ws-security.


Enterprise Solutions Architect /Developer Nuclear IT Divison Charlotte, NC

Develops and maintains the IT portfolio SOA based architectures for assigned Business Process areas, including the application information, Big data, and/or infrastructure architecture information, providing conceptual models, strategies, and SOA training for long term technical directions. Reviews and approves the conceptual architecture and high level design of all major projects and system enhancements across the full range of the portfolio assuring conformance as well. Gather, document and analyze business and technical requirements Functional areas of expertise:
  • Application and data architectures
  • Infrastructure architecture
  • Service Oriented architectures
  • Master Data Management
  • Enterprise Wide Technology Architecture
  • Maintainability and extensibility
Oversees the solution architects and resolve technical business process problems, assist with design, development, implementation, education and training around SOA solutions. Escalate EWTA related issues that cannot be resolved to piers on the Enterprise Architects team (including the exception process). Analyzes and provides feedback on proposed IT projects and enhancements from a project governance perspective.

Tool usage includes Enterprise Architect, WebSphere Integration Designer, InfoSphere Information Analysis, DB2 Control Center and a host of third party tools such as SOAP UI, Toad and RfhUtil.


Enterprise SOA Architect / BPM Development

Installation and configuration and Clustering of Websphere Application Server, WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere Monitor Server and HTTP Servers for a POT environment Responsible for integration design and development of a WPS Integration Solution that exists between the AP, AR, PO, PO Receipts and Acknowledgements of Oracle Applications and backend WebServices via Internal JMS queues and Confidential MQ Message Broker Development based upon TOGAF Frameworks Design and development of an Error Handling Framework for all WPS and ESB SOA based interventions. Design and development of processes that clean up and remove long running processes existing beyond the allotted life cycle. Design, development, debugging and testing of J2EE code and Integration components Creation and Configuration of Activation Specs, Queues and Connection Factories WebSphere Application Server configuration and debugging Documentation of Functional and Detailed design specifications


Enterprise SOA Architect \ BPM Development

Architected a J2EE SOA Solution to be implemented via WebSphere Integration Developer (WID) for enterprise services. Design and implementation of JSON\RESTful services and backend Broker and Client Java Factory services. Architected a design to deliver Enterprise, Business and Application Services to meet unique requirements. Used Rational Team Concert (RTC) to facilitate multi developer environment. Used Mockito for testing from within TestNG. Built and executed test suites and validations. Managed team reporting and authored status reports. Provided functional and detail design specifications.


SOA Technical Solutions Architecture Sr. Consultant

  • Provided remote support in determining integration points into the following FICO application products via WebSphere Process Server v7.0:
  • FICO’s Debt and Origination Manager Products
  • Blaze Advisor
  • Blaze Decision System
  • Ab Initio


WebSphere BPM Consultant

Install and configured WPS servers Migration of WebSphere Server Foundation to WebSphere Process Server v7.0 ImportationN and migration of Server Foundation Services to WPS v7.0 Development of WPS v7.0 Workflow processes and services to call existing services Java services Development around JDBC to DB2, Java Mail, LDAP and Log4j Extensive client training and mentoring around WID v7.0 Consultation around production typologies of WPS environments and deployment methodologies


SOA Architect \ BPM Development and Training

Architected and led the migration of WebSphere InterChange Server (v4.3) WebSphere Process Server v6.2 Assisted in the installation and configuration of WPS Servers Identified and documented Usage Patterns for an hundred plus integrations Designed and built BPEL process and Mediation Flow templates for all identified patterns Designed, built and documented an elaborate Monitoring and Error Handling Framework Designed and documented an elaborate topology for DEV, QA and PROD clustered environments consisting eight nodes apiece upon Zachman framework methodology Wrote deployment and monitoring scripts for QA and PROD environments Created Java services for to replace code buried within existing Maps and Collaborations. Installed and configured JMS, MQ, JDBC, Oracle and Flatfile adapters. Created JMS Connection Factories, Activation Specs, Queue managers, topics and channels


WebSphere ESB Architect Team Lead

Overall management of the Bluewolf Integration Development and Architect teams including reporting, issues resolution, risk, contingencies and mitigations planning. Created Best practices around methodologies including Six Sigma, Waterfall and SCRUM. Designed and managed the implementation of the SOA Infrastructure. Led Architectural and Detailed Technical Design Reviews of Complex Infrastructures, Analysis and long running Business Processes. Evaluated Security Standards of SOAP and RESTful Services. Responsible for all Interfaces existing between Salesforce and the CIS Gateway. Design and orchestration of all WESB services on Application, Business and Enterprise Layers. Led Design and Code reviews Hands-on integration development work and troubleshooting as needed.


WebSphere BPM SME

Analyzed current implementation within WebSphere Integration Developer. Recommended modifications within their current implementation. Recommended and reviewed details around fault handling and provided an implementation module for fault handling via a PI file. Recommended the use of a Service Gateway as a single point of Web Service call that contains multiple operations vs. too many Web Service calls with a single operation. Discussed and designed solutions around problems around versioning of macro flows. Created and provided Use Case Design documents in support of reusable WPS interfaces that included business integration architecture and design patterns. Installed development environment (single node but clustered installations) Modified and improved existing BPEL process. Worked on Web Services Gateways. Implemented Fault handling and provided PI files. Created scripts and response files for the creation of the Development environments. Created Jython scripts for deployment of EAR files within a clustered environment. Created SibDDL Generated scripts for the creation of the WPS repository. Authored manuals for the installation and configuration of WPS and WESB topologies Created scripts and properties files for the creation of the deployment manager and managed nodes. Worked on architectural considerations document for versioning WPS Projects Completed and provided documentation for versioning WPS Projects. Created Java code examples for creating and manipulating DataObjects Aided in the development /redesign of an Email BPEL process.

-Completed and provided documentation with recommendations for WID development

Reviewed and discussed in detail the bronze, silver and golden topologies. Began installation and configuration of a single clustered WPS Deployment environment.


SOA Solutions Architect \ BPM Development

  • -nstalled and configured the following products in a Clustered zLinux 64 bit environment:
  • WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment v6.1, WebSphere Process Server v6.2.0.1, WebSphere Business Monitor v6.2.0.1, WebSphere HTTP Server v6., WebSphere Alphablox Server v6.2.0.1, WebSphere Business Services Fabric v6.2.0.1.
  • Installed the following tools in Windows environment:
  • WebSphere Integratin Developer v6.2, WebSphere Business Modeler v6.2, WebSphere Business Monitor v6.2, WebSphere iLog, WebSphere Lotus Forms Viewer and Designer v3.5.
Tasked with strategic planning, development, implementation and training of the WebSphere Business Management (BPM) Suite of IT technologies and infrastructure in support of the Bank's strategic plans, governance, compliance, regulatory and the direction of SOA based systems. Provide recommendations to senior management regarding long-range information systems and technology strategy including cost/benefit analysis and sizing of new technologies. Maintained a close working relationship with senior leaders to understand Bank and LOB goals and Business Requirements. Conducted technical and personal interviews of staffing resources for the Modeling, Integration Development and Analytical teams. Prepared WebSphere specific questionnaires for conducting technical interviews. This to ensure each candidate is treated the same concerning their technical knowledge. Provided SME level of leadership to the GFSI technology group in Systems typology design for the IFW Framework, WebSphere Business Modeler, WebSphere Business Modeler Publishing Server, WebSphere Integration Developer, WebSphere Business Monitor Server and Oracle Database Design. Translated business needs into technical requirements and worked to ensure all systems support and conform to such needs and specifications. Acted as a liaison between technical business leaders and software vendors (specifically Confidential ). Determined the strategic technical direction and the system architecture from a WebSphere BPM perspective for the GFSI initiative. Organized a JAD Session to complete a BPM tier Design. Reviewed and revised Vendor(s) Statement of Work Mentored and provided WID technical assistance, educational support and resource references to associates. Created technical training materials for WebSphere Integration Development. Partnered with Technical Managers to review and evaluate deliverables from Modeling and Integration Development teams. Planned, organized and mapped applicable activities for Modeling and Integration Development. Started a Proof of Concept to define and illustrate the overall execution of the end-to-end implementation of the GFSI solution from a SOA and Business Process Integration perspective. Coordinated and conducted the initial business meetings with key bank and vendor resources to facilitate shared efforts in support of the GFSI Proof of Concept and have begun development of a detailed project plan to scope and deliver the same. Coded multiple scenarios that included products such as iLog, WPS, WID, Modeler, Monitor and Fabric.

Confidential, Highpoint, NC

WebSphere Business Integration Developer\Administrator

Maintained existing Business Process Integration Component Architecture for business systems and Integration Applications developed with WebSphere InterChange Server v4.2 (WICS) and WebSphere Process Server v6.1 (WPS). Resolved and documented phantom process errors of Production System Flows. Mitigated system down-time through the design, development and deployment of patch solutions of older integration based applications Ensured 24x7 system availability of six Production Business Integration WICS, WPS, DB2 v6 and Oracle v10 Servers Managed and scheduled maintenance and deployment of existing and new BI Applications and Servers.

Confidential, Nashville, TN 

Provided overall vision and direction to the Global Enterprise Architecture Team around the installation, configuration, deployment and administrative roles around WPS and WESB for clustered environments on AIX. --Validated Build Book accuracy by installing and configuring WPS and WESB. Designed, Built, Deployed and Tested BPEL Processes and Mediation Flows to prove complex functionality for all business requirements on the proposed architecture. Configured synchronous and asynchronous SOAP\HTTP exports into WPS\WESB. Configured the same for JMS Queues (Connection Factories, Activation Specs, LDAP). Configure the same for XML\HTTP imports to backend mainframe systems via HostBridge. Configured SAP Adapter for IDOC’s and BAPI’s. Configured PeopleSoft Adapter for Messaging Agent API’s. Developed Deployment Strategies for usage via Jython Scripts. Developed custom JSP’s, Java Script, Servlets, WebService Clients, WSDL importation. Developed Dynamic Security Strategies for processing messages with embedded credentials.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Senior Technical Specialist

Worked with Business Partners to turn Technical Business Integration (BI) challenges into software delivery solutions. Defined the overall architectural approach on both the Process Server and Integration component levels. Developed an Error Handling Framework for all deployable modules for workflow reporting purposes. Developed Training Manuals and conducted training for client based resources. Configured Interface Bindings for Integration between Oracle ERP and SAP via Oracle’s Open Interface Tables and SAP’s IDOC’s. Worked with various Lines of Business to determine the most appropriate mediation procedures given their complex messaging formats.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC April

Technical Sales Specialist

Managed and was accountable for technical components around Proof of Concept initiatives. Tasked with project planning, technical assessments, strategy development and identification of key stakeholders. Led and managed technical resources, business requirements, client expectations, trace concepts, gap analysis, establish and drive project success criteria and risk mitigations. Designed and coordinated Technical Architectural Workshops and training sessions around Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), IT Governance, Integration Issues Management and Resolutions for key decision makers. Documented and Posted Best Practices and Reusable Integration Components to Confidential team boards. Prepared and presented WebSphere Business Integration (WBI) technical sales presentations for key client engagements. Conducted Business Integration Opportunity Assessments and Readiness Plans to increase client’s Return on Investment (ROI). Answered Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposals (RFP). Led WBI Architectural white board discussions and tools demonstrations which required knowledge transfer to the Confidential Technical Sales Executives to qualify leads for technical sales opportunities. Participation in successful integration of Web Services, Mainframe, Trading Partner, EDI Interfaces, Unix Applications and ERP systems such as Oracle Applications, People Soft and SAP. Responsible for Full LCD of custom Adapters, Maps, Business Process Collaborations, and other WBI components using Java and C++ to meet client’s business requirements Installed and configured all WBI tools and supporting software infrastructure (DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, MQ, CORBA Trained and mentored others around WBI products. Demonstrated understanding of CORBA, MQ, HTTP, JMS, J2EE, SCA and SOA Architecture Strategies, numerous message formats and Industry Standards such as SOAP, XML, EDI X12, fixed width, delimited and other self-defining data. Installation and configuration of Oracle and DB2 RDBMS and tools on Windows and UNIX platforms. Performed Standard, Clustered and HA Installations and configurations of WPS, WSRR and ITCAM within the same. Preparation of detailed documentation of Installation Steps and Procedures. Designed and wrote custom JACL and JYTHON scripts for deployment of SCA modules. Design and development of custom BPEL processes utilizing Inline Human Tasks with use of Confidential 's HTM and BPE API's within custom Java Snippets within WID. Use of Rule Groups, Selectors, Interface Maps and Import\Exports with SCA, WebService and JMS Bindings. Custom Java components with J2EE Implementation. Design and development of custom Mediation flows for P2P usage within WESB Server. Use of Message Filters, DB Lookups, XSL Transformations, Loggers and Emitters.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Principle Consultant \ EAI Practice Leader \ Program Management \ Business Development

Key role in initial sale of Client for EAI products and services for implementation and project reengineering. Provided and responded to Client’s request for information. Including but not limited to sales presentation development, scheduling and assembling sales team. Managed the development of an insurance solution set that integrated multiple software components that supported a unique virtual insurance community. Frequent interaction with top client executives which involved business development, corporate strategic planning, project and resource planning, forecasting and estimates. Conducted performance reviews and evaluations. Communicated revenue status and engagement updates to lead EAI partners.

Integration Project Lead \ Project Management

Managed all stages of the EAI development life cycle on a large Business Integration Solution Set for the Insurance Industry. Project consisted of the integration of thirteen custom and packaged application systems for large and mid-sized Insurance companies throughout the United States. Managed a 35 member team that consisted of functional and technical resources and developed the project work-plan and budgets. Developed/presented sales proposals with project opportunity teams. Scoped and estimated efforts for pricing of Integration Projects. Conducted Vendor and Product evaluations. Established, organized, directed and technically train Integration Development team for the purpose of implementing EAI solutions. Provided insight in the design and development of EAI components to support the build of a Virtual Insurance solution. Defined methodology and best practices for the design, development, and testing of product components by client services personnel. Scope efforts required for customer development requests. Developed and managed contingency plans. Ensure all deliverables are on time and within budget. Establish mitigations to manage risks. Defined and recorded object migration and component based back up strategies to enhance and facilitate structured and well organized development in single and multi-developer environments. Managed the development of unified process design documents to facilitate the build of business processing logic within EAI components. Provide draft templates to assist in the creation of functional and detailed design specifications of Maps, Business Objects, Collaborations, Adapters and other EAI components. Implemented a Customer Relationship Management System and migrated custom Maps, Business Objects, Collaborations and other integration components in a multi development environment. InterChangeServer (ICS) focused. WPS derived from ICS. Designed and built custom Collaborations, Maps, Adapters and Data-Handlers in Java and taught others to do the same.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Solutions Developer \ Software Consultant \ Project Mgmt

Developed an interface for viewing Account Information within a Web Based Application using Microsoft Visual C++ v6.0 and Microsoft Foundation Class. This application performs Oracle database calls through COM Objects and supports First Union 401k investors and contributors. Designed and developed a loan distribution utility tool to automate the 401k Contribution Refund process using Microsoft Visual C++ v5.0 and Borland’s Delphi 2.0. This application increased speed, reliability and accuracy of processing by reducing manual keystrokes by more than 80% and enabled a reduction in workforce and OT hours. The project was recommended for an Excellence Award by upper level Management. Implemented several utilities to update, query and insert data between multiple Access, Btrieve and Oracle databases using Visual Basic v4.0, Visual C++ v4.2 and Delphi v2.0.

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